15 free Best Detective Games for iOS and Android

15 free Best Detective Games for iOS and Android

Welcome, all the detective gamers today here, since here are the 15 free Best Detective Games for iOS & Android. We will start with detective game like the WTF Detective to the very end Small town Murder.

I am super excited about the fact that, I have really enjoyed creating this small post. All the Games are really amazing and worth playing, it doesn’t matter whether you are on iOS or android.

Because today we are going to take a detailed look at some of the best Detective games you can play on smartphones. by the end of each game’s description, you will also find download links.

So here are some of the free detective games for iOS and android, hopefully, you will enjoy all of them.

WTF detective

Best detective games for ios and android

WTF detective is one of the best detective games for iOS you can play on your iPhone or iPad right now. The Game is full of adventures detective action.

The Story of the game begins when you accidentally find Jones’s tablet who is an FBI agent’s and somehow you are able to open it with your fingerprint.

Now, the another FBI agent is a message you the details of secret missions and thinks that you are the agent, Jones. But now as you know about the FBI secret missions.

Even when you are not the agent Jones, you would have to do his all the detective duties. So that is how basically the story of the game starts.

Now all the missions you would be given on the tablet, and you would have to investigate crime scenes.

There you would have to collect the crucial objects, that will help you to solve cases.

Here one thing I wanna mention is that al the graphics of the Game are really amazing.

You will see HD Crime scene with almost the real-life feel, the whole landscape just feels so realistic.

Other than that as you would progress in the game, you will see that on some levels you would have to solve puzzles and complete interesting quests.

For example, you would have to restore the images of crime scenes and join pieces to solve the puzzles. You can also send your found objects to the laboratory to analyze them.

These tasks make the overall gameplay so much interesting, I have found it very addictive.

WTF detective is so easy to play and its great storyline and high-quality graphics make one of the best detective games for ios.

Download- iOS, Android

Mr Detective

Mr Detective is one of the best games for ios and android

Another great detective game for iOS, the name of the game “Mr Detective“. Actually, it is a story quiz type game, where you would have to pick the right answer after reading a criminal story.

For a quick example, the game has different-different criminal stories in each of its episodes or level.

Where you will be presented a story, and then at the end of it, You will be asked who is the Killer or kidnapper or thief? something like that.

And then you would have to pick the right option or answer based on the story using your detective mind.

Honestly, it takes some real brainpower, and that is something I liked about the game.

The Gameplay of the Game is so easy and really fun to play, the criminal stories of the game are also interesting. you are actively training your brain to think sharp while playing the game.

And I am sure you will also love “Mr Detective”, it is without a doubt one of the best detective games for ios & android. So what are you waiting for? go ahead and check it out now.

Download- iOS, Android

Mystery Manor

Another popular game that almost everyone knows. if you are interested in this kind of games. “Mystery Manor” is one of the best & popular games for ios and android.

The gameplay of the mystery manor is no different than the other detective game of the list. it is a simple yet very impressive time pass game for game lovers.

You would have to search objects and investigate the clues that matter to solve the case. Match the beans to solve the puzzles and play as your storyline progress.

Download- iOS, Android

Murder in alps

Ok, now we are talking about some of the best detective games you can play on both iOS & Android. “Murder in alps” is a story type detective game for iOS & Android.

If you like playing games with an Adventures & interactive storyline, HD graphics, and super cool gameplay. Then I think “Murder in alps” got all the ingredients it needed to be your favourites.

Starting off with the story (don’t worry I’ll make it really quick), it all starts n the time of 1930s, where a Hotel in the Alps is at the centre of the story. A grope of 10 people stayed in the hotel as guests.

But however, one of them suspiciously went missing, later you find out that he was killed.

Now, you are playing the role of a journalist, who takes this whole matter in her own hands.

To solve this brainstorming puzzles criminal story, and get your hands to the killer. So that was the summary of the story the whole game.

Now, the Gameplay of the game is great and you will not lose your interest at any stage of the game. like previously mentioned games. the graphics and crime scene of the game is also amazing.

Techyboss’s Pick for You-

But when I say “amazing” that means, “Murder in alps” has some unique and stunning locations. you will see the 1930’s beauty of alps in these amazing landscapes.

In addition to its heart touching beauty, the game makers have also added specific atmosphere sounds.

which makes the overall gameplay feels so realistic. I would recommend you to use headphones while playing the game.

Trust me the Gameplay of the game is so amazing and the twists in the storyline make it even more breathtaking. You would have to investigate all 10 members very carefully.

Because who knows? you had suspected the wrong character as the criminal and the actual killer is misleading you? that was an example of how adventure thrills the gameplay packs.

So in my final words for the game, I repeat I think it is one of the best detective games for iOS and Android out there. and anyone who loves detective games should play “Murder in alps”.

Download- iOS, Android

Escape Room: The 4 Digit Code

If you think that was a long description? then don’t worry this one will be really short. The best thing about the free detective game is that it not really a detective game.

as the name of the game suggests that in the game, you got different-different levels of min-boggling problems. your job is to solve the problem.

There is no time limit, so you can take your time to solve any case. sometimes you would have to solve some math quiz, or would have to use logic or find some clues.

It doesn’t matter which level of the game you play, you would always find “Escape Room: The 4 Digit Code” really fun to play.

Download- iOS, Android

“Who is the killer”- Game series

if you are not a hardcore fan of detective games, then you can happily jump to the next one. Because “Who is the Killer” is the games for detective games fanboys.

That what I felt playing the game since I am not really into the whole “detective” thing. But that might not be the case for you.

The game has 4 episodes, where you would have to solve word puzzles most of the time. That is how the story of each episode progress.

Once when you matched the right words and completed the whole quiz, then you will find the crime scene, where you would have to find the cues to solve the case.

Yes, I know you would say hey, then what is the makes “who is the killer” so special? the answer is it’s amazing.

story and slow-paced gameplay. Yes, sometimes slow-paced gameplay can be a good thing.

That actually gives you more time to feel and get into the whole story, when you are trying to matching the words. You are constantly thinking about the story you had just read.

you would find yourself more engaged in the game, but it takes time. and that is why I said, “you need to be a hardcore detective game fan”. It is not easy, to play games like “who is the killer”.

At least, that is what I have experienced during my trial, but if you love these kinds of games.

I think the whole storyline and engaging gameplay are enough reasons to check it out.

Download- iOS, Android


“Duskwood” another game which only those hardcore gamers can play who actually love finding the truth behind the conspiracy stories.

the game is completely “unique” and I am sure you guys haven’t played detective game like before.

there is really nothing to talk about the graphics and the sound effects of the game.

Because during the whole game, from start to finish you are only using a smartphone to investigate the whole episode.

The gameplay of the Duskwood is unique, it is probably the only game that I have played with that kind of gameplay.

There is a chatting screen, where you are chatting with a group of other characters of the story. the whole story of the game builds through these chats.

Your chatting decisions decide how the story is going to build up in future, as you progress through the game. You would also have to play some mini-games.

And honestly, sometimes these mini-games take a whole day to clear out. I played a mini-game all day long because that was too tricky for me to complete.

I am not saying that is going to be same with you but that was my experience.

maybe because I haven’t played that all the time, I tried to complete it only in spare time.

So yes mini-games are tricky, but it is also a part of its great gameplay, as these games force you to run the horses of your mind.

after the minigames, the same thing goes on, you find some new clues about the story. Your group members provide you with helpful evidence.

As photos of the crime scenes and you know what the different about “Duskwood”.

These photos are not going to be like those animated ones, all the pictures are captured in the real world.

That is what separates “Duskwood” from others, that is something which gives the feeling like you are really doing the detective work in real life.

Your task is to find the right connections between each of those pieces of evidence. don’t worry other members will also help you to solve the case.

that is how everything goes on and on and by the end of each episode, you will find the truth about the crime.

Ok, now to summarize this whole gameplay story here, I would say that “You are going to investigate the complete crime story on your virtual smartphone with virtual friends”.

The whole idea behind the game is to provide gamers with a unique experience.

that is why they decided to go with a different approach for the gameplay.

their efforts here are to provide you as realistic detective game experience as possible. that is why they decided to go to design the whole game in such a way.

It is completely like a parallel detective life in a virtual world, which you are living in the smartphone into your smartphone.

As of now, the game has a total of 5 real-life episode, and each of them got their own twists.

I think if you wanna play and experience a real detective life. there is no other game better than “Duskwood”.

Download- iOS, Android

Crime city detective

Crime City Detective is one of the best detective games for ios and android out there. The reason for that is its great combination of attractive gameplay & great graphics.

I personally loved the game just only because of its simple yet very entertaining gameplay. You won’t be missing anything when it comes to the defectiveness.

The game has great stories, hidden object finding, and stunning crime scene and visuals. It’s natural that since it is a detective game, your mission is to solve puzzles to solve the city’s biggest crimes.

“Crime City Detective” deserves the praise for its brilliant combination of attractive gameplay, storyline and graphics.

Download- iOS, Android


Find the hidden objects, craft the tools, solve puzzles, and conduct & elaborate the experiments. Those were the lines which describe the game in minimum words possible.

“Unsolved” is the detective game that most of you guys might be looking for. why I am saying that? because as detective game it has packed everything that we look in most games.

You will get the incredible crime stories, these stories are full of twists & astonishing turns. you will get the experience of real detective work.

Things like crafting tools that would help you in the investigation. you can also to experiments with the evidence in the laboratory.

on top of that, the amazing HD graphics & sound effects make the game even better. so that was it about the “Unsolved” detective game here guys, I would recommend you to try it today.

Download- Android

Maggie’s Murder Mystery

Maggie’s Murder Mystery is an iOS exclusive detective game for the detectives on iOS.

The game is really incredible considering the Gameplay, graphics and really a unique and interesting Murder story.

The Gameplay of the game has really impressed me, it is a mixer of candy crush, a detective game, and a storyline game.

To find the important clues you would have to complete the candy crush like matching game.

after that, the detective style of gameplay would let you investigate those clues at the crime scene.

The storytelling style of the gameplay would help you to explore the new places and crime scenes related to the murder mystery.

that all sound really exciting? then what are you waiting for? download the game from the app store now from the download link below.

Download- iOS

Criminal cases

“Criminal Cases” is a very well known detective game among gamers around the world. In fact, it is one of the most popular games on the Google play store and Apple App Store.

It is a hidden object finding game, from that you find important clues & evidence. Then the game even lets you interrogate and arrest the suspected criminals.

The game has hundreds of puzzly crime scenes, and even different-different versions. You will be never running out of content playing this game.

At this stage of the article, I think most of you guys already know what kind of these game are. And if you wanna know it more, you can always click the links below to download it from App store and play store.

Download- iOS, Android

Small town Murder

“Small town Murder” is almost the similar game like “Maggie’s Murder”, I have actually included this to the list because it is one of few best detective game for ios.

Like a said, the game is very similar to Maggie’s murder, you would have to find the clues by matching the candies like candy crush.

then you would have to investigate and use your detective mind to bring the truth out of the story. talking about the stories, Small Town Murder is packed with hundreds of interesting criminal stories.

the game is very similar to Maggie’s story so you can check out its description for more detailed information.

Download- iOS, Android

So That was it, Hopefully, you guys must have found it little helpful, if you do. Then please don’t forget to let me know in the comment section.

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