7 best photo editing apps for selfies to look beautiful

7 best photo editing apps for selfies to look beautiful

If you have been looking for a photo editing app to edit your selfies? Then I believe that this is the post you have been looking for. Because here we are going to take a look at 7 best photo editing apps for selfies.

You don’t need to spend over $1000 on a smartphone that takes some high-quality photos. Because, by using some really good photo editing app, you can still achieve the same kind of photos.

That you see on Instagram, yeh, I am not joking. You can achieve those awesomely edited photos that you see on Instagram using just your smartphone.

And again you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on those super expensive photo editing software.

All you have to do is just spend your next few minutes here to know about the free yet amazing photo-editing apps for both android and ios users.

I am sure after using any of the mentioned selfie editing apps from the list. you would come back and thank me in comments, for sharing these best photo editing apps with you.

Ok, Bad joke, I know, but one thing is sure that after reading this article you would have a photo editing app on your phone. That you know will do the job for you, in just a few clicks.

Best Apps for Editing Your Selfies : To Stand Out in Crowd

So then, what are we waiting for? Here is the list of the “7 best photo editing apps for selfies” that can make you look even more beautiful.


"Pixl" is one of the best photo editing apps for selfie
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If you want a decent photo editing app that will transform your looks in your selfies. Then “Pixl” might be the only app you need.

Not just it is very easy to use, but it also comes with some great features. You can upgrade your selfies in the app in just a few clicks. first, it can shape up your face. to make you look more attractive in photos.

Second “Pixl” can make you look young using its A.I, so if you are about 40yrs old. After using “Pixl” feature you would look Like 20 year old, If that sounds good to you, let me know in the comment below.

“No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful”

Other than that you can also whiten your teeth, remove red-eye, remove acne, blackheads, and even mighty Pimples. And can give your face a clean look overall in your photos.

In addition, “Pixl” also allows you to set different tan filters on your skin, so overall you can completely transform your selfies using just “Pixl”. Yes, you don’t need to be a photo editing expert to do this.

Download- Android, iOS

Sweet Snap

sweet snap is one of the best poto editing apps for selfie

Add funny and cool stickers to your selfie with “sweet snap” on your phone, if you want a selfie editing app just for having some fun then “Sweet Snap’ is absolutely blessing for you.

The app has almost everything you could dream of, first You can add funny unique stickers to your selfies.

for example, to get an elephant to look you can add an elephant sticker on your photo, now you are an Elephant, mind-blowing technology.

I am just kidding, Not only elephant, you can be a rabbit, cat with moustaches, Dog, Deer or any animal you want. Thanks to “Sweet Snap”.

and why just adding a few stickers? you can also do your zero cost Makeup at home.

this includes removing acne, red-eye, blackheads, old skin and reshaping your face. And how can I forget, putting fake cosmetics on your face?

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

But the list of its features just not ends there, you can also add popular filters. yes, I am talking about those classy amazing looking filters that you see on Instagram.

Other than that you can also try to do something creative with “Sweet Snap” Since t allows you to remove background from your photos.

and add your favourite music with filters. It’s always good to be creative, you know it.

If you think that “Sweet Snap” is the app you have been looking for? then you can easily download it from google play store and App store using links below.

if not? then don’t worry we still have 5 best photo editing apps for your selfies.

Download- Android, iOS


What can I say about “Fotogenic” I mean what? the app has literally everything that you see in some pro-level premium editors for free.

You can do almost pro-level editing using “Fotogenic” that you see on your Instagram and Pinterest posts.

For an overview, it can do Beauty, Paint, Texture, Color Adjustments for you in just a few clicks.

The best thing I like about the Fotogenic is it gives you so many options for editing.

You can even do some pro-level editing using Photogenic. It has so many things, I don’t even know where should I start? but let’s try.

Starting with Makeup and…really do I even need to repeat the same things over and over again? of course not.

Because it can not only do Makeup, Whiten teeth, and smoothen effects to your selfies.

It can do so much magic for you, like replacing the colours of the objects of a photo, adding fake bubbles, adding Flares, Petals to your any photo that you want.

“Sometimes people are beautiful.

Not in looks.

Not in what they say.

Just in what they are”

And why only that? if you want to be really creative with your editing you can add fake muscles like Fake ABS that no one ever will notice, trust me.

You can also add fake yet awesome Tattoos on your chest? biceps? balls? or where ever you want.

Ok jokes aside, “Fotogenic” really provides you with some really amazing tools like adding weather effects (Sunbeams, Thunder, rains drops etc.).

you can also create those amazing Bokeh effects, that you get from $1000 smartphones.

Not just that, if you wanna be even more creative with “Fotogenic” you can use features.

like Blending photos, Several Lens Flare or effects, funny brushing (40+artistic), stylish texts.

There are several other features of the app that I can’t even cover them all here. as I said “Fotogenic” Is the app all you need for any level of editing on your smartphone.

Download- Android, iOS

Candy Selfie

Ok, if you have been searching for best photo editing apps for selfies, then I am sure that you would have come across the Candy Selfie once in a while.

in fact, candy selfie is not like all the other photo editing apps you have seen this far.

Instead, it is a “Beauty Camera”, how it works? you click the photo using Candy Selfie and it will automatically do the rest for you.

“That’s always seemed so ridiculous to me, that people want to be around someone because they’re pretty. It’s like picking your breakfast cereals based on color instead of taste”

Like Makeup, removing blackheads, reshaping your jawline, and all that. And if you still think that it still has done injustice with your Beauty you can further edit it more with more filters.

“Candy Selfie” is mainly focused to make you more Beautiful in your selfies. Thee is not too much you can do with it.

but still “Candy Selfie” is one of the best photo editing apps for selfies that you should try.

Download- Android, iOS


“Bestie” is another selfie editor app like “Candy Selfie”, the app does an almost similar job as Candy Selfie.

But still, it has its own different filters, in short, it has better photo editing options.

The app also comes with its own Beauty camera, which will do your makeup automatically. You can also do them by your self, using its photo editor.

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful”

Which provides you tools for smoothing your face, removing ugly spots for face, re-shaping face, changing the length of your eyebrow, lips, ear and list goes on & on.

But apart from that it also provides some really classy filters, that looks amazing on portrait photos. For example, you can pull out some professional portraits with “Bestie”.

Download- Android, iOS

Pretty Makeup

As the name tells the whole story itself. “Pretty Makeup” is the perfect app for those girls, who always get confused about how they should do their makeup.

If you always spend hours thinking about what shade of lipstick will look perfect with your dress? then I think “Pretty Makeup” is the only app you’ve been missing in your life.

But no more, now you can, just take a selfie of your naturally designed face. And then can do the virtual make-up of your face using “pretty selfie”.

“Some of us teach ourselves and our children to love the superficial outer; our looks, hair, skin, clothes rather than the greater beauty that resides within whereas it is that inner beauty that really defines you and who you truly are”

it allows you to try several free of cost lipsticks, Eye sparkles even different hairstyles and colours. You can also try a variety of eyebrows. plus you can add funny motion stickers to your photos.

So overall, the app could be the best photo editing app for those who do a lot of make-up on their natural face. But if you are Guy, I don’t think this is what you need.

Download- Android, iOS

Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie

So here we came to our final name of the list, it is called “Photo Editor & Perfect Selfie”. The word to notice here is the “Perfect Selfie”, exactly that is what you came for?

Yes, the app can make your every day selfies look not like every day selfie, hope you got the joke there. anyway you can remove your wrinkles, pimples, yellowish teeth, dark spots beneath the eye by just one swipe of finger.

It will do everything that you expect from an ideal photo editor. You can do your make-up, change the colour of your hair, fix your eyebrows and change your eye colours.

All in just one swipe of a finger. in addition, you can also try those cool funky stickers, texts or whatever. But that is not what makes it different from the others.

 “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.”

While using the app, even after all the editing stuff, it doesn’t make you look like you’ve done an “Artificial Surgery” on your face. It keeps all the editing real to life. And that is what I like most about it.

Other than that, the photo editing app has everything you need to edit your selfies or any photo. But don’t expect some high-level editing for the app.

Download- Android

So that was it for today guys, I hope you would have found it helpful in any way. If you did, just let me know in comments below. we will meet again in the next post, tell then keep Remember-

“Your true beauty is hidden in the way how you treat people around you if you don’t have a beautiful heart, your external Beauty is just your illusion”

Have A Nice Day!!!

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