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Amazing Compact Smartphones to Buy in 2020

These days smartphones are no longer to be considered a Compact easy to use in one hand device. There was a time when 5inch display was considered a heck of big phablet size for a smartphone.

But these days most of the smartphones have at least 6inch of screen sizes and finding compact smartphones in the market is not an easy task anymore.

So if you are the one who is looking to buy a new smartphone in 2020 and looking for a compact phone which fits perfectly in your hands. Then I am here to help you.

Here I have listed my top picks for the best compact smartphones that you should check before you buy any smartphone.

The criteria for creating this list are that I have listed the smartphones which have the screen size under 6inch.

And trust me, when I was researching for these small smartphones then I realize how hard it can be to find a smartphone under 6inch.

Disclosure: I may earn some commission if you will buy any of the listed products through this page. But that’s not my focus, I have provided these links to improve your experience on my blog.

Best compact smartphones under 6inch

Here We are going to know about some of the best compact smartphones You can buy Under 6inch and trust me there are a lot of great options available by now, You can even get flagship camera and performance under your budget. So let’s find out…

Google Pixel 4A – The Best Camera Phone ( Only For Taking Photos)

Reasons To Buy
Great Camera For Photgrapy
Great Price
Simple to Use with assured Future updates
Reasons To Not Buy
Poor Video Recording
Poor Battery Life
No IP Rating

Google has finally launched its much awaited budget Smartphone, and Google has tried to undercut Apple With the Price here, as Google Pixel 4A starts at just $349 which is almost $50 cheaper than the iPhone SE.

On the spec-sheet Google Pixel 4A has a very budget like specs on the paper, starting with the display you got a 5.81inch Full HD OLED display with the resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels with the punch hole design, The display is kind of Ok and fairly bright compared to the other smartphones at the same price.

Google has decided to go with Snapdragon 730G here with the support of 6GB Ram and 128GB Storage since the Qualcomm SD 730G processor here does not support 5G, Yes it is 4G here. Pixel A also got a fairly decent battery with the size of 3,140mah under the hood, you can charge this with 18W fast charger, however, there is no wireless charging here,

So let’s come to the main highlight of the Pixel 4A and yes You gussed it right it is famous Google’s camera systam, Not very surprising here that Google has packed pixel 4A with the same main camera from Google Pixel 4.

The Pixel 4A has a single-camera system on both sides, back and front, on the back there is a 12.2MP with 1.4 μm pixel width, dual pixel phase detection autofocus, OIS and EIS, f/1.7 equivalent aperture, 77-degree field of view. The great thing here is that you get almost the same picture quality like Pixel 4 but at just $349.

Pixel 4A goes head to head with the iPhone SE in photography But videos again not great on this phone as it still lacks behind the iPhone SE in terms of Video Recording. On the front, there is an 8MP camera which again takes pretty good real to life selfies but video recording sucks again.

Other than that Pixel 4A keeps the headphone jack this time (A big Deal), and the phone has only single speaker out put. Google Pixel 4A also keeps the shed of super cool google features.

Who is Pixel 4A for?

So, Google Pixel 4A is a great deal or should I say the best deal for the people who want a great phone to capture high-quality photos and they put that above else. Apart from that, you should not expect iPhone SE like performance on pixel 4A.

You might face issues over the course of time. The battery life is also another area where it might disappoint You, but You can expect a half-day battery life out it in a fairly daily use case.

Apple iPhone SE 2020 – The Best Compact Smartphone in your budget

Reasons To Buy
Flagship Performance
High-Quality Cameras
Wireless Charging
Super Compact Design
IP67 Rating
Reasons To Not Buy
Small battery
Old Design

On the April 15th Apple had finally launched its most awaited upgrade of an iPhone. And it was the iPhone SE 2, Apple finally has launched the best compact smartphone at $399.

it is a 4.7inch HD retina display with Dolby vision, true tone & HDR10 Support. iPhone SE 200 comes with the A13 Bionic chip with 3GB Ram.

Which makes it as fast as any $1000 smartphone. Apple iPhone SE 2 also brings the almost iPhone 11 camera quality with its single rear 12MP shooter and 7MP front shooter.

On the battery side, Apple iPhone SE 2020 has the 1821mah battery with the fast wired charging and Qi wireless charging support.

iPhone Se 2020 shares the same iPhone 8 Design with touch ID. And all that makes the iPhone SE the best compact smartphone to buy at fair pocket price.

iPhone 11 Pro- Best Premium Compact Smartphone you can buy

Reasons To Buy
Best Camera Smartphone
Best Performance Smartphone
Great Battery Life
Premium & Compact Design
Best In class Display
IP68 Rating & Wireless charging
Reasons To Not Buy
High Price
No high Refresh Rate

iPhone 11 Pro was launched along with the iPhone 11 series last year and it is one of the current best compact smartphones that you can buy right now.

iPhone 11 series has some best cameras in the market with amazing and very stable performance as well, hope you guys have heard of it.

But that’s not the reason that iPhone 11 Pro has made it to this list, it made it to the list because of its 5.8inch screen size.

is that sounds big to you? well, it should not because that is the usually small screen sizes of smartphones these days. And iPhone 11 Pro has it all within a compact size.

The best cameras as I mentioned earlier, it has a triple camera setup with the 12MP main lens, 12MP Ultra-wide lens and 12MP telephoto lens & a 12MP front camera.

And these three combine takes some of the best photos that you can capture through any smartphone right now. I think that should be enough to describe the amazing camera capabilities of iPhone 11 Pro.

Apart from its cameras iPhone 11 Pro also has the great battery life, amazing performance thanks to A13bionc chip, and best in class 5.8inch Super Retina XDR Pro display Or one of the best OLED panel you can get with that Notch.

And one more thing you will also get the 18W fast charger in the box. iPhone 11 Pro also has the IP68Rating and wireless charging. So keep that in mind before you buy.

The Samsung Galaxy S10e – Most Underrated Compact Smartphone

Reasons To Buy
Amazing Display
Flagship Grade Performance
Great Rear Cameras
Premium & Compact Design
IP68 Rating & Wireless charging support
Reasons To Not Buy
Not So good battery life
Decent front camera
No High Refresh Rate

This is the most underrated compact smartphone from Samsung. The smartphone was launched in Feb 2019. But it is still one of the best compact smartphones you can buy right now for you.

Samsung galaxy s10e has a 5.8inch Full HD+ OLED display with the top-bottom punch hole camera design.

The Smartphone has 16MP+12MP dual Rear camera setup and 10MP Front camera, where 16MP is an ultra-wide camera and 12MP is a wide-angle lens with a dual aperture of f1.5-f2.4.

And the cameras are very capable of capturing some great photos and videos. to describe its camera you can say it is almost a flagships grade camera.

On the performance side, the smartphone has the 6GB/8GB Ram and 128GB/256GB storage options and it has the flagship Qualcomm snapdragon 855 in the USA and Exynos 9820 in the rest of the world.

On Day to Day use, You will not face any issue on either of these chipsets, you can easily do gaming and all other stuff very smoothly.

And to power Samsung galaxy s10e, it has 3100mah battery with fast charging & wireless charging support. It also supports some typical Samsung features like Reverse wireless charging, Dual-Aperture mode, Super slow-MO etc.

IP68 Rating is also a key feature of Galaxy S10e it means you can take this phone into the water without any problem.

But Before you buy this phone you should know that the only area it might disappoint you is in battery time.

Samsung Claims that it would last 24hrs but in reality, it will give you battery backup around 7-8hrs in normal use case and 5-6hrs if you are a heavy user.

So if that you don’t like that then don’t worry because I have some other great options for you.

The Google Pixel 3a – Compact Smartphone w/ A+ Camera

Reasons to Buy
Flagship Camera
Compact Design
Small 5.8” OLED Display
Frequent Android Updates

Reasons to Not Buy
Small Battery / 3000mah
No Ultra wide or Telephoto Cameras
Decent Performance w/SD 670
No Premium Design
No Wireless charging and IP rating

Google’s reputation as smartphone manufacture is not as great as companies like Apple, Samsung. Yes, it true that people don’t buy Googles smartphones like they buy Apple or Samsungs.

But if want a compact smartphone or a small phone then the Google’s Pixel 3a is one of the best and cheap smartphone you can get.

Pixel 3a has the 5.8inch OLED display with the ultimate flagship camera. with a big forehead and bottom bezels, not so modern looking.

Unfortunately, Smartphone has the midrange Snapdragon 670 chipset and 4GB Ram+ 64GB storage. Which is just enough for your day to day tasks. So, in other words, it is not a performance king like previous ones.

But for taking super high-quality photographs, it is as good as any of the above smartphones.

Pixel 3a has the legendary single rear 12MP camera and 8MP front camera, and believe or not this is still one of the best smartphone cameras you can get right now for photography. pay attention Only for photography.

Pixel 3a does not have any ultra-wide or telephoto lens for zoom, but you can still take high quality zoomed photos by google’s digital Res zoom.

But this is about photography, Recording a Video sucks in this smartphone. Video Recording is just Ok.

Apart from that Pixel 3a has the 3000mah battery with the 18W fast charging support. Again you will get decent battery life.

But even considering its cons you cannot deny that it is one of the best compact smartphones in the world. You can buy Google Pixel 3a on Great Price.

NOKIA 7.1 – For Budget Lovers

Reasons To Buy
Great Build & Compact Design
Great Cameras
Nice Display
Affordable Price
Android One Phone
Reasons To Not Buy
Average Battery Life
Decent Performance

Unlike above-mentioned smartphones, the Nokia 7.1 is a budget compact smartphone in this list. The smartphone has the 5.8inch full HD+ display with a notch design.

Since it a Budget smartphone it has decent 12MP+5MP Rear camera setup & an 8MP front camera. But don’t get me wrong Nokia 7.1 has some really capable cameras, Nokia 7.1 captures some of the best natural photos with great quality in its segment.

Nokia 7.2 has the snapdragon 636, a lower budget processor but don’t worry it is powerful enough for your day to day tasks. but not such a heavy use like gaming.

Another good reason to buy this phone is that it is based on the Android One program, which means it will get constant security updates from Google and Nokia will also provide future OS updates. and it is bloatware-free too, so that’s a bonus.

On the battery side, the smartphone has 3060mah battery with the 18W fast charging. Which will last you 5-6hrs if you are a heavy user? and if you are a normal user then it should last you at least 6-7hrs?.

Again it is a budget smartphone so I can’t complain much, about the battery life. Apart from than smartphone has the USB Type-c port, fingerprint reader, 18W fast charging support. And Android 9 Pie out of the box.

Overall it could be the best option for those people who are looking for a less expensive budget compact smartphone. And I Recommend Nokia 7.1, you can buy it if have a tight budget.

Motorola Moto One – Nothing Special but still Good Compact Phone

Reasons To Buy
Compact Build and Glass Design
Nice Cameras
Android One Phone
Stock Android
Affordable Price
Reasons To Not Buy
Poor Battery Life
Decent Performance
Big Notch

Motorola Moto One is another budget smartphone on this list. And it packs some nice specs at a very low price, and it is the smartphone which has 5.9inch HD+ display with a noticeably big Notch, yes bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro.

But the display is bright enough For indoor use with no problems, and it can feel a little bit less-bright in outdoors.

Moto One runs on the budget range snapdragon 625 Processor which packs enough power to handle your day to day tasks. like social media, YouTube, Music stuff.

You can’t play high-end games like PUBG on this phone but you can still enjoy your favourite games like Candy Crush etc.

And just like the Nokia 7.1 it also runs on stock Android and Android One program, which means no bloatware, no update problems.

The phone has 3000mah battery for decent battery life or should I say poor battery life. But because it is a budget phone so you have to make a sacrifice here.

On the camera side, there are 13+8MP dual camera setup on the back and 8MP on the front.

And Cameras on the Moto One is also very decent nothing extraordinary at its price. but still, after all of that, I think Motorola Moto One is a very good compact smartphone at a very low price.

Honestly, if you are a Motorola fan then you should check it out. And if you don’t like this smartphone, no problem, the next smartphone might win your heart since you are a Moto fan.

Moto G6 Play – Best compact Budget smartphone with a huge battery

Reasons To Buy
Nice & Compact Design
Great Battery Life
Nice Performance
Affordable Price
Reasons To Not Buy
Below than Average Cameras

This is another compact smartphone from Motorola. The smartphone has the 5.7inch HD display with big bezels. so if you don’t like notch. then this could be a great option for you in the budget.

Smartphone runs on unknown Qualcomm snapdragon processor but Motorola says that it is an Octa-core chipset so it should be able to to handle all of your normal daily tasks without any lag.

But I can’t say the same about heavy gaming like PUBG, COD etc. so don’t expect any extraordinary performance from the device.

Moto G6 Play has the single 13MP rear camera and 8MP front Camera for the normal photographs. nothing too special.

But the area where this smartphone shines is its battery size. Moto G6 Play has a huge 4000Mah battery, which will last you more than 1.5day at normal use.

amazing right. And that’s why I put this smartphone on this list. Moto G6 Play is a Compact smartphone with great battery life. So if you don’t like smartphones with notch then it could be a great small phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy S9- 5.8inch flagship at affordable price

Reasons To Buy
Premium & Compact Design
Flagship Grade Performance
IP68 Rating with Wireless charging
Amazing Display with Curved Design
Great Cameras
Available at Great Price
Reasons To Not Buy
Average battery Life
Single Rear cameras

Samsung Galaxy S9 was launched in 2018, yes 2yr ago but it still has it all to compete with 2020 Mid-Range smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has the amazing 5.8” Full HD+ OLED display with the beautiful curved design and Premium build.

The smartphone has the flagship snapdragon 845 Chipset, which competes very well against 2020’s top mid-range processors.

You can still play all high-end Games on it like PUBG & COD etc. it will not disappoint you in terms of Performance. You can do whatever you want on it without any problem.

The Smartphone has the 12MP single camera on the back & an 8MP front camera, but don’t underestimate the cameras on this phone by its numbers.

Galaxy S9 takes some amazing photos. Obviously It was a Flagship phone Once upon a time. Galaxy S9 also takes some great low-light images, Overall it has some great smartphone cameras at a great price.

Smartphone has the 3000mah battery with fast charging support. Which should last you a full day. And it also has the option of wireless charging, which is great because you are getting wireless charging at a very low price.

Since it was the flagship smartphone of the Samsung, that’s why it also has the IP68 waterproof rating which is again added a great value to money.

I will say if you are an Android lover & you have a low budget and you want a small phone without any compromise with specifications and features. Then Samsung Galaxy S9 is the smartphone that you should buy.

Apple iPhone 8 – Compact iPhone

Reasons To buy
Great Display
Super Compact & Premium Design
Great Performance
IP67 Rating & wireless charging
Good battery Life
Reasons To Not buy
Just Above than Average Cameras

Apple iPhone 8 our last best Compact smartphone that you can buy in 2020. And in fact, it is downgraded version of iPhone SE 2.

But it is still a great buy in 2020, thanks to Apple’s long OS support and its specs. iPhone 8 has a 4.7” HD Retina display with the true tone colours.

Smartphone also has the 12MP single rear camera with 4K video recording support, It takes some great pictures with natural colours. But nothing too special here, Phone also has the 7MP front camera, which just works fine.

Battery life might be a concern for you if you buy this phone. But most of the time in Normal use cases it should last you a full day.

iPhone 8 has the A11Bionic chip from Apple. Which is still in 2020 provides better performance than the most Mid-Range Android smartphones.

Especially you will feel the difference while gaming, playing games like Call Of Duty (COD). iPhone 8 Provides amazing performance at a very great price. It is a compact power performer at a low price.

iPhone 8 also supports the wireless charging and it also has the IP67 Rating. Which is great at its price.

So if you want to buy an amazing Compact smartphone or a small smartphone at a very low price with great specs then iPhone 8 is a great smartphone for you. You can Go for it without any problem.

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