Apps Like Klarna – Best Alternatives to Buy Now Pay Later App

Have You ever been in the situation where you want to buy something but you don’t get the instant cash to pay?. And you wish that what if you could Buy Now and pay later?.

then don’t worry in today’s world you get Buy Now & Pay Later Apps available on your large glass sandwiches called smartphones in your pocket, a great example of it is the apps like klarna.

Actually all of these apps offer your the benefit of Buying anything now and you can pay for that later which you know as EMI or instalments in short.

How do they work? if You purchase anything through these apps the company pay for the product or service and you can pay monthly to the app.

The great thing here is that they won’t charge you anything for that like interest and any hidden charges, everything is just straightforward, there are various options available these days.

such as very popular Klarna, and its competitors like Sezzel, Four, ViaBill and many more. You can take advantage of all these helpful services.

but the only thing you missing is the awareness of apps like Klarna and that’s what this article is all about. So here is the list of some of the best klarna alternatives or apps like klarna…


Afterpay is a great buy now and pay later app when you want to purchase something but don’t get the money to spend. That is where the Afterpay plays its role and the only thing that you need when you are going to the shopping is the Afterpay on your phone.

When you make the purchase you would have to pay the first instalment to be able to get ship the product and then you can pay it later in 3 additional instalments to Afterpay.

In total, you pay in 4 instalments and the point to be noted here is that you would have to pay the first instalment to bring your purchase to your home.

After that you can pay the next 3 instalments in every 2 weeks time span, sounds great? one more thing to note here is that you can use afterpay for both online orders & in your local shop (If available).

all you have to do is just scan the bar code at the shop using Afterpay, then pay your first payment and you are done you have purchased the product.

In addition, it is completely free of interest as long as you pay your instalments on time, honestly, Afterpay is a great way to shop and everyone should take advantage of it.

Download= Android, iOS

Paypal credit

Paypal is a widely popular, safe and very reliable online payment service across the Globe, almost every major country supports Paypal. You might already be using it as your online payment partner, but do you know? that you can also use it as a Buy Now and Pay later option.

Yes, in case if you are not aware of it Paypal also offers its customers the convenience of breaking big chunky amounts into the monthly instalments. The best part is anyone can use it, so how it works? First You would have to apply for PayPal credit.

Well, once you get the approval for Paypal credit you are eligible for numbers of few advantages, for example, you can get rid of the interest on your PayPal balance for 6 months.

if you pay more than $99 on any of your purchases, from that date of payment you are eligible for 0% interest on our PayPal credit balance. The interesting thing here is that it renews automatically every time whenever you spend more than $99.

coming straight to our main point here you can also use PayPal credit to buy anything on supported stores and pay for that in monthly instalments, maximum for six months with minimum interest charges.

But here is a bummer, if you failed to pay out the total amount in your six month time period then you would have to get ready by hitting the heavy interest rates of PayPal which is more than 25%. So it would be better if you pay all the amount within six months.

In terms of availability, you can use it on almost every major stores, like Walmart, BestBuy, Nike and others. But you would have to check before you buy that whether or not PayPal is available as payment options and the instalments offers are available or not.


Affirm is another well-known buy now and pay later app, unfortunately, the app is only available for the Apple users since it is only on the App Store, other users can visit their official website.

The company refers to it as a pay over time app with Affirm you can buy anything and pay for that in the long term, but with some terms & conditions.

First and foremost your credit score should be good enough to borrow money or loan at the low interest, the interest of Affirm varies between 0-30% depending on your credit score, the good your credit score is the lower interest you would have to pay.

The company has a partnership with almost every popular online and offline stores and you can use it almost everywhere you shop or purchase anything.

if you are eligible for the affirm services than you can buy anything today and then pay the full payment in monthly instalments generally in 2/4/6 and even 12 months.

One more thing to love about affirm here is that it doesn’t charge any hidden cost you, everything is just straight forward, in fact, they don’t even charge you delay charges or penalty. I would recommend you to try it.

Download- IOS


With Sezzle you can do all the things I have described above, the main point to note about Sezzle is that You can get your order right away on almost any store you go and pay for that in a minimum of 6 weeks of weekly transactions.

The best thing I loved about Sezzle is its availability, you would find it at almost any store. in addition to that, Sezzle don’t charge you any hidden charges.

it is super convenient to use and I would recommend everybody who is looking for Buy Now pay later apps. Sezzle Is definitely one of the best alternatives of Klarna out there.

Download- Android, iOS

The Culprit for this Post – The best Buy Now Pay later App Out there


Klarna is by far the most popular online buy now pay later app out there, and this is also the reason why my this post exists. With Klarna you can shop from big brands like Nike, Adidas, Walmart, Amazon and big brands in almost every category and pay for their amazing product in the way you want.

Let’s say You buy anything today from any their partner online retailer stores using Klarna mobile app. Then you get two payment option, one you can pay the full amount in 4 split costs, the first quarter amount would be charged when your retailer confirmes that your product is shipped and on its way and then you can pay rest in every 2 weeks.

or you can choose between 3-36 monthly instalments. Just like many most other apps, you would not be charged any interest fee if you pay the full amount in your given time. After that heavy charges may apply, so it’s always better to keep your promise.

One more benefit of using Klarna is that you can charge you can buy your product and pay for that in nest 30 days. Till then you can use your product without any hesitation, you can even return anything you are not satisfied with your order.

These little things make Klarna the best buy now pay later app available right now and you should not ignore this amazing opportunity, it would change the way you shop.

Download- Android, iOS

Techyboss”s Pick For You Today-

Best Alternative of Buy Now Pay Later Apps – The Websites That Everyone Should Know


Splitit is another great way to split your bigger payments into the bite-size easily payable payments. However, splitit doesn’t have their app for both android and ios but you can visit their website to take advantage of spiltit.

It is so simple to understand it, You just have so signed up on the website as a shopper, and then you can add your current credit card and use it for transactions through splitit.

yes, it would not make things complicated for you by giving its own credit card. Splitit also doesn’t check your credit score or ask you for anything, just log in and you are done.

To take the benefits of its buy now pay later service you would have to choose splitit at your checkout options ad then you can pay in monthly instalments. What makes it more impressive that you can choose the instalment time on your terms, in some cases over 24 months.

Like other Buy now pay later apps on this list, Splitit also doesn’t charge you for anything since there is 0% interest policy but you might have to pay your credit card issuer. For more information, You can go their official website with the.


ViaBill could be a great option for you if you shop too much fashion, Beauty and sports items, it provides its services in almost all product categories but I found that those their partner stores provide are really good in Fashion, Beauty and sports.

With ViaBill you can purchase from more than 1000+ online stores these are the great alternative to some popular brands. check the list from the homepage of their website. But their monthly payment programme works in a different way than the others.

You can pay the full amount of any of your purchase in 4 monthly instalments, and the interesting thing here is You would have to pay at least of 25% of your total amount and then you can pay rest of that later.

The good thing here though that you won’t be charged by any interest or hidden charges, the only problem with ViaBill is that it mostly works with online stores and it doesn’t have the partnership with some big and popular brands, for example, Nike and Adidas. You may find a hard time using it if you are an offline customer.


Four provides one of the best buys now pay later service you could find on the internet, it is so simple and easy to use that I cannot describe that in words. If you are regular to spend on fashion & beauty products, you have to try “Four”.

So to get started you need to visit their official website and then register on that, after that whenever you would buy anything on your local and online stores, all you have to do is just choose “Four” as your payment option and it will immediately approve your transaction.

Then you can pay your full amount in 4 equal instalments, it is so easy and simple you would not get any problem. Then to pay those monthly instalments to four you can pay with any method online wallet like Apple Pay, Google Pay etc. Or You can simply pay with your credit or debit card.

Like almost any other pay overtime service, you can also shop right away from their own website since they have listed their partner products theirs. And on your 4 equal payments, you won’t be charged by any interest.

I have used Four and I got no problem through my shopping, I ordered and the package arrived early than the expected time. You should try it, You are going to love it.

Oh man, This was one of those posts where I researched a lot to find the best content for you guys. Sometimes it was too brainstorming for me to get the every mention-worthy detail, that is important for you to know.

I have tried my best and I will also try to keep this post updated in future. Hopefully, You Guys have enjoyed it or found it helpful, so what are you waiting for? go ahead and change the way you shop today.

Have a Nice Day!!!

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