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Best 14 Third-Party App stores for android – everything is free

An android user? Looking for Third party app stores for android? Then you landed on the right page. Because here we are going to take a detailed look at some of the best 3rd party app stores for android.

Out of hundreds of best 3rd party app stores, I have picked some of the best available third party stores for android. You can download the paid versions of apps and games for free, can download the modified versions of popular apps and games.

Before we start if you are on an iPhone? then you can try out these best third party app stores for iOS with no jailbreak. now, let’s check it out.


If you are looking to download the best android apps and games for free of cost without any hassle. I think that Malavida is one of the best third-party app stores for Android users.

Yes, it may not be as good as the google play store, in fact, no other app store could be. But still, Malavida could be your one-stop destination for easy to download apps & games.

There is the possibility that you would not find all the apps and games here, but some banned apps and games are still downloadable from this third party app store.

Like, lucky patcher, UC browser, Cam scanner, and others, the site offers you everything. Yes, you can also download mods of popular games & apps.

In addition, you can also get the paid games for free, even apps, I tried the GTA San Andreas and its works. Everything is genuine and safe on Malavida.


“Apkpure” is well known as one of the best third party app-store for Android users. If you are an android user and saying that you never heard of it, then you are not from this planet.

The app store is completely amazing, one of the best 3rd party app stores for android out there. It has one of the biggest 3rd party app stores available out there, most of the apps & games are available here.

You can download everything…but don’t expect to get paid apps or games free here. Apkpure doesn’t provide you paid or mods apps for free, it is just a third-party alternative to the google play store for android.

Ocean Of Apk

Not a perfect third party app store I don’t know if you have ever heard of “Ocean OF Apk”. But it is a website from where you can download the modified versions of popular apps and games.

The third-party app store doesn’t look like a third-party app store anyway, but you can still find any app or game by just searching for it on the search bar of the site.

Or it provides a detailed categorized list of apps and games, you can check the available quantity of apps or games. Then just select the category you want now you can download the app.

As I said it is not the most perfect created app store out there, but you can find some of the rarest mods here. Give it a try, you’ll understand my words.


ApkFab is that sounds like “Apkpure” to you? if yes then you are right, they not only sound familiar, in fact, they look like an exact copy of each other. The only difference here is in the thems and popularity.

ApkFab is just similar to the apkpure, which means it also doesn’t provide you with any paid app or game for free. Or any mods, but however, you can still find the few mods of some popular games, like among us.

But don’t expect too much from the ApkFab, its just similar to the Apkpure but less popular. And that is not the deal-breaker any way, ApkFab is still, in my opinion, one of the best 3rd party app stores out there.


Does it look like the PlayStore? well, that is because it really looks like the Google play store. The Appsgag is one of the best 3rd party app stores for android.

One reason for that is obviously you can download the various paid apps and games for free. You would say “techyboss” what is is the big deal in that?

Well, you are right, that is not a highlight feature, the main highlight of the App store is that you can find some of the rarest mods on the Appsgag. Yes, I talking about games like GTA 4, FIFA 14, GTAV, and surprisingly they work.

Yes, even though the GTA 4 mod is not real but it gives that feeling, you are going to love Appsgag. But the major downside with the Appsgag is that you may find the latest apps or updated apps or games.


“Apkfollow” never heard of it? well not surprising, “apkfollow” is a hidden hero of our article. Even when it doesn’t provide you with anything like hacked or modified apps.

But even as a simple 3rd party app store for android, “Apkfolloe” does it best with all the latest apps & games are available. You can even download the apps that are banned in your country.

Just hit the app store and search for the app or game you are looking for, you will get the latest of that game or app. You can even download the old versions of popular games like Fifa 19, Fifa 14.


Another popular third party store for android, everyone knows about it. Well, Aptoide, is one of the best alternatives to the google play store. But unfortunately, there are no such benefits of using it.

Because just like Apkpure, Aptoid also doesn’t provide you any extra value out of the box. No paid apps for free, no mods, nothing. Except you can download and save the app in your local storage. That’s it.


Apk Mirror another well known third-party source for android users. Just like the Apkpure and aptoiod. Yes, you cannot download the paid apps for free or provide any mods.

But what Apk Mirror does is very useful and unique indeed, The best part of using Apk Mirror is that you can download several versions of an app.

Doesn’t sound that big of a deal right? but it can be really useful for android smartphone users. Who got a low-speed smartphone.

You can choose suitable versions according to your device’s specifications. For example f the latest version of an application isn’t working on your phone. You can try the older version of it.


are we getting too bored with 3rd party app stores like Apk Mirror? Ok, let’s shake things up. With Revdl you can do almost everything which you cannot do with third-party app stores like Apkpure, Aptoid, Apk Mirror.

Ya, you guessed it right, I am talking about the mods and paid apps. Revdl is well known for providing the best latest Mods of popular apps and games.

As you can see, you can even download the latest mods of GTA games, and not only GTA. Revdl is one of the best 3rd party app stores for android.

In fact, that is what Revdl is all about, it brings the latest best Mods for free. Of course, you can trust them, all of them are the same, safe. So you can search for everything.

The chances are that you will find the modified version of that app or game on revdl. So then what are you waiting for? try revdl now.


Na…Na. don’t get over the name of the app store, it says Apkmonk, but it has no attributes to be called out “Monk”. In simple words, it is just another brother of 3rd party app store called Aptoid, Apkpure, Apk Mirror.

Yes, it doesn’t provide you with any paid app or game for free, nor it provides any mods. Just pure apps and games. I think there is nor need to stretch it further you know what I am talking about.


“Far better than most options for android users” that is how I would like to sum up Apkvision. The app and games are easily available on this third party App store.

But that is not the highlight feature of the Apkvison, the main advantage of using Apk vision is its huge, I mean really huge collection of Modified games and apps.

From Mods of GTA to the Mods of Minecraft, you will get the mod version of the most popular games and apps on Apkvision.

Amazon App store

Amazon App store, yes the world’s biggest e-commerce brand also has its own Google Play store alternative. Bezos doesn’t want Google and Apple to earn all the profit from the Software market.

so he launched his own third party app-store platform Named, “Amazon App Store”. If I have to sum up this Amazon app store in a few words.

I would say that it the replica of the Google play store, the only change here is that. Whenever you would buy any app or game from Amazon App s\Store, Bezos will have a share of it.


“Apkaward” is one of the best stations for android users, the third-party app store provides almost everything. Not only you can download the Modified versions of Games.

But also the normal or regular apk versions of the app or game. You can download the latest versions of the games.


Apkhome is your home for all your needs. The third-party app store has all that it takes to be listed in the list. I mean, if I ask you why you have been searching for a third-party app store.

for downloading the moded versions of apps & games? exactly that is what a third-party app store is all about.

the only expected feature of an ideal App store is, it should provide the latest versions of apps or games.

And Apkhome shines brightly to that area. The website could be your one-stop destination for all your Apps and Games needs. So don’t forget to check it out.

So there you have it, You can now download your favourite apps or games, for free. Without any problem, hopefully. Please let me know what is the best 3rd party app store you liked from the list. See you guys in the next one.

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