Best “complete Music” learning apps you can’t miss

Best “complete Music” learning apps you can’t miss

Searching for the best music learning apps? Want to learn music at home? if yes then don’t worry I can assure you that you are at the right place. Today I am sharing some of the best music learning apps for Android & IOS.

The best thing is that we are not only gonna talk about a few apps for one particular thing here for example apps for learning Musical instruments But instead, I have tried to create the full package you would need to learn music.

We are going to talk about best apps to learn read music notes & sheets, Best apps to learn piano or guitar, Drums, Best apps to learn singing. Ok now without wasting any time let’s see what are these apps…


If you are interested in learning Piano, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele then Yousician is the best app you could find, with Yousician you can learn Music from the expert teachers from around the world.

It is designed for all levels of learners it doesn’t matter what your level is, beginner, advance or even professional. You can improve your skills by learning.

All you need is your musical instruments and your phone or computer, and you can learn Guitar, Piano, Bass, Ukulele from experts step by step video guides and lessons. and to make it fun to learning they have included fun gameplays, which really helps to learn fast.

Yousician also teaches to read music sheets trough its more than 1500+ lessons, Video guides & exercises. But here is a catch, to unlock all instruments and premium support & features you would need to spend a few bucks.

But to a limit you can learn music for free, that’s a nice deal. I would recommend trying its free version first and then if you think it is working for you and you are getting any value then you should think about the paid features.

“Yousician is a Perfect app for anyone who wants to learn music and doesn’t even know Music’s ABCD yet”

Download- IOS & Android

Perfect Ear

The perfect ear is an app for who wants to learn chords, scales, intervals, and read notes to sing. The perfect ear has lessons with high quality, unique ear training, rhythm training, solfège lessons, music theory, and note reading lessons.

Perfect ear helps you to learn to identify any music by just listening to it, such as intervals, scales, chords, and  Rhythm training exercises to help learn to read and recognize rhythm durations.

in addition, there are exercises for Melodic dictation exercises, learn to read sheet music, pitch trainer, Note singing, A fully-fledged scale dictionary makes it one of the best music learning apps.

Download- IOS & Android

Best Music apps to Learn Music Notes

Best Apps for Learning Music Notes & Sheets

Let’s now talk about those apps that target and help to learn a specific thing in music such as learning playing musical instruments like Piano, Guitar, Drums, and even apps for learning music notes reading & learn how to sing.

So that is what we are gonna talk from here, so let’s talk about beat music apps to learn notes reading.

Music Tutor

Music tutor helps you to learn how to read music notes, Music Tutor also supports Solfège (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si or Ti) and German note names. You can learn by its different practice modes treble, bass and/or alto clefs for a duration of 1, 5, or 10-minute sessions.

Music Tutor also has a sheet music reference chart for treble, bass, and alto clefs which is very easy to understand. Music Tutor is a very great music app to learn note reading.

Download- IOS & Android


Solfa is another great app to learn music notes, it helps you to learn notes for piano. guitar, singing. Solfa is designed to learn simple music theory.

the musical instruments you would get in the app are piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin, cello, and double bass. You can learn sight reading, Notes of alto, bass, tenor, treble clef staff and how can we forget tonality and chord names.

Just like Music tutor you can also learn German and English note names. So what are you waiting for? go ahead and try this app right now.

Download- IOS & Android

Complete Music Trainer

Just like its name suggests “Complete music Trainer” it provides all juice you need to learn read sheet music and to improve your sight-reading skills.

It will help you at any level it doesn’t matter what your understanding of reading music sheets is, whether you are a beginner, advance or professional it would help you to learn and improve your skills.

Download- IOS & Android

Best Piano Learning Apps for Android and IOS

Best apps to learn piano

ok, now you have learned how to read notes and sheets which is the basic need to learn music. Now let’s learn to play some musical instruments, I have tried my best to provide you with some of the best apps to learn these instruments.

Our first musical instrument here is “Piano” and here are some of the best apps to learn piano…

Piano Academy

Our first piano app is “Piano Academy”, it helps you to learn piano from scratch, even if you don’t know the basics of the piano.

You will be able to learn piano with Piano academy very easily, It provides professional teachers and video guides you can learn from.

It also helps you learn sheet music, playing chords by its fun games and training. You can connect your own piano with it for training or if you don’t have one. You can also use the virtual piano in this app. It will teach you how to read notes and play music accordingly.

It is super easy to use and very helpful to learn the piano at your home but don’t forget you will have to spend some money to get full access to the courses.

Download- IOS & Android

Perfect Piano

One thing I want to clear here is that Perfect Piano is the app which provides you with the Perfect virtual piano for practice.

It could be really helpful for those people who want to learn piano and already got prior knowledge about it. But don’t have a piano or cannot afford one, this app solves their problem.

Download- IOS & Android

Piano By Yousician

Piano by Yousician is another one of the best piano learning apps you can find right now. It would help you learn from beginners to advance. It also got thousands of video tutorials and videos you can learn from.

All you need is your personal piano, and the app will detect the sound and show you how you are performing. It also gives you instructions to make your skills perfect. It is one of the best apps for music learning.

Download- IOS & Android

Best apps for learning drums

Best apps to Learn Drums

Ok till now you have learned to read music notes and sheets, and a musical instrument called “Piano”. But now its time learn how to play music with drums, so without wasting any more time let’s get started…

Real Drum

Real Drum is a simulation app which helps you to play the drums without having a drum set. Just like the Perfect Piano, it provides you with virtual drums and you can play music on it.

in addition, it also has more than 60 video tutorials that would help you to learn drums. It’s a great drum simulation app.

Download- IOS & Android


Drums is another great app for learning drums, It provides the ultimate realistic experience of playing the drums in an app. you can learn to play several songs according to your taste Like Rock, Jazz, etc.

It is really a great app for “practising the drums” pay attention to those words, I would recommend this app for those who know how to play the drums. Not for beginners.

Download- IOS & Android


Ok, now you got the apps for Learning & practising the drums. Here is an app for training and improving your drumming skills, It is designed for the exercises that improve your skills.

It has different modes for practice, Rudiments are basic exercises for drummers meant to increase your speed, ability and creativity when playing the drums. Overall it is a great app to improve your drumming skills.

Download- Android

Drum Live

Drums live is a great app for learning and improving drumming skills, It has 4000+ lessons with drum pads and multi tiles modes. This app sounds amazing and you would feel like you are playing real drums. Here are some top features to you should know-

Download- IOS & Android

Simple Drums Rock

Simple drums Rock is a drum simulator for practising with 6 different types of drum kits with high-quality percussion sounds. It is a great app to practice the drums.

Download- Android

Best Guitar Learning Apps

best apps to learn music

Ok now finally we come to our last musical instruments to list, And it is non-other than My personal favourite “Guitar” You know I really love playing the Guitar and I already have used these apps.

And I have really found these apps very helpful and obviously that’s Why I am recommending them for you guys. Let’s see…

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

It names tells the whole story about the app here, Ultimate Guitar is one of the best apps for learning Chords & tabs for Guitar. It has more than !5000+ popular songs and their chords and the best part that you can save them offline.

Download- IOS & Android

Justin Guitar Beginner Lessons

This is the best app for anyone who wants’s to learn Guitar. And it couldn’t be any better if you would get a chance to learn from a professional, I don’t know if you know Justin Sandercoe or not.

If not then I have doubt on your passion for Guitar. But for your knowledge, he is a famous professional Australians guitarist and he is the owner of this app.

Justin Guitar provides you lessons about guitar chords, tabs, strumming, scales, capo, fingerpicking and how to play hundreds of songs on the guitar. The lessons are very interactive and easy to learn from. I highly recommend you to check it out, it is one of the best apps for music learning.

Download- IOS & Android

Andy Guitar

The Andy Guitar app is a great way to access the video lessons, courses and other materials available on the Andy Guitar website. No account is required but if you have an account, your content is perfectly synchronised across the website and your devices.

Download- IOS & Android

Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords

With Songsterr you can learn more than 500,000 high-quality guitar, bass and drum tabs & chords with interactive playback and high-quality realistic guitar sound. If you purchase the full access, you also will get all the powers of tab player: slow down, loop, solo mode, playing along with mode.

Download- IOS & Android

Real Guitar

Real Guitar is a simulation app to learn guitar for free, if you don’t have the Guitar then you can practice on this app, The app featuring electric and acoustic guitar sounds recorded with live guitars.

Learn how to play the guitar with chords and tabs that we have in stock for you. The app has dozens of useful options and playing modes and is a perfect fit for both beginners and mastered guitarists.

Download- IOS & Android

Best apps for learning singing

Best apps for Music learning, Best Apps for learning singing

Finally, we are coming to the end of our this amazing of best music learning apps that you shouldn’t miss, If you are interested in music and want to learn it. As a tech blogger I thought it would be great to share some of the best technology gifts with you that can actually help you to learn music.

That’s why I started with Reading music notes & sheets, then we talked about learning musical instruments ( Piano. Guitar, Drums) and now we are going to talk about the “singing” How you can learn singing from an app? Well, This one app is a one-stop solution for your singing learning problems.

Learn to sing- Sing sharp

Learn to sing- sing sharp is the only useful app I could find for you, It packs most of the things you would need to learn about singing.

For example- if you think you are tone-deaf, off-pitch, sing flat, pitchy, cannot learn how to sing, or even cannot afford singing lessons from a vocal coach, SingSharp provides vocal range, warm-up exercises and ear training program to help you tune your voice step by step to become pitch-perfect.

SingSharp’s training is best for a singing teacher, vocal coach, music tutor or voice trainer to help beginners, professional vocalists, choir/chorus group in soprano, alto, tenor or bass to practice in their classes or training courses.

Download- IOS & Android

I hope you have found it little helpful, If this article has provided in short of value to you then please let me know in comments.

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