Best cricket games for Android 2021: Feel the game

Best cricket games for Android 2021: Feel the game

are you a cricket fan? Then how about running riots on the field by showing your skills and shots? Not really, but yes you can enjoy cricket on your bed or chair or anywhere you want. All you have to do is just go through this article, by the end, you will know some of the best cricket games for android in 2021.

The best thing about these games is that all of these cricket games are free. And highly rated by gamers all around the world, that means you can assure that whatever you are going to get is the best out there.

So then what are we waiting for? checkout out these best cricket games for android now.

World Cricket Battle 2

The Game is called “world cricket battle 2” the best thing about this game that it is full of real-life features. The ones every cricket fan would dream of, features like Auction Mode, Real-Time Batting Multiplayer, RAIN & DUCKWORTH-LEWIS METHOD (which you can see above in the picture)

That rain and Dl feature is the main highlight of the game, it does so only something dramatic. Not really, actually, it is a wethering feature, which provides you the real-life weather situations in the game. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about the rain, snowfall between the match. sounds interesting? Check it out now.


World Cricket Championship 3

Another great Cricket game with jaw-dropping features, you might have already played this one. if yes then I would not be surprised anyway. You will get the full cricket experience playing WCC3 that’s for sure.

I mean just take a look at the features of the game, First, you can play the game as a player in career mode. Which I believe is the biggest highlight of the game. Other than that it packs all the fancy features your heart can ask as a cricket fan.

From commentary from professionals to the heart-touching animations, even though they all suck but they deserve the mention here. Apart from that, you can play online events as well, you can call it PES of cricket.

And if you are into football, then you shouldn’t miss these best offline football games for android, yes offline. back to the WWC3, The game is about 800MB in size, if it sounds interesting to you? you can try it.


Doodle Cricket

Yes, it’s not a proper fancy cricket game. But if you are a true fan of cricket I know you are going to try it for sure. The game is undoubtedly inspired by Google’s doodle cricket game version. But this one is 100 times better since there are no lags or any glitches.

it is only about 1.5MB in size, but I wanna say it’s fun. A great way to pass your time, talking about passing time. You should not miss this Best time pass games for android and iOS article, trust me you will find some real juice there. So don’t forget to check that out as well.


Real Cricket™ GO

Yes, finally a light game for those who don’t have a phone with gaming specifications. But hey don’t think that you would not get that complete cricket experience. Nope, that is not the case here, yes it is only about 45MB in size but it got some really popular features.

Features like DRS, yes in 45 MB it packs that too, If you are a cricket fan you should know what that means. If not then DRS stand for “Decision Review system” something like VAR in football/Soccer.

and the addition of the International trophies adds the five stars to this already solid Cricket game. The tagline for the game is worth mentioning here, it’s “Cricket On the GO”. It is still one of the best cricket games for android in 2021.


T20 Cricket Champions 3D

The T20 Cricket Champions 3D another game with lots of features, or should I say it’s a feature-packed game. First of all, you have so many modes to play in. I mean you can have a quick match or you can play online with its online mode.

There are many regularly updated events to play in, you can even play into their own premier league, a duplicate of IPL without Licensed. Does that sound interesting to you? Then go for it, it is one of the best cricket games out there


Little Singham Cricket

OK, too many serious cricket games let’s turn the page, how about gully cricket? well it’s not exactly a gully cricket game but not too far from that.

A little Singham is the star of the show, and you are controlling his character to hit boundaries in style. The fun animations are the main highlight of the game. It is really fun to play.


Stick Cricket Premier League

One of the best cricket games for android and also for iOS, that is how I would like to introduce this amazing game to you. The games. No no don’t expect that pure cricket experience here. No that is not what this game is all about.

Instead, the game is perfect for those who like to play the games with their own created character. Yes some story type, you know. You play with your character to make your fantasies true, you can win trophies with him, can earn money (fake, not real), overall you can enjoy a player’s journey.


Beach Cricket

Enjoy the cricket on the beach? enough playing in big stadiums, now its time to show your shots on a Beach. Well its a fun to play, not with best graphics ever, same can be said for the gameplay.

But I am sure you are still gonna enjoy it, Like I did so, try this out, its only about 30MB in size. Give it a chance Man.


Epic Cricket

The thing that I loved about that game is its fast-paced visuals and fast-paced gameplay. I mean really those were the two highlights, which really stand out for me. Besides its number of cool features. That makes it one of the best cricket games for android in 2021.

Yes, you can play the game in both online and offline mode, with online you are can enjoy events, tournaments, multiplayer mode. They have also added important features like new stadiums, DRS and few extra visuals.

One more thing I want to highlight here are its Test Matches, I have not found that this good in any other game of the list. Please go ahead and download it now.


Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

Fan of master blaster? Then this cricket game is for you, you would not find any other cricket game like this one. Of course, the game is full of features. you can play the game on PvP Mode, Quick game mode, and even legendary mode.

The graphics of the game are just below the average, but its gameplay is the main highlight of the game. They have so many new features in the game that other games don’t have. the manual catches, even though it is not that good as they market it. but still, it is one of the best cricket games for android in 2021.

Other than that it has its Hindi and English commentary and lots of new stadiums. Since the game is all about Sachin, you can also play some of his memorable games. Try it then let me know, what do you think about it.


Big Bash Cricket

Our last cricket game is one of the best cricket games out there, the name of the game is “Big Bash Cricket”. The game so many fun modes to play with, quick mode, KFC event mode, super over mode (which is fun to play by the way).

There is so much to play and it’s unbelievable to have so many features in one game. But BBC has it all. What Makes it one of the best cricket games for android in 2021.


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