Best emoji keyboards for Android & IOS: Free to download

Best emoji keyboards for Android & IOS: Free to download

Want to express more with emojis and looking for best emoji keyboard apps? If your answer is “Yes” then you are at the right post.

Emojis are very helpful when it comes to express your feelings without explaining it in words. And it can really help to communicate with another person with more natural and in an emotional way.

But, how about if you want to an emoji with a specific expression and you suddenly find that your keyboard doesn’t have it? If you feel that your current keyboard doesn’t have the emojis that you often want in a chat.

Then I am here with numbers of best emoji keyboard apps to download to make sure that you haven’t missed any emoji. Some of these emoji keyboard apps come with more than 3600+ emojis collection.

And the best thing is that you would not miss any feature that you find in modern keyboard apps like customization, Gesture typing, AI support, translator, Multi-language support and much more.

In addition, all of these apps are safe and secure to use so you can download any of them without worrying about your privacy.

all of these emoji keyboard apps are free to download and I would also provide download links for both Android and iOS after the little description of every app. So here is the list of some of the best emoji keyboard apps for iPhone & Android phones…

Best Emoji Keyboard apps For iPhone and Andriod

Kika Keyboard

Kika Keyboard is the best emoji keyboard app for iPhone that I know by far, Why I am saying that? well for that you will need to know about ita features, our special focus will be on emoji side of the keyboard app.

Kika keyboard has more than 5000+ emojis and what spacial about it you will find some really funny and useful emojis here you would not find in most emoji keyboards

The story just not ends there, it also has thousands of latest kaomoji if you are a fan of kaomoji. Other than emoji features it also comes with more than 6000+ themes and all the latest features like gesture typing or glide typing.

Kika Keyboard supports more than 60+ languages worldwide, that is also a feature of convenience for many native language speakers. here are the links for both android and ios for free Kika emoji keyboard downloads.

Download- Android, IOS

FancyKey Keyboard

FancyKey is also one of its kind emoji keyboards available out there, FancyKey is a feature-packed keyboard here, that I am sure you are going to love.

the top feature of Fancy emoji keyboard is it’s 3200+ emojis + emoji arts if you are wondering what the heck emoji art is?

then for your information, the art which is created by using emojis is known as “emoji arts” here are the few examples for you-

that looks really beautiful, agree? The fancy keyboard comes with more than 100+ themes, and 72+ fancy fonts and usually features like autocorrect, Glide typing, Gesture typing and etc.

And top of that there is support for more than 50+ languages, that is something often comes top of the list for most people, so there no need to worry about typing language.

The fancy keyboard is available for the iPhone as well, so you can say that it is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone. You can download them the download links below.

Download- Android, IOS


Fleksy is our first emoji keyboard in this list, You probably have not heard about this keyboard app. But it is a great emoji keyboard app which comes with some great features.

Fleksy has the collection of many amazing themes and cool emojis. You can express your feelings with all necessary and unique emojis, my personal favourite is emotion emojis and I use them very often.

Apart from that Fleksy also comes with some unique features, Fleksy has Advance AI built-in so that lets you type without making any mistakes.

And not just that to developer claims That thanks to its AI and fast typing, the keyboard holds the Guinness world record for the fastest keyboard.

Fleksy also claims to be the most secure keyboard as it stores all the data to your phone’s local storage. Fleksy supports more than 45+ languages. In addition, it has some of the most advanced and useful gestures You should definitely try it.

Download- IOS, Android

Facemoji keyboard

Facemoji is one of the very few keyboard apps which has more than 3600+ emojis. So you would be able to use any type of emoji you desire to express your words and feelings.

As you can tell. By the name that Facemoji is designed especially for emoji lovers, but also comes with other features.

You can customize your emoji keyboard with thousands of themes or you can set any personal photo as keyboard skin. Other Facemoji keyboard features include Autocorrect, Gesture typing, Keyboard stickers and Gifs collection.

Facemoji comes with multilingual support which means you can type in your native languages if you want. And one other very useful feature of Facemoji is its instant translator, what it does?

It will instantly translate anything you would write in your native language within a few seconds. It is a really handy feature, and I really found it helpful.

However I have also found that sometimes it misses translation, but that is understandable. You can download the app for free.

Download- IOS, Android

Emoji keyboard

Now we have another keyboard app which has the collection of more than 3000+ emojis. But it is not just al about the emojis (as the name suggests).

the emoji keyboard comes with too many good features like Autocorrect, Online Gif collection, Gesture typing and many more.

Just like the Facemoji you get some awesome customization options you can choose different themes and wallpaper skins to customize the look and feel as you want.

The Emoji keyboard has more than a thousand themes and fonts. You can also choose different fonts to style your text. Cool right?

But what might more impress you is that you can select a few different and unique keypad touch sounds like piano 🎹, violin 🎻, guitar 🎸and more.

The emoji Keyboard supports more than 150+ languages, you can easily choose your native language without any problem. It worth checking out.

Download- Android

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Go keyboard

This the emoji keyboard app that you might have heard of, Go Keyboard. If not then it is one of the best emoji keyboard apps you can download. With millions of downloads, it is one of the most popular keyboard apps on the play store.

Let’s talk about the features and because we are concentrating on the “emojis”, we would talk about it first.

Go keyboard comes with more than 1000+ emojis and Gifs, so you would find almost any kind of emoji you want, whether it is a smiley or you want to express your anger with angry emoji. Everything is available.

Now, moving to the customization Go keyboard is one of the most customizable keyboard apps, with over 10,000+ themes and 100+ fonts you can customize your keyboard thousands of ways.

And it is not only about customization, but Go keyboard also comes with features like auto-corrections, gesture typing, fast typing and many more.

The one last thing which really stands out for me is that Go keyboard comes with very cool and unique stickers and emoticons. And that just complete the whole emoji concept of the Go Keyboard.

Download- Android, IOS

Facemoji Emoji Keyboard Lite

as you can tell by the name, it is the “Lite” version of the Above mentioned Facemoji keyboard app. Because it is small in size it doesn’t mean that it lacks any major features.

Just like the main version it also has the more than 3600+ emojis, stickers, Gifs and kaomoji. It also comes with several customization options, just like the other keyboard apps you can customize it by different themes, wallpapers to change the background.

Moving to the other helpful features it comes with Instant translator with the support of 25+ languages. So that translator would translate anything into any supported language what you would write in your native language. And the last thing to mention here is that you can also use different fonts or text styles.

Download- IOS, Android

Bobble Indic Keyboard

If you are looking for the best emoji keyboards for iPhone & Android, then you cannot ignore the Bobble Keyboard.

Why? you probably use your phone’s keyboard most in chatting with your loved ones. So how about if you can express your emotions with emoji stickers by in just one simple gesture?

Bobble Indic keyboard gives you the ability to that, and that is the highlight feature and the feature I liked most.

Let’s say you are chatting with your friends on WhatsApp and he/she made a joke and you want to share an emoji sticker,

then you will just need to select your emoji and drag it to the chatbox it will automatically send that as a sticker.

That was the feature I liked most about Bobble emoji keyboard, they call it Bobble Stickers. It is really a great and useful feature for me and I am sure you will like it too.

You can even use that to impress your friends on social media, ok moving to another big highlight here. And that is something you will not find in any other emoji keyboard in this list.

Bobble keyboard provides you with daily new Quotes Jokes, Shayaris ( you will understand shayaris more if you are from India or Pakistan). So you will no need to search on the google to impress your girlfriend, how helpful and cool is that?

Apart from its top handy features it also comes with Gifs, funny Stickers, gesture typing and many other modern features you expect in a keyboard app. but in reality, you are not going to use them anyway.

But even after that, It’s my responsibility that I tell you about all the major features of an app before you decide to download it.

Download- Android, IOS

Mint Keyboard 

Mint Keyboard is the official app of Xiaomi but in order to make it compete with the famous keyboards like Board and swift keyboard. They have done a great job with Mint Keyboard.

It is specially designed for India where the company is the No.1 smartphone brand. The app supports all Indian languages with 25+ Indian regional scripts.

Mint Keyboard provides a variety of useful emojis and you will not miss any emoji here. But what makes it even more interesting here is the Indian funny stickers to express your thoughts in a new way.

On the customization front, the Mint Keyboard comes with hundreds of beautiful themes, custom stylish fonts (which really liked) and other great typical features. Like auto-correction, quick replies and secure typing.

However, the app is only available for the android users only, the very understandable reason behind this is that the company itself an android smartphone manufacturer.

Download- Android


Nothing need to tell you about Google’s own keyboard app. GBoard comes with all feature you want. The only thing we are going to talk about here is the emojis, just like every other app in this list GBoard has almost every emoji you want.

But here is a downside of Google Keyboard, You can not customize it like any other keyboard app. Yes, you can change a few pre-made solid coloured theme. Which is completely useless and ugly.

Other than that GBoard comes with Google translate, Gesture typing, Multilingual keyboard support and top of that Google’s trust of security.

Download- IOS, Android

Swift Keyboard

Swift Keyboard another very well known and popular keyboard app but not by Google. It is an app by Microsoft, so you can trust On it for your privacy.

Ok, let’s talk about the emojis here, just like the GBoard you get every emoji you would use. Swift keyboard use AI to autocorrect and word suggestions and for Gif suggestions.

Unlike the GBoard Swift keyboard gives more likeable Custom themes. You can choose from 100+ themes and even select your favourite photo. And it also comes with more than 300+ languages.

Download- IOS, Android

Hopefully, you guys have found it interesting? Please comment down that what other best emoji keyboard apps you know. And think I should have included them into the list.

Have a nice day!!

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