Best free football games offline for android and ios

Best free football games offline for android and ios

Are you a football fan? and looking for the best football games offline? then this should be the article you been looking for (at, that is what I hope so).

today here we are going to know about some of the best offline football games. all of these games are 100% free to download on both Google play store & Apple App store.

in the United States, we call the game Soccer while in the rest of the world fans call it football. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but it is the most beautiful & popular sport in the world.

and that is why I just can’t wait to share these amazing football games that you can enjoy on your smartphone. So, Here is the list of best offline football games for both android and ios devices.

Best Offline Football Games For Super Fans

Champion Soccer Star

Champion Soccer Star is an offline footbal game

OK…Let’s do it guys, our first Football/Soccer game is Champion Soccer Star, one of the most addictive football games I have ever played.

The game is so simple, it doesn’t promise any fancy stuff, but still, it is very enjoyable. The gameplay of the game is not like many other football games.

it is a quick action type for build-up play, where you would have to make the right decisions for the shots to score the GOAL to win the game.

You won’t have to control lots of buttons & character, you would have your own player. he will run every show of the game for you.

all you have to do is, make the right shooting, passing & build up decisions. As the story of the game progress, you would see the news build up around your character.

You would see the news talking about you when you, did score in a match, didn’t score, or you have a new contract from other teams.

That all in combination makes it very interesting and addictive to play, and I believe you will enjoy it too. But unfortunately, the game is only available for Android.

Download – Android

Ultimate Football

Ultimate Football

Ultimate Football” is an offline football game which is designed for normal people. I mean, it is really a simple game, the gameplay is very straight forward.

The game has more than 1000+ players, where you can play in career mode, world cup mode & can enjoy friendlies.

Yes, the Graphics of the game might not feel that great since it is 3D, but still, the gameplay is really amazing and you guys would love it.

Download – Android

Winner Soccer Evo Elite

Winner Soccer Evo Elite

Another great football game which does not need WiFi to play. Winner Soccer Evo Elite is the game with an easy yet amazing game.

The gameplay has some amazing features, where you can perform skills like dribbling, Drive ball out, Lob shoot, Sprint, Fake Shoot & Fake Long pass and etc.

You can play in several modes like Friendly Match Mode, Cup Mode, Training Mode.

So enjoy dribbling through your opponents, shoot from the long-range and score to win the games and then live the Cup glory.

Download – Android, iOS

Score Hero

Remember our first game of the list? Yep, I am talking about “Champions Soccer Star”. The game where you won’t have to do full matches, just passing and shooting works.

“Score Hero” isn’t different at all, the offline football game has the same gameplay. where you would only have to make the right pass and shoot right on your chance.

The beautiful colourful graphics, injury time commentary and those newspaper stories are enough to make you addicted to the Game.

And honestly, it is a good time-pass game, the levels are very short, and sometimes passing and taking shots gets really tricky. That keeps your interest in the game, whole time.

Download – Android, iOS

DLS 2021

I don’t know about you, but I have really enjoyed DLS 2020 and now the 2021 version of the game is out for game lovers.

the game had over 100M downloads on the Google play store, that says enough about the popularity of this amazing football game.

but there are some reasons why the game is so successful, features like 4000+ players, 3D stadiums and those amazing soundtracks. I personally loved the tracks on the DLS 2020.

the gameplay is another reason why it is so popular, it perfectly owns the game’s name & theme.

as you would start the game from the beginning, you would have a team of some unknown amateur but talented players. with that team, your journey will start from lowest division.

DLS 2021

Your Goal is to play all the match of the season and gain enough points to get promoted to the bigger league. The highest division league of the game is called “Elite Division”.

This is where your team would have to face Elite teams of the game with players like Ronaldo and Messi. as you progress through the game the games get harder & harder.

In case if you won’t get enough points by the end of your season, your team could get relegated to the lower division. then you would have to start that all over again.

There are no short cuts, you would have to complete every game for a season, and that is the beauty of DLS. You can also Buy any top player & can also build your own stadium.

And with this 2021 update now you can also build your own hospital, training academy along with stadiums. Sounds cool?

That doesn’t mean DLS 2021 is perfect, it has its downsides too, just a few to mention here are, No official kits, No new stadium designs, low graphics, No skill moves & the list goes on & on.

there are lots of things that I cannot explain here, but in a few words, I would say that you should not miss Dream League Soccer 2021, it is amazing.

Download – Android, iOS

Techyboss’s Picks for you

Soccer Super Star

“Soccer Super Star” is only available for android users, so if you are on an Apple device, you can move on to the next one. For Android owners, let’s finish this quickly.

The gameplay is really simple, and it has some beautiful graphics and to make it feel more realistic. they have also included some cut scenes, like a celebration, tunnel scenes.

these small things make the game very engaging, and you will love playing this football game offline for free.

Download – Android

Real Football

“Real Football” is the first & only Football game by Gameloft, it is even offline yes the Game is not as impressive as it should be.

first, forget about the graphics, “Real Football” has really poor graphics, they just don’t look good. but the only reason why anyone would wanna want to play “Real Football”?

Is going to be someone’s passion for football, and the game’s gameplay is little encouraging to that.

again it is not even at the level of its competitors, but it is the only positive thing about the game.

I know For most people, it is going to be a barely playable game, but still, it is an Offline football game that is the reason I included it.

Download – Android

World Football League

World Football League

Bored by “Real Football” don’t worry “World Football League” is here to excite you. Of course, It is far much better than Gameloft’s Real Football.

World Football League not only have better graphics, but its gameplay also is miles ahead to the previous game. that explains the “World Football League”.

The game is offline and its fairly good gameplay is one of its biggest features. the game has 90 national teams and mainly focused on international football.

Download – Android, iOS

Football Cup 2020

Finally, a football game which will provide you with some real football experience. Football Cup 2020 has it all what it takes to be a great football game.

one of its very best features is its “Game Modes” you can play the game in season mode, tournament & very exciting career mode.

You would have to play the whole season to win the league, in the tournament you can compete with other teams and get rewards.

but the career mode is the real deal, you get different-different interesting levels as challenges. And they have some crazy names of these levels like,  “Floor is lava”, “Wall of death”.

The gameplay of the game is fairly decent, the game developer has tried their best to make it fun to play.

After a few games played, I have enjoyed it and hopefully, you will also enjoy it.

One more thing, you can also win the infamous “Champions League” in the game, where you would have to face some of the top clubs of around Europe.

Download – Android, iOS

World Soccer Champs

It is really funny, World Soccer Champs is not that strict football game, but yet it is very enjoyable.

the game is so easy to play, you would have to win the most matches to gain the required points for the top spot in the league by the end of the season.

All you have to do is to take right shots & passes decisions with tiny lego character type footballers. That’s it, that was the all about game, I told you it is easy & fun to play. Enjoy.

Download – Android, iOS

New Star Manager

Be the top manager in the world, by playing “New Star Manager” you can experience a Football Manager’s job while sitting on your couch.

You can manage your squad in Real-time, buy & sell the players you want. And most important of all play technical or tactical side of a football game.

its amazing gameplay lets you apply your tactical skills on the file, you can monitor & make changes in live matches.

your ultimate job is to manage players, train them hard, and lead your team to the glory.

And as you would get success, you will also have the chance to sign for a bigger club as Manager.

Like every manager do in Real football life, it’s your career. If that sounds interesting to you, then you can check it out by downloading from below links.

Download – Android, iOS

Stickman Soccer Football

Must have heard of Stickman games, like stickman fighting, stickman zombie shoot, stickman basketball. They have their stickmen in almost every game category. So how can they forget football?

“Stickman Soccer Football” is an offline football game, which you can play to pass your boring time.

There is nothing fancy here, it is just a straight simple football game, get your stickman team running on the pitch and win trophies.

Download – Android, iOS

I hope you guys would have enjoyed it. if you did? please don’t forget to let me know in the comment section. and you can also let me know if I have mussed in an offline football game.

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