“Mind-Blowing” Best Games Under 10MB For Android – Yes Just 10mb

“Mind-Blowing” Best Games Under 10MB For Android – Yes Just 10mb

Don’t want to spend data on those 1GB-2GB android game? And want games that don’t cost much data but provide a good gaming experience like those big sized games?.

Then you would no need to bother and searching on the google play store for the best small size games for android.

because today we are going to know about some of the best games under 10mb for android.

All of these games are below 10mb and contains all the categories like action, adventure, puzzles, racing, RPG and shooting and many more.

You would need to click “Download” to see the screenshots of each game, I am here only providing short descriptions about the games. So here is the list of best games under 10mb for android…

Here are the Best android games under 10MB

My Tiny Pet

Love Pets? How about to have a Virtual pet on your smartphone?, “My Tiny Pet” is the game all you need in order to do that.

The game is just about 10Mb in size and there is a football-like “Tiny Pet” in the game which actually designed and looks very cute & Adorable characters, to be honest.

You can do everything with that Tiny Pet as you do in real like for example feeding him, cleaning him, and even dressing him up.

take care of him so he grows with the right habits. The graphics of the game are really beautiful and colourful that gives you a different feel whenever you play the game.


Tank Hero

Tank Hero is a very addictive and unique game in very small size, the game is all about to defeat your enemies in an intense compact but puzzly arenas.

The 9.2MB game has about 120 interesting levels, where you will need to shoot your enemies tanks and then dodge their attacks and will have to survive till the end.

You will have to fight against 5 types of A.I tanks with 5 different weapons, the game is really fun to play and you can play it even offline. Tank hero is one of the best offline games under 10mb for android out there.


Frontline Soldier

The frontline soldier is a solid action run and warfare game (something like Metal Soldiers). which has very Simple & intuitive, addictive Gameplay. Frontline Soldier is one of the best shooting games under 10mb, here is why?

You are leading your army with the inventory of combats like choppers, tanks, call to action airstrike and of course your Soldiers.

You will have to fight and defeat your enemy’s army and capture their territory to complete your mission.

So that was the little description of what you should expect from the gameplay, other than that Frontline Soldiers has amazing visuals and sound effects or SFX.


Crime Files

Love detective games? here is the one crime scene investigating game called “Crime Files” for android, the game has 5 criminal mind puzzling cases that you will have to solve.

To do that you would have to find and collect important clues then analyze evidence at the crime scene and investigate the whole crime to bring the real truth.

What makes Crime Files even more interesting here is like you can also interrogate suspects.

and make the arrests that are something you find in popular and one of the best detective games called “Criminal cases”.

The visuals of the game are great, and the gameplay is all about the “investigation” that will not let you lose your interest in the game.

Yes, the game is short but that is the best detective game you can get under 10mb right now, but I am sure you will love solving these 5 crime scenes.



SWAT is another best shooting game under 10MB for android shooting game lovers, but they just don’t want to spend data on big 2-3GB high-end games.

It is a front person shooter (FPS) game that means you will get the experience of a front shooter who is holding a solid gun like AK47 (for example) or weapons in hands.

You will need to take down terrorists with your American SWAT, the game has really impressive graphics and sound effects that overall enhance the gameplay of the game.

SWAT is about 10.89Mb on the google play store that is 0.89mb more but the game is so good that I couldn’t ignore and I decided to you guys let know about this amazing best offline game under 10mb (almost).


Bike Xtreme

Ok now let’s move our attention from shooting games to some fun bike racing games, and “Bike Xtreme” is our first android game.

The game is very fun to play where you will have to drive and balance your bike on the tough off-road tracks and mountains. actually it is side-scrolling bike racing game just like hill-climbing racing but in just 5.6mb.

There are 30+ HD track scenes and on point, physics to make the game fun and interesting, you can customize your bikes as you progress in higher levels.


Street Fighting 2

Remember that famous street fighter game series on the play station? Street Fighting 2 is inspired by that famous street fighting series. but it is no doubt that street fighting 2 is one of the best games below 10mb.

The highlight of this Street fighting game is the special moves & skills of spacial characters, and honestly, special moves are one of the reasons everyone people play these kinds of games.

And even your enemies are equipped with their own special moves, there are different-different enemies with their own special skills and powers.

Street Fighting 2 is a classic fighting game where you can enjoy wrestling, kungfu, karate, boxing, at the same time with a great storyline and High graphics.

The gameplay of the game also gets a big thumbs up here, that you will notice in slow action while playing, the movements, reflexes, and controls are really quick and easy.

You can upgrade your fighting style by upgrading your moves and skills, I am really impressed by the game since it is only about 9.7mb and it can be a great time killer for anyone.


Modern Sniper

You probably have heard of Modern Sniper? if you have been searching for the best games less than 10mb for android around. Modern Sniper is a really great shooting game in such a small size and that is the reason it is on the list.

Modern Sniper is a typical sniper game where you will have to “Aim and Shoot”, the game has over 6 unique maps and locations.

Where you will have to complete more than 50 missions, something like “Shoot Jack with black suite case In hand”.

You also get 7 real-world weapons or shooting guns to choose and you can upgrade them anytime by your earned rewards.

But that’s not the highlight of Modern Sniper, the real reason why I love this game is its graphics and amazing gameplay with no bugs or lags.

The developers have done an amazing job here you will love and actually enjoy spending time & playing game. and the user experience should be the number one priority for every game/app developer.


Cooking Master

here is the game for casual game lovers and if you are interested in playing a cooking game which lets you feel like you are running a restaurant.

The gameplay is fast and quick and you will not feel like you are playing a slow-paced casual game.

and that is something that makes it even more interesting and separates it from the other android games below 10mb.

Cooking master has three playing modes like time mode, story mode and casual mode, but here is the real deal.

all three modes combine numbers of levels that mean it is not like other games, where you only get very limited levels to play.

In time mode you will have to cook and deliver food to your customers in a limited time if you don’t want to lose your customers. You can make several kinds of dishes or food in your very own kitchen.

story mode and casual mode also got their own features and fun, actually cooking master is the kind of game.

which I can not describe correctly in words. You will have to download it and play it by yourself to understand the joy of playing the game.

There are a lot of great reviews about cooking master on the play store and that tells how good the game is, and the fact is that it comes only in just 3.6mb.


Basketball Shoot

Need a simple game to pass your time? Basketball shoot is the game for you. It is a simple and easy game under 10mb for basketball lovers.

you can also check here some of the best time-pass sports games for android and ios, it also includes the best basketball game I have ever played.

All you need to do is just drag and aim your ball and shoot it to the basket to score maximum points in single limited chance. there are 11 backgrounds to choose and play and it just about 8.6mb in size.


Bunny Skater

Bunny Skater is a classic arcade skate game for android, which you will love for its colourful graphics and fun gameplay.

There is even a silly story of the game, here is in short words “Bunny wants to be a Hollywood star and he needs carrots to reach his goals”.

There are more than 72 levels and more than 3 skating backgrounds to play in, all you have to do is jump over obstacles and collect carrots on your run. The bunny skater is one of the best skateboarding games on Android.


Snail Battles

This is really a fun one and I highly recommend you to try it, I really enjoyed the game and I am sure you will enjoy it too.

The game has very impressive HD graphics and sound effects, and it is sized only about 8.9mb.

Snail Battles is an action shooting game, where you will have to shoot and fight with monsters while you riding on a Snail.

You will get 20+ heroes and they got their own special powers & weapons, so it’s better to collect them fast.

And that’s not it the game also has two playing modes one is endless mode & 2nd is a story mode and the best thing is there are more than 100+ levels to complete.


City Jump

City Jump is another fun game where you only have to tap on left or right on the screen to jump between the buildings.

and avoid obstacles and destroy them to keep you run to continue and score a high number.

even, when the game is very simple but yet very enjoyable city jump is deserved its spot on the list you can download it for free and it is just about 3.9mb.


Die in 100 Ways

Die in 100 ways is one of the best offline games under 10mb

“Die in 100 Ways” is a funny and a meaning full game which makes you realise that “How short the life actually is or can be”.

you might be thinking that you got years ahead but even a small mistake or should I say careless mistake can turn into a tragedy.

The graphics and design of the game might not be that great but in small size, the visuals and sounds are good enough to enjoy the game.

It is a great game and you will only understand it by playing, but as far as I can tell you that you would have to save the life of 4 members of a family.

By playing several mini-games if you complete the life-saving tasks for the characters (for example: Connecting electric cable in 30sec to prevent the shot circuit or avoid slips on the treadmill that will cause death ).

The game is really fun and I will highly recommend you to install it and play it. it is a great game to enjoy in your spare time, Die in 100 ways is my one of the favourite games under 10mb.


Devil Ninja

Devil Ninja is best action game under 10mb

Devil Ninja is a fast-paced action fighting game where your ninja is up against the monsters and deadly creatures. You are leading the combat with weapons like darts, swords, and even fire dragon as your pet, seriously?

The best strategy would be to keep jumping and keep attacking enemies, a combination of power attacks and jumps will help you to tackle with enemy’s attacks and provide the best damage as possible.

That was how I would play the game but you can do whatever you want, so go and download this 4.8mb action-packed game.


Chekout more from Techyboss-


Archery is a simple arrow shooting game less than 10mb

Archery is a simple arrow shooting game for passing your time. as I said it is very simple you just have to shoot in the middle of the board to gain maximum points.

and that’s it, there is nothing more in-game. You can check it out if you are interested.


Dead Racing – Turbo racing crazy

Dead racing is one of the best racing games under 10mb for android

Climb the hills with a monster truck, tank, jeep, crane truck, excavator, (etc.) and avoid dangerous obstacles to finish the level.

Over the hills and mountains, you will need to balance your vehicle to prevent its demolition that leads to level failure.

The hill-climbing game has very great graphics and backgrounds which make the gameplay experience better.

and the controls and sound effects of the game are best what could possible in 7.2mb.

You can even upgrade 12+ unique parts of your drive to make your game easy. but as you know people love playing challenging games.

and if you love racing games then “Dead Racing” is one of the best racing games under 10mb for android.


Pool Mania

pool mania is the best sports games less than 10mb

Pool Mania is your typical pool game for android but in just 10mb. so if you are looking for the best sports games in less than 10mb then here is your first one.

In 10mb, Pool Mania has almost everything you expects in a pool game, you can enjoy pool game on different-different tables playing against challenging computers, there is even a “challenge mode” for pro players.

The controls and graphics of the game are really great and I can bet you, you can not find any better pool game than Pool Mania under just 10mb, So do not forget to check it out.


Shadow Skate

Shadow Skate is one of the best games below 10mb for android

Shadow skate is one of the most beautiful game in such a small size, Shadow Skate is the almost same game like the famous game “Vector“.

there is a shadow skater who would skate on the forests, parks, skyscrapers, night clubs and on the roof and modern cities.

The game has very easy controls just three buttons on the screen for jump, speed, and avoiding obstacles.

with easy controls you can also try a few tricks with your skateboard, there is also a great combination of graphics and sound or music.

There are more than 4 beautiful skate park environments to choose and skate in and more than 40 levels to enjoy.

the overall gameplay of the game is amazing and II would recommend you to download it now and try this one of the best games below 10mb for android.


CJ: Strike Back

CJ: Strike Back

City Jump Strike back is one another version of my already mentioned game “City Jump”.

if you are reading this article till to this point then you must have know City Jump already.

So there is nothing new in controls or about the gameplay but the only change here is the theme of the game, here you having a new story playing city jump.

Here you will be facing aliens and boss fights and collect the rewards on the way. It is very fun to play and got good sound effects as well, you got to try it.


Racing Moto

Racing moto is one of the top racing games under 10mb for android

Racing Moto is an 8.7mb racing game for android and it is a great game to pass your time, the game has been very popular on the Google play store and users seems to love it.

If we talk about the gameplay than just have to tilt your phone to control your moto and just keep avoid traffic as long as you can. The graphics and sound effects are top-notch here and you are going to love that.


Knock Down

Knock Down game

Are you an angry birds fan? If you are then you are going to love “Knock Down” it is one of the most addictive games under 10mb.

The game has more than 50+ levels to play and the game is designed very well you will not disappoint for sure.

If we talk about the gameplay the game controls are almost the same as Angry birds.

but here “birds” word is replaced by “Balls” so they call it “Angry Balls”. Just like the angry birds here your aim is to take down all the boxes in limited shots.

As you will progress in the game the level will start getting hard and hard and that is something which most people will love.

the game is not a cakewalk it is “challenging” and that makes it interesting to play, you will never bore of playing this.



Mekorama is one of the best offline games under 10mb for android

Mekorama is one of the best games under 10mb for sure, why? It got one of the best graphics you will find in any game below 10mb for android.

This is a puzzle game but not your typical puzzle game where you join the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Here is how it differs from the other mind puzzling games, in Mekorama you will have to guide the picture’s Robot to the endpoint of mind puzzling building structures.

The gameplay is so neat and easy, the graphics and background, music everything is best under 10mb.


Stickman Fight

Stickman Fight is one pf the best offline games under 10mb

Stickman fight is one of the most addictive games on the play store & also one of the best offline games under 10mb, the game is just about 6.3mb in size.

but it packs the real punch of a great fighting game. Just like Mekorama, stickman fight also has some of the best graphics and visuals under 10mb.

I have played the game and the game is super fun to play, the controls of the game are so easy. you would either just have to click buttons or just tap right and left of the screen to attack you stickman enemies.

As I said before the graphics of the game are great you would not even notice that you are playing a game that is under 10mb.

What adds more to the overall gameplay experience here is the “sound effects” and 6 combat styles.

they are so good, the game has more than 90 levels and different playing modes, including endless mode you will enjoy this a lot.


Parking Jam

Parking Jam is another one to add in best graphic games under 10mb telly. this is our third back to the back game which got amazing graphics and soundtracks.

Parking Jam is a puzzle game where you have to park cars in difficult parking situations.

As I mentioned the game looks very beautiful and realistic and the controls of the game are also very smooth or easy.

the game has more than 75+ mind shaking parking levels or missions if you think you are a master of parking than you should try your hand on Parking Jam.

Apart from the great graphics and controls the game also has more than 50+ soundtracks which enhance the gameplay experience.

not just that, you would get more than 50+ Vehicles to park, including supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and many more.

What more interesting here is that each car has its own unique dynamics and controls which makes it difficult to park every car with the same technique. that makes it even interesting to play games like Parking Jam.


Hills Mount

Hills Mount is one of the best racing games under 10mb for android

Hills Mount is a Crashing and smashing game for android and it comes with a lot of fun in terms of gameplay, you will have to drive some of the most ridiculous vehicles.

like wheelchairs, shopping carts, bikes, cars, trucks, and will have to face the obstacle like harpoons, iron balls, spikes, mines, & many more.

If you survive more than 40+ levels in the game than you will be known as a champion of the game, seriously?, Hills Mount is one of the best racing games under 10mb for android.


Roll Balls into a hole

Roll Balls into a hole game for android

Want to play something where you can just sit down and relax? I think Roll Balls into a hole is the perfect game for you.

here is your aim to put all balls into the holes and the Red ball should not go into the hole till the very end.

In some levels, you might just have to roll the balls through the Mazes. which makes it very interesting to play, well you can try it if it sounds interesting to you.


Stickman and Gun 3: Zombie Shooter

Shoot down all the monster zombies with Stickman characters, that is what “Stickman and Gun 3: Zombie Shooter” is all about.

The game is so simple with the best use of minimal graphics and sound effects.

You need to click buttons to change your weapons like Machine guns, Ak47, Pistols, bombs and more.

your character would need to kill all the zombie raids from both left and right to complete the level. Every kill will earn you coins which will help you to upgrade weapons and buy characters.


Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is one of the best offline games under 10mb for android

Dr Driving is a well known and one of the most popular games on the play store, Dr Driving is widely popular for its simple but yet very realistic driving experience.

The graphics and controls of the game are really great, and the game is so good that it might even help you if you are learning real car or truck driving.

Every car or vehicle of the game has its own dynamics for each car. the gameplay of the game is even so realistic that you will even feel that you are riding a different vehicle. The game is one of the best offline games under 10mb.


Fruit Slice

Fruit Slice is one of the best games under 10mb

Know the popular game Fruit Ninja? this is the just the under 10mb version of that like you know in the Fruit Ninja.

you just have to slice several fruits & Vegetables by just swiping your finger. everything same here. avoid slicing bombs and score as high as you can, that’s the only goal.


Word Spot

Word Spot game

“Word spot” is a puzzle game for gamers who love shaking their minds, there are hundreds of levels you can play and enjoy.

You would get the puzzled characters which you will have to link to make a hidden word. That is the only thing you need to know about the gameplay.

Apart from the gameplay, the HD graphics look very colourful and background music also makes the gameplay experience great. the game is just about 10mb and available offline


Mobialia Chess

Mobialia Chess for android

like playing chess? Then Mobialia Chess is a free game for you to enjoy the Chess on your smartphone. the game is sized about 4.3mb and you can play it offline and also in online mode if you want.

The game has 3D graphics and you can challenge computer AI to test your chess skills. as you progress up in the levels the game becomes harder and harder.

that is something Which helps you to keep your interest in the game. the game also has some very unique features that you can check by clicking download link below.


Bounce Classic

Bounce Classic is one of the best games under 10mb

Remember you a ball bounce game on your old feature/button or java phones? Yes, I am talking about that red ball game.

which you have to control with the mobile buttons, now that classic game is available for android, and thankfully it is under 10mb.

Now feel the same joy on your android phone with “Bounce Classic” here you will need virtual buttons to bounce.

and guide your ball through all danger to the finishing point. The game is really fun to play and reminds old memories, you must try this classic game.


Caveman Adventure

Caveman Adventure is one of the best adventure games under 10mb for android

Caveman Adventure is another classic Adventure type game here, the controls of the game are the same as the bounce classic.

Right and left movement buttons and jump button to avoid danger, in this game the dangerous enemies are 20+ Dinosaur birds.

But you can also use them as your ride if you jump right on their back, they could help you to fight with other dinosaurs and in boss fights.

The game has great or should I say beautiful 2D backgrounds and sound effects as well.

you can complete 20 levels and at the end of your “adventure”, you will have to fight a boss dinosaur.

There are 4 different adventures worlds where you can continue your adventure and all these are packed in an 8.7mb game, that’s amazing.



CONTRACT KILLER is one of the best game shooting games under 10mb for android

as it name tells the whole story here, CONTRACT KILLER is a front person shooting game for android under 10mb.

I would rate the game “5/5” considering its size, it is just 3.7mb game, but don’t get on its size it is a real deal.

Like other this kind of games, CONTRACT KILLER is also full of amazing weapons like rifles, guns, Machine guns and even ” Tranquilizer Gun”.

to complete your 17 story missions. Every mission has its own little story, and you can buy or upgrade your deadly inventory to make your missions easy.  

With all of that CONTRACT KILLER is undoubtedly one of the best shooting games under 10mb for android,.yes it is years old but still, it is one of the very best in its category.


Thank you, you are incredible I seriously can’t belive that you have made it till the this far, you are awsome, enjoy your best games under 10mb for android.

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