10 Best Grocery price comparison apps for free

10 Best Grocery price comparison apps for free

Are you looking for Grocery price comparison apps? It is Modern smart way to save money, you can tell it by your self, what is the best way to buy Best value deals?

Searching on the store’s websites for best prices for hours or just install an app that compares prices for you? The second choice is the best option, right?

But now the problem is there are too many grocery price comparison apps which one is best for your needs?

Well, don’t worry I have listed some of the best grocery price comparison apps you can find before we jump to the list let’s know how a price comparison app works?

How a price comparison app work?

In simplest words “a price comparison app has its own database of online and your nearby stores. This database is a collection of all the products or items and their prices available in a particular store.

So when you search for a particular item, it would bring comprehensive results from all available stores.” hence you get a listing of the same product from different stores with a price.

I think now you should have an idea of how a price comparison app works. OK, now come back to the topic, so this one article you will find the list of 6 best grocery price comparison apps and 5 best shopping list apps.

So you can not only find best deals on your grocery items but you can also organise them in an organized list. so here is the list of 6 best Grocery Price Comparison apps for android & Ios…

Best Grocery Price Comparison Apps

Shop savvy

Shop Savvy is android

“Scan the barcode of the items and find the best price comparison list.” that line sums up the ShopSavvy, it allows you to compare the prices from the local and online stores. You can also compare prices by searching product through QR code, UPC code and keyword.

ShopSavvy also alerts you on the price down and offers or deals, by comparing the best results from retailers, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

Great for price checking at Walmart, Best Buy and Kohls! All you need to do is save your desired item and it will notify you when the price is down.

It also helps you to know whether or not the item is available in your nearby stores. The app claims to save money by its features called Price Match, which even help you drop the price at the register using the store’s own price match policy.

Download – IOS, Android

Frugl (Early Access)

As you guys may have seen that furgl is currently available in early access which means that the app is currently under development and still not have all features and its full potential yet.

Even with that furgl is still very usable and I have found it very helpful that in my use case. It worked for me most of the time, but as I said it is in its early stage of development so there no big surprise it got its issues and bugs that needs improvements.

And that’s why you will see a lot of negative reviews on the play store and even an app store. I would recommend that you should try it by your self to see if it work for you.

If it works for you that’s amazing, if not then don’t worry this is not the only grocery price comparison app here. There are many more to come.

let’s talk about the top features of the app, the app sends you weekly alerts of best deals and you can even compare the prices of the product on a grocery store to the other nearby stores by scanning the bar code through the Frugl.

Yes, again I would repeat that there are 50% chances that you will not find all stores on the app as of now. Since there are constant improvements so you should find all the major grocery stores in the US very soon.

So that is pretty much all the major details about the frugl, this is not the only one here there are many upcoming grocery price comparison apps We will know from here and on.

Download- Android, IOS


instacart for ios

Instacart is the just best and most updated grocery price comparison app on this list. Instacart will solve most of your problems, you can compare prices from more than 20,000+ retailers including Aldi, Publix, Costco, H-E-B, Wegmans, Lucky, Smart & Final, Safeway, Stater Bros, Petco, CVS.

You can also find great coupons and deals on the app and it provides one-hour delivery from your nearest stores to your doorstep if you want to shop online. I recommend you to try this one.

Download – IOS, Android


Flipp is not a grocery price comparison app but it does that in a smart way. How? Flipp helps you to find the best deals from the online and your nearby stores.

You can search for any item and flipp would bring the best offers from more than 2000 Retailers and your nearest shops including Walmart, Sobeys, and Shopper’s Drug Mart.

so you would get notified when there would be a sale or special deal. You can add a shopping list as well.

And not only groceries but you would also find deals for pharmacy, electronics, general merchandise, fashion, and pets items or products.

You can Discover flyer and online deals by categories like electronics, home & garden, apparel and more.

You can also earn reward points or loyalty or rewards cards so you can use them at checkout, and take advantage of all your rewards points.

Flipp allows you to compare the prices of different stores and shops to find the best deal.

Download – IOS, Android

Basket Savings

This app helps you to find the best price of groceries by comparing the price from all nearby and online stores.

You can also make lists of your items and it will do a comprehensive comparison of all the items. To help you to grab the best deal.

The app is very easy and simple to use, one thing to note here is that it doesn’t offer doorstep delivery like instacart but provides you with the best price comparisons.

Download – IOS, Android

Saving Star

Saving Star is a great app for users the app allows you to save big on your groceries. Just like other grocery price comparison apps, Saving Star provide you alerts about new deals & offers.

All you need to do is scan your loyalty card at the store but if your store doesn’t offer loyalty cards then you can capture the photo of receipts and submit it to Saving Star app.

The app is easy to use, once you have earned the cashback then checkout them into your Paypal account or in your bank account. Saving star is a great app where you can save a lot of money.

Download- Android, IOS

Receipt Hog 

Here is an app that will save you money all the time when you shop. So before I describe the app here. I want you to ask a question, that why you need the best grocery price app?

If I am not wrong, your answer probably should be ” Of course for saving money on your groceries Techyboss, what else?” Then here is the app called “Receipt Hog” does that but not as a price comparison app.

How does it work? here how it works, let’s say you bought your groceries from the supermarket and you got your receipt, just take the picture and the app will find cashback opportunities for you.

Then you can easily cash out your reward through Paypal or in the form of Amazon Gift cards. and the best part is Receipt Hog does it all in fun process the fatter your hog will grow the more you reward your will earn.

So overall Receipt Hog is a great app, we only talked about groceries here but you can use it pretty much for anything. And I think it does a great job compare to other grocery price comparison apps.

Download- Android, IOS

Rakuten Ebates

Yes, I know what are you thinking, why I am including these “Ebates or cash back apps” in the list of ” grocery price comparison apps”?

But I think why we should miss these amazing apps that just not only save you big on grocery stores or in supermarkets but also on almost everything you buy in your daily life.

The reason that apps like Receipt Hog and Rakuten Ebates are in this list because they are saving us money on the grocery store.

In Rakuten Ebates case it has its partnership with over 2500+ supermarkets and stores in the US including best buy.

Rakuten Ebates works slightly differently than the price hog, to earn the cashback you will need to link your credit card with the app.

Then when you would shop in a store you will have to link offers of shops and pay with your linked card. it’s done, the cashback is now automatically credited in your bank account.

But that was only about stores, you can use it on, booking hotels, travel tickets, movie tickets, concerts & entertainment. it a very useful app and you should try it.

Download- Android, IOS

Price Cruncher

Price cruncher is an old school app to compare grocery prices from Costco and Walmart. Price cruncher may not be the perfect app but it does a basic comparison between Costco and Walmart. For example, you can compare the prices of your items like –

  • Groceries
  • Pet Supplies
  • Hardware Supplies
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Sports items
  • Cosmetics

you it also has a discount calculator to check instant discount prices. Price cruncher just works fine.

Download – Android

Price Spy

This is another great price comparison app. Price spy has features like bar code scanner something similar to the ShopSavvy, it compares the price from all the nearby shops and online stores. The app claims to have over 850,000 products from more than 3000 shops.

You can also create lists of the products and also notify you of price changes or there is a new deal. You can also check the price history of a product to see what was the lowest price of a particular product.

The PriceSpy app works in the markets where PriceSpy is found: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, France and Italy.

You can change the market and app language through the main menu. Bear in mind that the region selection changes the language of the app.

Download – IOS, Android

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Best Shopping List Apps

Well, now you have the apps for grocery price comparison and now you know what you are going to buy?. It is always a good idea to keep a shopping list when you are going shopping. So here are the apps that will help you to create an easy shopping list for free in a new way…


This app is just very easy to use, Grocery shopping list provides many useful features. You can easily make the lists of your day to day grocery shopping.

and it will also help you to calculate the total cost. So you can manage your expenses in a better way, I found it really helpful.

By analyzing your shopping items it also suggests your favourite products first. You’re also able to add quantities with one simple tap, share your list, it provides some useful shopping tips as well. Listonic is a great app to manage your shopping list.

Download – IOS, Android

Our Groceries Shopping List

This app is one of my favourites for the shopping list. Yes, it does all the things what a list app should, you can create shopping lists, organize your items extra.

But it does few more things and the really standouts are recipes list and base code scanning to list an item. You can add your recipes in the app so it will organize your shopping list accordingly.

It really helps when you are buying items for special dishes, You can also share it with your family. But the bar code feature required a premium subscription to add items by scanning bar codes.

But I don’t think you need to pay for that feature, it just not worth it. Overall Our groceries shopping is a great way to manage your shopping lists.

Download – IOS, Android

That shopping list

That shopping list is another Shopping list app but with more material design and offline functionality. You can create a shopping list by few clicks and organize items in the way you want.

App has an optimal overview to create and configure your own categories, it auto-detect units, amounts and categories – even when using the voice.

You can customize App just the way you want, by different colour themes and icons for items. The app is just 2.3MB in size but offers complete shopping list app features.

Download – IOS, Android

Any List

Any List is a shopping list and Recipe Organizer, you can list your shopping items like any other app in this list. But you can also add your favourite recipes and share them with your family and friends.

The best thing about any List is that it categorized all of your shopping items automatically.

You can search for recipes by its ingredients and organize them by collections. You can also add all of your recipe’s ingredients to the shopping list in just one tap. It is totally free.

Download – IOS, Android


Bring is the last app of our list and it is also the most beautifully designed App. With so many great features, Bring help of shared shopping lists, integrated recipes, loyalty cards and individual shopping suggestions.

You can manage multiple shopping lists with everybody in your household via smartphone, computer, your smartwatch and the voice assistants of Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Download – IOS, Android

I have really tried to do my best here in order to provide some sort of value here, and if you like my this little effort then please do not forget to let me know in the comment section below.

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