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Best Headphones From Rs.1000-3000 you can buy right now

Looking for headphones under Rs.3000? or searching for the best headphones under Rs.2000? If yes then you are at the right place at the moment. Today I am gonna share some of the best headphones you can buy under 3000 and 2000 rupees.

Most of these headphones are wireless but I have also recommended some great wired ones. And not only that You will also find some of the best Neckbands Under 3000 and 2000 rupees in this list. All of them provide High-Quality sound and High-Quality deep bass with long battery life.

And you know what the best thing is I have also mentioned Top reasons to buy and reasons to not buy for each headphone.

so it would be easy for you to decide which one is good for you. So without wasting any time let’s see what we got today.

First, We are going to talk about Top 3 headphones under Rs.3000 and then we will talk about Top 3 Headphones under Rs.2000. And I will also put some worthy mentions that you should check before you buy. So let’s begin…

Top 3 Headphones Under Rs.3000

#1 JBL T460 Extra Bass

Reasons to Buy
Great Sound Quality
Superb Bass
Upto 11hrs battery life
Wireless Over ear headphones
Lightweight and comfortable
Good connectivity
Reasons to not buy
Not so good build quality (considering price)
No fast charging

JBL T460 Extra Bass is my first choice to buy this amazing Headphone under Rs.3000 you can purchase it at Rs.2399 during 31% discount on Flipkart at the moment, the highlight of the headphones is its great battery life and high sound quality.

The sound quality of the headphone is great, it is crystal clear most of the time and as its name suggests “extra bass”.

it owns its name it has superb quality bass something you should expect from JBL. You will not have any issue with sound quality with this headphone, it’s fantastic.

Now, let’s talk about the battery life, in a single charge it would last for 2-3 days without a doubt but if you are a daily listener for 3-4hrs it should not be brainer for you.

On the technical aspects there are no connectivity issues you can easily connect with Bluetooth wirelessly. It provides the best coverage under 8 meters.

The build quality of this headphone is also quite good they are lightweight and durable but it could be better. You can change music and take calls by controlling it directly from the ear cups.

JBL T460 provides a great experience and arguably best at its price. these are lightweight, easy to carry, and comfortable to use with amazing sound quality with superb bass. I highly recommend it.

#2 House of Marley EM-JH101 Reble BT

Reasons to Buy
Superb Sound Quality
High quality Deep Bass
Great battery life
Great Build Quality
Wireless Over Headphones
Dual Options for connectivity ( Wireless & Wired)
Light weight & comfortable to use
Reasons to Not buy
Build Quality could be better
You would have to wait for sale to get it under rs.3000
No fast charging

House of Marley (HOM) EM-101 is our second best headphone under Rs.3000 as it is currently at the 50% off and available at Rs.2499, which makes it one of the best wireless headphones under Rs.3000. Why? Let’s find out…

The headphone comes with amazing sound quality and bass. It doesn’t matter what you are listening to on this HOM headphone it would provide just the best in class sound quality you can find in this price range.

The vocals, Low tune or high tune, Trebles everything is perfect on this Rebel headphone thanks to its 40mm driver with the frequency at 20Hz-20kHz. So there should be no doubts regarding the sound quality.

Moving to the battery life it is another battery champ in this list. In a full charge, it provides the battery backup for up to 12hrs but if you are a heavy user it will not disappoint you for sure.

And it comes with dual-mode connectivity option here you can use it as you want wirelessly and wired when you run out of battery.

Other than that the build quality of the headphone is superb, It is very durable and weighs only about 1.35pounds that makes it easy to carry and its adjustability makes it very comfortable.

it also comes with ear cup controls so that’s a plus point as well. You should consider this House of Marley’s great Wireless headphones under rs.3000.

#3 Soundcore Life Q10

Reasons to Buy
HIgh quality sound quality
High Quality Deep bass
Fast Charging
Great Build quality
Amazing battery life
Wireless over head headphones
Reasons to not Buy
You would have to wait for sale to get it under Rs.3000
Just Heavy (weight about 460g)

Here we came to the end with our 3rd and the final wireless headphone of the list. It is Soundcore Life Q10 which is currently available at Rs.2999 as it is 57% off on Flipkart at the time of writing this post.

And you can even get it at a much lower price than this if you would buy it at Flipkart’s Big Billion days or any occasional sale.

Ok, now let’s see why you should consider it?, and why it deserved its Top 3rd spot on this list?. Honestly, it could be my first choice but the price is a major factor here, as it cost more than the above-mentioned Headphones it also has its own advantages.

First, it comes with amazing no monstrous battery life, the company claims that it will provide more than 60hrs of battery life in a single charge. And it also comes with fast charging support & it has Bluetooth 5 with 15m wireless coverage.

If we talk about the Audio Quality again it comes with everything you expect, its 40mm driver provides the ultimate sound and bass quality. It is also certified for Hi-Res Audio, so sound quality is undoubtedly just awesome.

Now finally let’s talk about the build quality, another five star there, It probably has the best build quality out of three. it has metallic hinge puls Its Foldable design makes it easy to carry and very comfortable to use.

And if you look at the big picture there is no doubt that Soundcore Life Q10 is one of the best wireless headphones under Rs.3000 but you would have to wait for the sale.

Some other best headphones under 3000 worth your money

JBL Endurance Run BT IPX5

Sony XB450AP wired Headset

Skullcandy Uproar BT

Skullcandy Ink’d BT

Sony XB55AP wired

Samsung Level U BT

Top 3 Headphones Under Rs.2000

#1 boAT Rockerz 233F BT

Reasons to Buy
High Sound Quality
Deep Bass
Well Built
IPX 5 rated
Wireless headphones
Reasons to not Buy
Only 6hrs of battery life

Now we are going to take a look at some of the best headphones/earphones under Rs.2000 and the first one is a Neckband by boAT. It is boAT rockerz 233 wireless headphones.

It got everything you expect from an idol headphone for listening to music, Thanks to its 10mm driver It has the amazing sound quality with perfect bass company calls it “Super Extra Bass”.

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you are listening it will always provide amazing sound quality with satisfying bass. So sound quality should not be a concern here.

If you talk about the build quality then boAT rockerz 255 gets a big thumbs up there because they are well built and IPX 5 rated which means they are a little bit water/sweatproof.

so if you like to hit it hard in your workouts then you should not worry about your headphones, they are safe from your sweat. So that’s a plus point too.

Now if we come to the battery life then you might get disappointed here because battery life is not a strength of this headphone.

It only comes with the 6hrs of battery life which is still pretty good at its price range but I Expect little more than that.

But it is not a deal-breaker. Ok, then I think boAT Rockerz are pretty amazing headphones under rs.2000 you should consider it before you buy.

#2 boAT Rockerz 510

Reasons to Buy
Superb Sound quality
High quality bass
Wireless + wired headphones
superb battery life
great build quality
light weight
Reasons to not Buy
No IPX rating

Here is our 2nd champ in this list and honestly could have been in the 1st place but its price is a big factor here that’s why it is on the second 2nd place here.

But as we have seen previously more the cost comes with its own advantages and that also the case with this boAT Rpclerz 510.

And it the biggest plus point here is its battery life, it provides 10hrs of battery life in a single charge but if you are a heavy user it should provide you at least 6-7hrs of playtime. That’s really great at its price.

If we talk about the sound quality it is very impressive or should I say something you should expect from a boAT headphone at this price.

It is just amazing and in addition, it also has great bass it works on every note of music, So there are 4,7 stars from me for sound and bass quality. I think that is the best way to describe its Audio output.

Now let’s talk about the build, It got very well built design and feels very comfortable because of its lightweight.

other than that there are no connectivity issues what so ever so you use it as you want as it supports both wired & wireless connectivity.

One thing to note here is that it provides the best Bluetooth coverage under 10m. You can purchase it from both Flipkart and Amazon.

#3 Realme Buds Wireless

Reasons to Buy
Amazing sound quality
High bass
Great battery life
Metallic Body
IPX 4 rated
Wireless neckband
Reasons to not Buy
Not so comfortable
No fast charging

We started it with a neckband and ending it with a neckband, what a coincidence? Not really Realme Buds deserves its place in my top 3 picks. Because it provides amazing value for money. Why? Let’s find out.

Realme Buds comes with 11.2mm drivers which is the reason it provides amazing sound quality and deep bass. It is pretty good with vocal tones and it doesn’t matter what you listen on these headphones its performance is very consistent.

If we talk about the build quality it gets five stars here because it is built with metal. that’s something very rare you don’t find metallic body in most headphones at its price range. In addition it is IPX 4 certified that adds sweat resistance which is great.

Now finally lets ta;k about the battery life, it can provide more than 10hrs battery life in a charge. This is amazing and even if you are heavy user it should last you 6-7hrs, I think that should clear that why it is in my top 3 best wireless headphones under rs.2000.

Some other best headphones under 2000 worth your money

Boult Audio Pro Bass Curve


boAT Rockerz 400

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I hope you guys had enjoyed this post. And I would be glad if it has helped you to find your perfect best headphone under Rs.3000 and Rs.2000.

Have A nice Day!

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