Best Indian live tv app for android & iOS? Here is the answer

Best Indian live tv app for android & iOS? Here is the answer

Let me guess, you are a student who has just started living on your own for your further studies and don’t want to miss out your favourite show or you are an office going housewife who also doesn’t want to miss your favourite Natak. Maybe I am wrong? but that was my assumption of why you have been looking for the best Indian Live TV app? If I got it right? please let me know in the comment section.

Ok, it doesn’t matter why you are looking for best Indian Live tv app, the problem is that there are so many options available on the market right now and it is hard to choose the best one for yours. The one which offers the real live TV experience and also doesn’t cost too much on your pocket.

So today here, I am going to Rank my top 3 best Indian live tv apps that you should use if you want a live tv on your phone. All of these apps are cost-effective and I have ranked them by considering which provides the best overall value for your bucks.

Best Indian TV App for All Channels and Live TV

Here we are going to talk about the best Indian live tv app, From Rank 1 to Rank 3, we are going to know about all these live tv apps in detail and will know what the best app offers? and why it is best? why the other app got the place what it got?. We are going to cover, the Live TV channels they offer, the quality they offer, and most important of all is which app would cost you less and offer more. So without any future words, let’s start.

#1 Airtel Xstream App: New Movies, Live News, TVShows

As you might have known it already, Airtel Xtream is a newly named version of infamous Airtel TV. You can watch literally any TV Channels on the free Indian Live TV streaming app. Popular channels like DiscoveryHD, Ten Sports 1/2/3 in HD, National Geography, and other popular Cartoon channels like nick, Pogo, Sonic and reality and drama show channels like MTV, Sony Channels (Sab, MAX, etc.), Colours, ZeeTV and hundreds of others including all news channels.

So in simple words, AirtelXtream brings a complete setup box on your smartphone. And it doesn’t cost you a penny if you are an airtel user. How? Well, that is because Airtel provides the subscription for the live tv service within their recharge packs, you can get the access to the more than 350+ Live TV channels, if you have recharged your Airtel sim with the lowest monthly unlimited plan of Rs129, for whole one month.

Please note that it offers almost all popular TV channels but if you want more you can always recharge with more amount and get access to to all TV shows. One more thing that I have noticed here is that even if you have exhausted you Airtel data and you want to continue with your show and you also have data on any other sim, you can use that data to live stream on AirtelXtream. There are no boundaries for that.

With all that said, I think now there should be no doubt that why Aitel’s Live TV app is my no.1 Choice, and if you are looking for best Indian Live TV app then there is no better option than the AirtelXtream.

Download- Android, iOS

#2 JioTV – News, Movies, Entertainment, LIVE TV

jIO TV app

I Just don’t think JioTV needs any introduction to any Indian who is on the Jio Network. The app is one of the best when it comes to watching live Indian TV on your smartphone.

The Live Tv application packs everything that you need to have a mini tv on your pocket. The best thing I liked about it is that it just like AirtelXtream, you can watch any TV channel live, it doesn’t matter what you want to Cartoons, News, Reality Shows, TV shows, or just anything. It supports all the popular channels like Colours, Discovery, Ten sports, Zee Cinema and others.

JiO TV is one of the best indian live tv app

Again if you are Jio network users than, you can use the JioTV app for free as it doesn’t require any additional plans or subscription. You can watch all the latest movies, shows free of cost. The only thing you required and the reason it is second on the list. Is that you must be a Jio User if you want to watch Live tv on JioTv app. It is not like AirtelXtream where you can be on any network and still use AirtelXtream.

Download- Android, iOS

#3 Vi Movies and TV – Live TV, Originals, TV Shows

Vi Movies App

Another live Indian TV app from a Telecom provider but that doesn’t matter I think it deserves its spot on the list. if you are a Vodafone-Idea user then I wouldn’t be surprised if you are already enjoying watching live TV on your smartphone.

VI is another great Live indian tv app

Vi Movies and TV has it all what you would find in the other two popular Live TV apps offer the app comes with 450+ live Tv channels, such as News Channels, Popular Live TV channels for TV shows, Movie channels, kids channels and so much more. But here is the part where things get a bit more interesting for with the “Vi Live TV” app. Because, it also provides Original Web Series, Top Rated Indian Natak/Drama Shows, Top International & Hollywood Movies.

Download- Android, iOS

Tata Sky Mobile- Live TV, Movies, Sports, Recharge

Tata sky app

Well, In my opinion, it should have been on the second spot of the list but it is not there because of its too much expensive plans. Yes, it provides an amazing experience, maybe a lot better than the JioTV and AirtelXtream.

for example, you get almost every single channel you can ask for in tremendous quality, Lice shows, Live Sports shows and events but all of that seems to not worth when you see the price and few other requirements to get the benefits of all the things I have just mentioned. so here are the top three reasons why it is not the best Indian Live TV app –

  • Required To use Tata Sky Setup Box
  • If you are a new user the starting plan with the cost of Setup Box and monthly plan combine will cost you upto Rs.3000 (Too expensive)
  • if you are not a Tata Sky Customer, the App is Useless for you

And let’s say you have a Tata Sky connection at your home, and you can use the live tv app, still, you have to pay up to RS.300 for your monthly entertainment. Which is almost more than double what you have to pay for Airtel Xtream.

Tata Sky Mobile app is an expensive Live TV app in india

So, in the end, I would say if you want the best Live TV experience and you have the Tata Sky Setup box, then might think about it as a fourth choice, but again I would say it not worth it. But still, the Tata Sky Live Tv app is one of the best infant live tv apps you can find right now.

Download- Android, iOS

Techyboss’s Pick For You-

Some Other best Indian Live TV apps- But with Sacrifices

So by now, you must have chosen your perfect Indian live tv app but now its time of some other apps which also provides you live streaming. But the only problem is that they only provide the content of some few popular channel networks. these apps are called “Video-on-demand apps” which offers their original web series and content along with other tv shows.

The difference between these apps and the previous apps is that those previous live tv apps offer all TV channels while these upcoming apps only provide the content of a few selective tv channel. So here we go…


Cover art

Previously knows as “Hotstar” the Indian video-on-demand app also offers Live Tv with Star India channels, the app has done a partnership with Disney and now changed its name to “Disney+HotStar”, that means now with some live TV channels.

However here is the thing, which makes it different than the others of the list. The first thing is that you can only watch some selective live tv channels on the app. Channels like FoxLive, Star Plus, Star Bharat, APB News, HBO, All-Star sports channels. And the list of live TV channels is over, that means you cannot watch all the Live TV channels like you could on my early mentioned best Indian live tv apps.

However here is the thing, which makes it different than the others of the list. The first thing is that you can only watch some selective live tv channels on the app. Channels like FoxLive, Star Plus, Star Bharat, APB News, HBO, All-Star sports channels. And the list of live TV channels is over, that means you cannot watch all the Live TV channels like you could on my early mentioned best Indian live tv apps.

Hotstar is the most video on demand app in india

And that is the sacrifice you would have to make if you choose apps like Hotstar, other than that Hotstar provides you with its exclusive original web series, Popular kids show like Sinchan, Doremon, and other Disney kids shows. You can also watch popular sports live on the app, lie, IPL and other Cricket, Kabadi events. and yes you would have to pay for that, you can purchase their monthly, Yearly plans and can subscribe to the VIP content. Simply the more money you would spend the more entertainment you will get.

Download- Android, iOS


Voot App

Voot is another video-on-demand app. yes it doesn’t provide you with live streaming but still, it offers some of the most popular TV shows you usually see on the TV. Especially the Shows you see on the popular Indian Natak channel known as Colors TV, MTV, And Kids famous content like Motu Patlu, Bablu Dublu, Shiva and other Nick cartoon shows.

In addition to that, it also offers you with some of its original content of short movies or web series. So if you that you are the person who likes all those things than Voot TV app is just made for you.

Download- Android, iOS

SonyLIV: Originals, Hollywood, LIVE Sport, TV Show

Cover art

If you are a sports fan and don’t want to miss any popular sports event, then I would suggest you check out the SonyLIV app. You will get all the popular Sony channels here, I would like to mention a few popular ones, Sony sab, SonyMax, Sony Ten sports 1/2/3. SonyMix and more. If you are a regular viewer of those channels than SonyLIV is specially designed for you.

But is not where it all ends, Just like its competitors, the app also provides its own Original Web Series and shows. But the thing which makes it stand out from the others is that you can also Watch Hollywood TV shows and movies on the app. So basically you are paying for all popular Sony Channels, Live Sports, Hollywood Movies and shows. And as a bundle together that seems like a pretty good deal. Well, that is what I think about it the final choice is yours.

Download- Android, iOS

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