Best Plant identification apps: Don’t forget these apps

Searching for best plant identification app? the apps that help you to know about your plants? Then you are in the right place.

I am “Techyboss” today here sharing some of the best plant identification apps you can find on Google play store and App store.

I have tried that every app I am going share here, would be easy to use, work perfectly, and the one you can trust on.

And the best thing is most of these apps are free to download and use but to help you and make this post complete and versatile useful source of information. I have also included some of paid plant identification apps you can try.

So without wasting time let’s get started.

These are some of the best Plant Identification apps


PlantNet is our first app for plant identification, It is a widely popular plant identification app you can download.

This app allows you to identify plants like flowering plants, trees, grasses, conifers, ferns, vines, wild salads or cacti. 

And this is possible thanks to its large source of data of more than 20,000 plant species.

And app aims to collect more data of about 340,000 remaining species living on earth, To make it the best plant identification app.

You can just capture a photo of a plant and app will tell you what that plant is and everything you want to know.

PlantNet gives you information like what is the family or genus about a plant’s species.

App developers claim that they use all the data provided by the users for research work and enhancing the app.

PlantNet uses the multi-Flora identification that allows you to search for all the flora platforms, rather than just one.

The app is very helpful and easy to use for anyone, and it provides very scientific information about plants.

It also recognizes almost any plant near you so you can rely on the PlantNet for Plant Identification.

Download- IOS, Android

Flora Incognita

Flora Incognita is another great plant identification app. But it is mainly focused on wild plants identification, I mean the ones you would only find in jungle and wild space.

Not in your garden and indoors, even when the app officially says this you may still find it useful for recognizing plants near you.

the identification process is intuitive simple, take a picture of the flower and the leaf with the camera of your smartphone.

Then Flora Incognito will identify the unknown plant automatically. then it would provide information like the specific plant species name, a species profile page presents further information such as characteristics, distribution or protection status of the species.

It provides this identification information from the data of 4800+ plant species of the European wild flora.

in addition, it also provides information such as species portraits for each species with information on appearance, toxicity, protection status, distribution.

But the only issue here is that there are more than 70% chances that you would not find your garden & indoor plants.

Download- IOS, Android


LeafSnap helps you to identify flowers, Tree & a leaf you encounter daily in your area.

And want to know what is the species, name of that plant, in that case, LeafSnap lets you identify the plant with just a snap.

LeafSnap claims that they have the data of the more than 90% plant species and It does that with the help of AI.

LeafSnap is one of the best and quickest way to identify plants and you should try it.

Download- IOS, Android


This my personal favourite app to use for plant identification, why? it is very easy to use and recognize almost every plant I have tried on this app.

Just like the other apps take a picture of a plant, such as Flower, Tree or leaf. And it would recognize that instantly.

The developers claim that PictureThis identify plants with 98% of accuracy and its AI algorithms.

Picture This collects this data from its database which has more than 10,000+ recognized plant species.

In addition to that Picture, This also provides you the plant cure guides and diagnosing details.

You can also ask tp experts and other users if you having any problems with your own plants.

PictureThis has simple and minimal User Interface and that’s why I love this app. It is Fast. Quick and very accurate. You can easily download it through the download link below.

Download- IOS, Android

Google Lens

are you shocked? You shouldn’t what could be best for information about anything other than google?

Well, Google lens is here to help you out with identifications of plants. You can easily identify anything with Google Lens.

You can easily get information about anything by just shaping its picture through the Google Lens.

But because we are talking about the plant identification here then we will just talk about Google Lens’s plant identification feature.

Google lens helps you to get information about almost any plant ( Tree, Flowers & Leafs and even fruits) by just capturing them into the Google Lens.

Download- IOS, Android

Plant Lens

Plant Lens is one of the best plant Identification apps, you could find on for the smartphone.

Plant Lens is capable of identifying most of your garden and indoor plants. And that thanks to its database of more than 60,000+ plant species.

Capture the plant and you would get all the information about your plant ( Flower, Tree & Leafs). And that only that it even provides Mushroom Identification.

Plant Lens uses the artificial intelligent (AI) to keeps learning and improving itself to provide you best experience.

And app claims to provide the plant identification with 92% accuracy.

Plant Lens is very easy to use and suitable to identify your indoor and garden plants.

Download- IOS, Android


Want to help scientists with research about plants? iNaturalist helps you identify plants near you.

iNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

iNaturalist has a community of over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who can help you learn more about your plants.

Unlike other apps in this list, iNaturalist is more of an encyclopedia kind of app.

You would get a generalised result of your search and it might not suite some users.

but you can not deny that iNaturalist is not only one of the best plant identification apps. But also one of the best apps to know more about nature.

Download- IOS, Android

Plant Snap

Plants, flowers, trees, mushrooms, succulents, cacti and more, just capture a photo and get your information.

PlantSnap is free to download, it also comes with a paid version called “Plant Snap Pro”. but we are going talk about that in just few minutes.

With its 625,000 plants or database, it can identify any plant or tree, flower and mushrooms you want.

In addition to that plant snap also provide you gardening and plant care tips. Plant Snap is one of the most popular plant identification apps.

Download- IOS, Android


Our final app in this list is “Plantix”, the app is more about crop doctoring.

And tells about the plant disease and its cure, but I am discussing this app in this list because it can identify plants. Especially about the agro plants.

If you are a farmer, Gardener then you should definitely check the Plantix, because it has the support team of experts.

Who would help you to solve your burning questions, with just one snap of plant.

Plantix’s algorithms would find and identify the cause of the plant disease.

I would recommend that you should try the Plantix and I am sure it would ease a lot of things for you.

Download- Android

Top Paid Plant Identification Apps


PlantFinder is a paid option here for plant identification if you don’t care about spending $0.99 per month.

Just like the other app in this list, you would just need to capture a photo of a plant.

And now you are looking at almost complete information about the plant from the database of more than 250,000 identified plants.

Plant Finder also provides the plant care guides and tips to grow our garden or indoor and even agricultural plants.

PlantFinder is a great app to identify and take care of plants. And you should check it out.

Download- IOS, Android


The Flower Checker+, It is one of the best plant identification apps. You can find right now.

The app is paid but for the first installation, you get “three free” plant identification chances.

But after that, you would have to pay $1 for each plant identification. But one thing to note here is that.

You would not pay for anything if the app fails to identify your plant and providing the information you need.

The plant identification process might take from minutes to hours, which is its only problem.

But once the process gets completed, the results totally worth it. Flower Checker + not only identify plants but it also identifies mosses, lichen and Fungs.

So it could be your complete plant identification app. But a paid one.

Download- IOS, Android

Plant Snap Pro

Plant Snap Pro is a paid plant identification app because it is ads free and comes with some additionl support. Which helps you to identify any plant on the planet.

Plant Snap Pro has a database of more than 625,000 plants, trees, mushrooms and more.

Just like the Plant Snap, you can identify any plant by capturing its photo and it will provide you with all the details you are looking for.

PlantSnap is available at the $19.99 to download on Google play store and Apple App Store.

Download- IOS, Android

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