Best Productivity Apps for students: Must use

Best Productivity Apps for students: Must use

Struggling to maintain productivity in studies? Then you are in the right place. Here today I am sharing some of the best productivity apps for students. That will help you to get things done quickly and in the easiest and smartest way possible.

We are going to discuss these type of apps –

  • App for time management or To-Do list
  • App for easily designing informational graphics and pictures
  • App for Creating and reading spreadsheets easily
  • App For Foucs music
  • App For Notes Making
  • App for Quick Flashcards

And the best part is that you can use all of these apps on any device you want, whether it is a smartphone, Tablet or Windows or Apple computer.

8 Apps every student should use to increase productivity


TickTick is a productivity app

As a student, there are so many things you would have to deal in a day. And often students find that they don’t find enough time to focus on the study. And that is where a To-Do list helps you to manage and organize your time.

And TickTick is the best app to make To-Do lists on your smartphone. TickTick comes with very simple user interface and useful features, like Organising tasks, Setting reminders, daily usage data by useful statistics, Pomo Timer and few more.

If you want to manage your work and schedule your day. TickTick is the app you should try, You can plan your day by setting your daily tasks. Once you have entered your tasks, the App will help you to remember your tasks by sending reminders.

You can also track daily habits by habit Tracker, it will show by metrics, how you performed and where you need improvements. For your productivity and time management for students. this app can be really helpful.

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Google Sheets

Google Sheets will help you to create and read spreadsheets of your college assignments. You can easily read a spreadsheet and even create of your own.

The best part is that you can use Google Sheets on any platform, no matter what platform you use whether it is on Computer or smartphone or even smartwatch, it works seamlessly.

You can edit on a computer from where you left on your smartphone. It also lets you work offline so you can work on your projects even without the Internet and avoiding all the distractions.

So Whether it is an important list or assignment which your professor has thrown at you and work requires data lists and charts.

You can create any type of data list and add important charts easily on Google Sheets. I personally love this and I think it would help any student to get things done in as minimum time as possible.

Download – IOS, Android – Use Google Sheets for computer


Wondering Why Canva? I hope you might have heard about the Canva but if not let me explain it to you. You can create any kind of picture you want by using Canva, it provides tools and thousands unique templates to create your own design and desired pictures. Cool right?

But how it can be helpful for a student? And how can it be a productivity app? The answer is “Infographics” Let’s say you got the assignment about the “world population” and you want to express some informational data or statistics about the increasing rate of pollution.

So rather than just searching on the Google, you can create your own unique Infographic any kind of informational picture you want in your desired way. I used to prepare my assignments pictures by Canva, so I included it.

Download – IOS, AndroidUse Canva for computer


Tide is a productive app for students

Every student should have a focused mind. Now, here I am with an app which will not directly help you with your assignments or homework. But if you use it in the right way it can definitely increase your “productivity”.

Tide app is an app that provides Relaxing, Sleep, Meditation and “Focus” app. How it can help to improve productivity? I have personally found it very useful when I am working on my project. You can just play Focus, relaxation Music and it can really help you to focus more on your homework or assignments.

As I said, I have used Tide app and it simply works. I have found that I can focus better with music. But it might depend on the individual’s preference. I really liked the app and I recommend it to you.

Download – IOS, AndroidUse Tide for computer

Google Keep

Have a solid idea in the morning and forget by the end of the day? That something Google Keep will help you, You can create simple and designed notes in just a few minutes.

If you are a college student? Google Keep can help you to make your important class notes on your smartphone. So you would have all the information in your hand all the time.

You can also make your notes by Voice Memos, it would transcribe that. With its simple clean user interface, you can organise your notes in the simplest manner.

In addition, if want to take some important notes from your friends you can also do that in just a few clicks.

Google Keep works on your phone, tablet, computer and Android wearables. Everything you add syncs across all of your devices so your thoughts are always with you. It is very useful to the note-making app and every student should use this.

Download – IOS, AndroidUse Google Keep for computer


Another note-making app and the most popular one too. Evernote needs no introduction, it’s been the most popular note maker app for years.

You can easily make your important lecture notes and keep them in your hands all the time. You can add any type of formats in your notes such as text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings to make it interesting and informational.

The feature I like most on Evernote is that you can easily add any information from a Web article to your note in just a few clicks. Evernote is an excellent way to make notes.

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Anki Flashcards

Making Flashcards can dramatically help you to remember all the important topics in a really quick time. Anki helps you to make your study flashcards more effectively on your smartphone/Computer. You can easily create very useful Flashcards within few clicks.

You can create your own by adding photos, audio, PDF but if you don’t know how to use Anki to create Flashcards. You can easily download premade Flashcards, useful statics directly from Anki app.

Anki could be a great way to make study Flashcards and check or remember them on the go it doesn’t matter whether you are in Bus, or on the way of your college. You always gonna have flashcards with you.

Download – IOS, AndroidUse Anki for computer

Google Drive

OK, now you have created all of your notes, Flashcards, Infographics, spreadsheets. So how to make sure you never lose them or your work which you have invested your time? The answer is “Google Drive”.

It is should not surprise anyone, as everyone knows what Google Drive is? But if you don’t know what Google Drive does, here is a quick explanation for you.

“Google Drive is free could storage service which allows you to upload any file on Google’s cloud servers so you can access or download them any time anywhere”

So by Google drive, you can upload all of your important files, documents on it and then you will never lose your work. Once you have uploaded your files, you can easily download it anytime. It is a great free service to use.

Few Personal Tips to increase your Productivity

  • Avoid downloading useless apps, especially “Games”

Yes, you read that right. If you play video games on smartphones or computer, you are doing nothing more than just harming your eyes and killing your productive time.

You can argue that there are studies which say that playing video games can increases productivity. That is true, but my real-life experience differs from these results.

I have found that you would not even notice that when you have trapped into the gaming addiction, which kills your time and productivity very slowly and you won’t even notice. So My best advice is to you keep your self away from the video games especially if you are a student.

  • Do exercise and maintain healthy habits

There are many studies have done which clearly shows that daily exercising can make your brain work better and help to be more productive. So try to do daily exercises.

  • Maintain at least 6 hours of sleep every day

Proper sleep helps your brain to work properly and that will help you to remember things and improve your productivity.

  • Rather than focusing on one subject a day, try reading every subject a day

Your brain needs different tasks to keep it busy and work happily. If you would read only one subject a day, your brain would get bored very quickly. So it is better to try reading multiple subjects in a day.

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