Best Unique Apps for 2021: You Shouldn’t Miss

Best Unique Apps for 2021: You Shouldn’t Miss

Looking for some interesting unique apps to try this year? then this is the article you have been looking for. Today here we are going to take a look at some of the best Unique apps for 2021 that you shouldn’t miss.

And before we start with this amazing list of best Unique apps, I want to tell you something. All the applications that you are going to see in this article are used by me personally.

even some of them I have been using for years, and I have tried my best to describe each of them perfectly. What should you expect from these apps? what do they do? and why they worth it?.

Those are the main points we will try to cover in the description of every app throughout the article.

Best Unique Apps You should not miss

When I say “Unique” here, that doesn’t mean that there are no other apps like them. No, that is not the point here, our main point here is to know about the apps that can positively impact our daily life.

And I believe that reason is indeed “Unique“. Without any further delay let’s know about some of the best unique apps that you should not miss.

Between – An Unique App for Couples

"Between" is one of the best uniquq apps for couples
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If you have just found your special one, then Between is the must-have app that you need on your phone. Because it keeps your special “one” always with you.

“Between” is chatting or personal media app for couples. “Betweenis your digital private space for only you and your partner. There will be no one else to disturb you.

You can easily share anything through the chat, just like WhatsApp and other popular chatting apps. so if you have just captured an important shot and want to share it with your partner.

You can easily do it using “Between”, just send your photo using the sharing feature of “Between” app. it also supports cool stickers, Gifs, emojis and so many other media features.

In addition to that, the app also lets you create shared Notes, To-Do List, Calendar. and when I say “Shared” here that means everything would be visible to your partner.

Furthermore, you both can see each other face thanks to Video calling feature. And can also create custom shared albums of the collection of those special moments photos. Everything will be stored in the app as long as you want.

So if you are in a happy relationship than I think “Between” is one of the must-have apps on your smartphone. So then what are you waiting for? go ahead and check it out now.

Download- Android, iOS

Harmony – Unique Anxiety Killer

If you think that you are suffering from occasional anxiety than I think you should try the “Harmony” game. As its name speaks for itself, the app is designed to give you peace of mind.

The Relaxing Melodies will help you to overcome from Anxiety and will give positive signals to your Anxious Mind.

If we talk about the Game, You would have to actively focus on your game, because you would have to keep the line in the right direction.

to keep the harmonic music play as you want, the right alignment of the line is the task you would have to do correctly. Other than that there is not too much to describe the game.

Moreover, you can also choose your favourites music instruments for playing Melodies, as you would progress in the game the levels of the game will get more difficult.

But the main point here is that it has some really great Relaxing music, that actually works positively on our mind. Ans makes it feel Relax, and that is what makes “Harmony” Unique itself.

Download- Android, iOS

Pocket Save – Unique App For Readers

I can’t say enough about the app, it has been one of my favourite apps for about a year now. The reason why I love this app and think that it’s a must-have app for every reader.

that is because it has just changed how I used to read articles online. The app is just phenomenal to take your web browsing experience from zero to a whole another level.

here’s what it can do for you, to understand it easily. let’s assume that you have found an interesting article in the morning.

But you don’t have the time to read that because you are already counting seconds for office.

In that situation, normally you would turn off your phone’s screen in hurry. Then most chances are that you would forget about that important informational post. by the time you would come back to your home.

But that would not be the case when you would have “Pocket Save” installed on your phone. Because you can just save that article on pocket save, and then you can just read it anytime you want.

In short, you will not miss any important post that is important for you in any way. In addition, it also provides you with an option to “listen to articles”, that means it will turn that into an audiobook.

So based on your comfort you can now choose between reading an article or listening, thanks to “Pocket Save”.

And by the time you will have a library of all these important useful posts, that you can access anytime.

Sounds amazing right? because it is, over the past year “Pocket Save” has helped me a lot to learn new things in its unique way. I just love it and I highly recommend this for every reader.

Download- Android, iOS

NeuroNation – The Name Tells It-Self

Do you forget very often? If you feel that your memory is not what it used to be? then maybe it is time to exercise your brain. And I don’t think that there is an any better app than “NeuroNation”.

The app is designed in such a way that your brain will get the required exercise it needs to refresh your memory power.

NeuroNation provides day to day brainstorming tasks, that challenge your brain muscles. And over the period of time, eventually, you will start feeling the difference.

And you know what the best part is? first, it is like a game so your brain will enjoy it and second it is totally free with some ads. so if you think that you need such an app, then don’t forget to let me know in the comment section.

Download- Android, iOS

Knappily – The Unique Knowledge App

I don’t know how you watch news right no, but I sure your way of getting news will change after using “Knappily”.

It is not your regular news app, instead, it helps you to have a right, clear understanding of every news.

Unlike, any other news app, “Knappily” provides you every news focused on “5W1H” principal. What does that mean? here “5W” stands for ” What, Why, When, Where, Who” and “1H” stands for “How”.

“Knaapily” make sure that you would not miss any important point that you need to know about the News. This pointed framework helps you to understand everything in an easy framed way.

And that is what makes “Knapilly” one of the Best Unique Apps that you should not miss. It will surely change how you consume news content.

Download- Android, iOS

Forest- Stay Uniquely Foucsed

As you should have known by the Heading, “Forest” is a focusing app for those people. Who can’t focus on their day to day tasks, even when the tasks are super important?

And this kind of app should be essential for anyone who is working at home. Because being at home all day, and still focus on work is one of the biggest challenges.

That is where apps like “Forest” helps you to stay focused on your goals in its own unique way. here is how they do the things. To use the app is really simple, you won’t have to apply rocket science here.

Just download the app from the download link below, and then just open it. Now set one task at a time for yourself. then set the time duration you think would be enough to do that work.

and here comes its “Unique” part, now when you would start the timer, you would plant a virtual tree that moment.

And as your time duration would increase doing that work without any break. The tree will grow gradually with your focusing power.

Remember you can’t take any break once you have started doing a task if you would give up on it.

Your plated tree would never grow and Die right away. sounds really interesting? It should because it is.

You can start form 10mins minimum and can go to the maximum if 120Mins pr 2hrs for each task.

Why it is so effective?

By using this kind of app, you are more likely to actively focus on your work. And in the end that will result in increased productivity.

well speaking of productivity, if you are a student then you should not miss my this post of best productivity apps for students. this will helps you to be smartly more productive in your class.

Because it plays with your mind really well, now while focusing on works your mind will think twice before having thoughts of quitting.

And when it will think, you would instantly remind of that growing tree which would die if you would quit. even if it is not real.

Download- Android, iOS

Swift Scan – For Ordinary PDF management

Yes, you read that right, there is nothing so special or unique about the “Swift scan”. But I have been using it for quite a while now and I think it is a pretty consistent doing its job.

And that is what makes it stand out in the crowd, yes you might find some other better PDF editors for Android and ios with more features. But “Swift Scan” is a better choice overall.

First, it helps you to manage your all-important PDF files seamlessly, it can scan every single PDF document you have in your phone.

Then you can also do some editing with it, it allows you to add your digital signatures and An notes to the PDF documents.

You can also add filters to the PDF files and once you are done with your work. Send it the right way from the app.

That’s it, I told you there is nothing extraordinary about the “Swift Scan” but its simple use make it unique indeed. You can check out if you are interested.

Download- Android

Daylio – Unique Daily Diary

If you are the person who loves to spend some time in a journal of your daily experience before going to bed. then Daylio is one of the Best Unique Apps I can suggest to you.

“Daylio” is your digital daily Journal which makes your daily Jounrelling to far more fun and interesting. You can select How was your mood had been the entire day.

And then can start writing your daily experience, the things that you thin was most important in the app.

Over time you will have the all of your daily diary stored in the Daylio. You can check that anytime anywhere, that is the convenience it brings to your life. You won’t have to worry about missing your physical diary anymore.

In addition, since it is a Digital Journal it also shows your performance over time. You can tack interesting things like how was your mood through the entire month or even year.

This may help you to improve yourself in areas where you think you can do better. and one more thing, you won’t have to hide it from anyone, because you can set a password so no one can check it without your permission.

Download- Android, iOS

Money Manger – Unique App To Manage Money

"Monaey Manager" is one of the best unique apps you should not miss

Finally, we have reached our last, one of the best Unique apps and one of my favourites as well for a reason. The name of the app is “Money Manager” and what I can say about it? it can do “Real Wonders” for you.

Have you ever heard that in Japan people use a simple trick to keep themselves financially stable? if not, then they don’t do any magic trick to that, all they do is just writing down their monthly incomes and expenses.

That is exactly what you can do with “Money Manager” digitally. The app is super simple to use, and that is also one of the biggest reasons why I think I should include it to the list.

As a said you can keep a record of your daily expenses on the app, plus you can also add your total or assets income in the app.

so whenever you would spend that your pocket doesn’t allow. Your Money Manager will let you know.

so by know, you should give understand, how it will help you to be financially stable. And that is what “Money Manager” is all about, I think you would agree that it deserves to be in the best unique apps that you should try.

Download- Android, iOS

So that was it for today guys, I hope that you guys would have found it little helpful. If you did? then don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below.

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