Create attractive thumbnails with these apps for Youtube thumbnail

Create attractive thumbnails with these apps for Youtube thumbnail

Are you planning to open a Youtube channel? Or you are new to the all the Youtube stuff and don’t know much about how to make attractive thumbnails like pro YouTubers? Then don’t worry.

I am here to help you with the list of some of the best apps for Youtube thumbnails that you can use to create stunning & attractive YT thumbnails in just a few minutes for free of cost.

all these apps are easy to use and you won’t find any difficulty to make your perfect unique thumbnails for free. What is more convenient here is that you don’t need a Laptop or Pc for this, just your android smartphone is all you need. Amazing. right?

but “hey” before we move on I want to share something with you, today when I was searching for the topic I came across to a crazy fact regarding the Youtube craze, it blew my mind the fact is that the Kids these days are more likely to choose Youtube as a career rather than to be an astronaut. it’s crazy and it shows how Youtube is growing and becoming popular among the new generation.

So if you are also one of them, then you are at the right place because here is the list of some of the best apps for Youtube thumbnails you can use on your smartphones…


Canva is one of the best Youtube thumbnail maker for android and ios

Know Canva Already? Well, I am not surprised because Canva is undoubtedly one of the best apps for making Youtube Thumbnails. And if you don’t know what “Canva” is? Then it is the best platform to create any type of marketing Posters, Social Media Banners, Flyers, Event Cards, and almost “everything you can put on a paper”.

The Professionals use Canva for their social advertising, to make things such as Banners, Posters, Sales Flyers, and for making invitations cards. So basically “Canva” Is you all in one app for every design work. And as I mentioned you can create beautiful Youtube Thumbnails in just a few clicks with thousands of free “Pro” templates and amazing canvas tools.

Canva for free of the cost but however, to remove the “watermark” from some highly professional template, and tools + features you would need a subscription. But hey, honestly, I would not recommend you to pay for any pro plan, the free versions just work brilliantly and you will get more than enough templates and tools to get started.


Ultimate Thumbnail Maker For Youtube: Banner Maker

Ultimate Thumbnail Maker For Youtube: Banner Maker

Turn your Ideas into artwork for free with “Ultimate Thumbnail Maker For Youtube”, the app is an amazing alternative of just mentioned “Canva”. The best thing about the app is that it is free and easy to use.

That means if you are a beginner, You won’t face any problem to use it, choose free thumbnail templates from more than 1000+ categories like Fitness, Food, Travelling, game fashion etc.

And then just customize the text, background and colours accordingly and you have done, you have successfully created your free professional thumbnail. You can not just only create amazing thumbnails for YouTube but also for other social media platforms as well (ex. Facebook, Instagram).

Now, You got all the tools in the app to make your very own thumbnail for your Youtube video and you can do it just in few clicks, it is amazing guys do not forget to check it out.


Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos

Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos

Want to create simple but attractive thumbnails for your Youtube Videos? if you are a beginner then this app might be the perfect tool for you to create Youtube thumbnails on your smartphone for free.

The “Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos” app comes with all the basic thumbnail editing tools you need to create your custom unique thumbnail. For example, you can customize the texts with several designer fonts and colour combinations.

Not just that you can also create collage-like thumbnails with free collage grids and you just need to add photos and text to make an attractive thumbnail. to help you to get more creative with you work the app allows you use additional features and tools like. add popular or commonly used stickers, funny emojis, remove the background, and choose the perfect size of a thumbnail.

Like above-mentioned apps “Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos” also comes with pre-designed templets and you can even check the live frame for the thumbnail on your youtube video to get the idea how it will look like. That is one of its unique features, so what you are waiting then? go ahead and check “Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos” right now.


Techyboss”s Pick for You –

Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker

Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker Icon

“Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos” was focused for beginners and that allows you to create some simple and beginner type thumbnails for your videos but if you want to create Profesional like Youtube thumbnails to get most clicks out of the impressions than You should try the thumbnail maker app called “Channel art maker.

Create & design stunning Youtube thumbnails for free with this great app, the app provides you with all the ingredients you would need to create eye-catching clickable thumbnails. The one feature that I loved about the app here is it’s super cool looking “free pre-designed templets”.

And not just that it also comes with hundreds of free text fonts, free to use stock images and art illustrations, like “Canva” you can also use it as “Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker” to make flyers for your shop and posters (if you run a shop), blog banners and etc. the free version is enough for most things especially for making Youtube thumbnails but you can always have more by spending your money.


Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is the best free designer for android

Adobe Spark Post is another popular graphic design maker on the smartphones, by using you can create some of the best professional-looking Youtube thumbnails in perfect size without any prior knowledge about designing.

The user interface of the app is so minimal and easy to use that even a noob can create professional art, you would navigate everything in just a few seconds. You will be able to create stunning designed thumbnails for your content in just a few minutes. how?

Adobe Spark Post has a lot of great features for free like you can use free Professional templets for your Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and etc. thumbnails. You can also add designer text, colours and text filters to your thumbnails.

However, the list of its best features just not stopes there, you can also even create video animations with just one tap, with just one tap you can change the colours of your chosen templates and things go on and on.

In its new beta version, they are also testing features like auto background or background eraser, so you will be able to remove & replace the background of any picture. Not to mention but You already get these features in previous Youtube thumbnail makers.


Thumbnail Maker 2020

Thumbnail Maker 2020

If you are looking for a free to use easy android application to make thumbnails and banners for your Youtube channel? then “Thumbnail Maker” is one of the best apps for youtube thumbnail out there.

The app is super easy to use and has all the things to make a high-quality thumbnail for free when you would download the app you can download latest Youtube thumbnail designs right away and then edit them easily on the app.

It comes with tools like several text designs and types, a large collection of categorized background images, and how can we forget those catchy “OMG” like stickers. You get all of the that for free of cost, I would recommend you to check it out.


Thumbnail Maker – Create Banners & Channel Art

Thumbnail Maker - Create Banners & Channel Art

Create your own unique Youtube thumbnail with more than 750+ thumbnails templates and latest stickers & emojis, with 100+ typography fonts & styles. Youtube thumbnail maker is a free thumbnail maker and with this, you can even add 3D text to your Youtube thumbnails.

Like other Youtube thumbnail apps on the list, you can also make a collage-like Youtube thumbnail where you can add your own pictures to make it in the way you want. And why for only Youtube? you can also use it for other proposes like Facebook, Instagram, and even blog banners.

The app also comes with tons of other useful features like latest designing elements to add in your thumbnails, amazing backgrounds and unique typography texts. You can also choose desired sizes for your thumbnail and it won’t force watermark on it.


Thumbnail Maker by Logopit

Thumbnail Maker by Logopit

Yes, it is another thumbnail maker with an almost similar name as the previous one, yes its two in a row, but that doesn’t matter because all of these apps have only one purpose. And that is to help you to make attractive Youtube thumbnails.

“Thumbnail Maker by Logopit” can help anyone to create attractive thumbnails for free even if you don’t have much experience about designing, the app is there for you to help out.

All you need is to activate the creative part of your mind and just use app’s simple tools to make your Youtube thumbnails. but here is a problem, You will need to import your own images or logos here, there are no pre-designed templates available on this app.

That means you would have to collect all the material such as background images, other images by your self, then you can edit them in one place with fancy text, stickers and resizing tools. So in short words “it all depends on your creativity” how you get best out of it.


Creative Thumbnail Maker

Creative Thumbnail Maker

talking about creativity, here is another great app to make you more creative with fewer efforts, the thumbnail maker app is called “Creative Thumbnail Maker”. Unlike the previous app, you don’t need to bring your own material to create thumbnails here (like in most thumbnail maker apps).

“Creative Thumbnail Maker” reminds me of the “Canva” again here, since it seems to inspired by one of the best apps for Youtube thumbnails or just artwork. Like “canva” You get all the tools in the box to create a stunning design. And that is kind of similar story with “Creative Thumbnail Maker”.

You can choose free rich templets from various categories such as fitness, music, game, food, summer, photography and even business etc. Then you can edit that template in your own way like you can edit colours, text, images and dimensions.

It has tons of cool text typography, free stock images, stickers and other great helpful elements. You can also edit the backgrounds and add your own ones or can choose from its stock collection.

With the combination of creative stickers, great editing tools and perfect pre-designed templets you can really create some of the most outstanding, unique and creative Youtube thumbnails for free on your smartphone.


Thumbnail Maker for Youtube no Watermark

Thumbnail Maker for Youtube no Watermark

“Thumbnail Maker for Youtube no Watermark” is one of the best apps for Youtube thumbnail that you will find on the play store. The app comes with a very special feature here and that is you don’t need to worry about the “watermark” with this app.

Unlike many Youtube thumbnail maker apps in the list here you will not need to pay extra to remove “watermark”. apart from that, the app also provides numbers of features for free that you need to create an amazing channel art.

But here is a catch, you will need to arrange your own images to create here, as the thumbnail maker only provides you background frames, funny stickers the ability to add text on the thumbnail pictures.

if you got all the material than just add them to the app then edit your thumbnail, do your best and without having the tension of watermark.


FREE Video Thumbnail Maker

FREE Video Thumbnail Maker

And in just a few minutes we are at the end of our today’s list of best apps for Youtube thumbnail, our last Youtube thumbnail maker is known as “FREE Video Thumbnail Maker” as its name tells it is totally free.

Well, the reason the app is last on the list here is that it is just a basic thumbnail editor, there is not too much to describe here. You can create some decent thumbnails with this app as it doesn’t offer too much compare to other thumbnail maker apps.

Just add your own image, choose decent backgrounds and then add a few stickers and text and you are done. I would personally not recommend you to use it if you are already started getting a few views but you can use it if you are a beginner.


Techyboss’s Conclusion

best apps for Youtube thumbnail and Youtube thumbnail maker

There are a lot of best apps for Youtube thumbnail you can use for free, and that is a huge thing for anyone who is just starting out on Youtube and creating content with his/her day & night hard work.

But like the most beginners, they don’t have the money to spend on expensive paid software and I have even seen some Youtube beginners who shoot and edit their videos on their smartphones because they don’t have the money to spend on expensive laptops & cameras.

and as you know that if you are working on Youtube then creating attractive thumbnails for click & views is one of the first basic steps to get views on your content. so why bother for expensive software when you can have amazing free thumbnail makers on your smartphone?

As you know what my top 5 picks are here from out of 11 best apps for Youtube thumbnail, here are the reasons why you should try them –

  • Canva” – it is the best free, simple, easy to use the app for creating stunning Youtube thumbnails
  • Thumbnail Maker for YT Videos” – If you find it hard to use “Canva” then this cloud be a great alternative for you
  • Ultimate Thumbnail Maker For Youtube: Banner Maker” – Provides all the great features for free and pre-designed templates are awesome
  • Adobe Spark Post” – it is super is to use, even for a beginner and it provides some amazing “PRO” tools for free but for premium features, you would need to spend money.
  • Thumbnail, Cover, Posts & Channel Art Maker” – If you want to create attractive Youtube thumbnails with the latest collection of templets and stickers than this could be the best option for you.

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