Download Real iOSGods App and use free iOSGods apps

Download Real iOSGods App and use free iOSGods apps

If you are an iPhone user and recently have heard about iOSGods and you don’t know what the heck it is and how to download it? Then you are at the right place at the moment because today, you are going to know everything about iOSGods. What iOSGods is? How to signup for iOSGODS? and Most important of them all How to download iOSGods for free?

So without wasting any more time lets get straight into it, starting by knowing what iOSGods do? and why are people so crazy about it? so let’s start…

What is iOSGods ?

iosGODs is a third-party app store for iPhone that lets you download Hacked or Tweaked versions of popular Apps & Games Like Android.

The best thing about the “iosGods” is that it lets you download any iOS app without jailbreaking your iPhone. You can install any app or game for free. Yes, it doesn’t charge you anything like many other Third-party app stores.

To understand it even better, You might have seen that Android users can download the Moded or Hacked version of any app and game. Since Android provides the ultimate freedom to its users, they can do anything they want.

iOSGODs download

Let’s take Famous Offline Gameloft game Asphalt 8 the best as a quick example: By using Third-Party App Stores like iOSGODS You can download Mod or hacked version of the game to get the unlimited coins and tokens in the game. Now you can unlock any Car or Moter bikes because you have unlimited money in the game.

The game will run fine and smooth as the real do, but now you can buy or purchase anything in the game with unlimited coins. Talking about the Asphalt 8, You can also check the 9 Best Offline Gameloft games you can enjoy right now.

And that is just one example, you can download the hacked version of any App or game. Not only that you can also download and install any paid app or game for free with by using Third-party apps stores. Basically iosGods gives a great option of the Apple App Store, if you are tired of using it and paying for Apps and games then Apps like iOSGods can really help you.

How to Download iOSGods App?

Well, since the app is so popular, there are some fake clones of iOSGods are available on the internet. And some of them are even paid, one thing is to note here is that iOSGods is completely free and don’t charge anything as of now. But you can always have more if you can spend, You can try the Premium version of the app which cost you around $1.79 a month.

But I don’t think that you need to pay for anything because its free version is amazing. So here is the Download Button from where you can download the iOSGods app for free. and we’ll talk about how to Sign Up for iOSGods?,

iosgods download, iosgods sign up

How to Install iOSGODs app on an iPhone?

First, Download the iOSGodss app from the official site, After that Go to the iPhone’s Settings> General > Profile & Device Management > click the install for iOSGods. And You are done, Now you have successfully Installed iOSGods to your iPhone.

How to Sign Up and Download the Apps from iOSGods app?

After downloading and installing the iOSGods app from the Download Button above, Open it to your iPhone. The iOSGods will ask you to Sign-Up or Log-in when you would try to install any app, Log-In if you already have an iOSGods.

If you are a new user then You can easily Sign-Up for iOSGods by using you FacebookID, Your Google Account or Gmail or By your Email on their official site using this Registration page. I would recommend you to Log-in With your Google Account. It is to easy just add your account, add a password and you are done.

After that, You would enter in the iOSGods app, where you would see that there are only 4 tabs available, APPS, GAMES, SEARCH & MORE. by tapping on the Apps and Games Tab you would see apps and games from different categories, Sliding Left to right.

From categories, you can choose the App or Game you willing to install, click on the “Get” button then it will show you all the Information about that App for Game. Information Like What are the features?, What is it all about?, How many users have already downloaded it? and what there rating is?

iOSGods app

After reading that all description, You can download and install any app or game by clicking the “Install” button. And then choose the downloading method that works for you and it will install that App or Game on to your iPhone. Just like You do from App store, the only difference here is that you are downloading a Tweaked version from the iOSGods.

That’s it that was the all you need to know to use the app from Start to Finish, but still, further, you can tap on the search bar to search for the Apps You want. And also can click on more to check your profile and change apps settings.

Although I have explained everything very well, but still if you don’t understand it properly. You can also check out this really helpful tutorial by “Game Cheat EDM”.

More Apps Like iOSGODs

If you guys think that iOSGODS is the only third-party app store you can download on your iPhone. Then You are wrong, today you can download many other best third-party app stores with no jailbreak required. You can check my this detailed article about the “Must have” Third-Party App stores you can download on your iPhone and none of them require any Jailbreak.

But still, I would like to mention few of them in short, The first one is another popular third-party app store for iOS like iOSNinja, just like iOSGODs you can download twaked, Hacked and modified versions of popular apps and games using iOSNinja. And again, You won’t require to Jailbreak your iPhone.

And not only iOSNINJA You can do the same with Tutuapp, AppZule, AppVelly, Panda Helper, FND, Cryus and more. So by now, you must have to know everything about the iOSGODs app and even learned about some other best third party app stores for ios. So let’s move to our final words.

Techyboss’s Conclusion

So that was all that you need to know about iOSGODs app, it is one of the best or if not the best third party app store you can download on your iPhone. Apps like iOSGODs provide ios users freedom to download their favourite apps from a different source like Android. Now any iOS user can enjoy the Tweaked, or Moded version of their favourite app or game.

In addition what makes these third-party app stores so useful is that by using these you can download the any Paid application for free of cost. So why to pay for an app on the App store? when you can download that same app for free of cost from third-party app stores.

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