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7 Easy Best apps for vocabulary: To learn English

Looking for the best apps for vocabulary? If you are learning English, then probably have noticed that at some point in your learning processes. you starting to feel that you need more words in your vocabulary bucket.

In to your own dictionary to express and understand the communication. And if you are not a native English speaker.

then you would have to do extra hard work to learn the proper English words and their meanings.

I know that it may sound easy, but in practice, it can be brainstorming for anyone. But don’t worry that is why I am here today? To make it easy for you to learn vocabulary that matters.

Today, we are going to take a look at the best apps for vocabulary. That will help you to learn English fast. these are some of the best apps to learn advance English vocabulary.

Best apps for vocabulary for students. for beginners or advance learners, And the best thing is that all of these apps are free.

yes, no charges there. but before that, how about if we go through the some of the Best practices to make your Vocabulary Rock solid?

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve your Vocabulary –

  • You Learn More By Reading Books, Articles, especially News Papers from Top Publishers every day.
  • Make Sure to Note every new word that you see in through your reading and find its meaning letter
  • Don’t try to learn more than 3 words a day. Your Brain will store them easily.
  • Once you learned the words for the day, try to use them in your daily conversations, or try to use them in a short imaginary even or story.
  • Keep a record of what you have learned in a week, and don’t forget to check them in a 3-minute read.
  • Always be confident, it’s not only you. Even Native English speakers struggle with their vocabulary.

think that it is a lot of work to do? for free books, you can also check my this article for best apps for free ebooks. This will help you a lot to finding lots of interesting books.

And rest is something you can do on your own. In addition to that you can try these Best apps for vocabulary to make the process easy for you. So without wasting any time, here is the list of best apps for vocabulary to learn fast.

Vocabulary Builder by Test Prep

(All the images in this article (except featured image) are credited to Google Play Store)

Our First app of the list makes it like a cakewalk to learn the vocabulary that matters in your daily life. The name of the application is “Vocabulary Builder by Test Prep”.

The best thing about this app is that it teaches you from all the way to Basic or beginner to the advance level from scratch. Yes even if you think it’s impossible to learn all these words.

Test prep makes it easy for you newbies. it works, like a vocabulary learning game. You start with basic words and every day face a new level after completing the existing one.

You can choose learning according to your knowledge if you think that you are at a basic level? choose that, if not you can go with Medium and advance level as well.

You’ll find the definitions of all words, that will make you understand what a particular word means in different occasions. The great thing here is that it’s all free you won’t have to pay anything.

Download- Android, iOS

Word Up

“Word Up” is all about to take your vocabulary level to the next level, for free of cost. I have personally tried the app for some time. And I can say you are bot going to disappoint.

The thing that I liked about the “Word Up” is it offers you so much material to learn new words.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance learner. “Word up” will help you at every stage of your learning curve.

One of its features allows you to learn a new word every day, in that way your mind won’t feel that you are feeding words to it in excess. And you can easily add a new word in your vocabulary.

In addition, you can plan your learning category wise, like words in Sport, Furniture, Meals, Family, & lots of others. Furthermore, you can also test yourself by playing its vocabulary games.

I know You are going to love it, it would surely take your Vocabulary to the whole new level. That is why it is one of the best apps for vocabulary, especially for English.

Download- Android, iOS

Word of the day

As the name tells the story for itself, “Word Of the Day” provides you with a new word every day that you never heard of. This shares a similar feature form our previous vocabulary app.

This makes it very easy to understand new words and their meaning for our little mind. To provide you with complete knowledge about each word, it also gives you its Synonyms, that you might already know.

The app allows you to choose the perfect time for the notifications, choose the time that you think works perfectly for you to memorise new words. plus its sources are all authentic and trusted. So you will get the best possible results.

Like every other vocabulary app till now, “Word of the Day” is also free. but for premium/ads-free experience, as always you would have to spend money.

Download- Android, iOS


No, No, not that VoLT, it is all about learning new words, building vocabulary full of important words. The words that would help you to impress others with your conversation skills.

The app is made by the experts, this can make you a vocabulary champ. The app claims to train you with some smart techniques. But apart from that.

Like almost every other vocabulary app, it provides you with new words with all their required definitions, picture examples.

and story examples. Based on your choice, you can choose what types of words you are looking for.

Download- Android

improve English

One of the best apps for vocabulary to Improve your English faster, “Improve English” is the app that you cannot miss if you want to have a better English overall.

It not just helps you with vocabulary but also provides you with the detailed guidance of English Grammar and communication skills. You would learn so many little but important things using the app.

The teaching process of the app is also slightly different than other apps here. The app not only helps you learn new words and their means by just throwing then at you.

Instead, it teaches you by the specially designed games, to make it easy for your brain to grab the information.

Through the smart visuals explaining the words, for all beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

But this is not what makes it different than the other, the best part of the “Improve English” is that it provides you with all the content in “short-lessons”. In other words, you grab the knowledge in Bitesize.

So it becomes easy your our mind to catch the even difficult words, in addition to that, it also provides you with the English Idioms. With that, it makes the learning even more interesting 7 fun.

After playing all these games and taking all the lessons, at the end of the day you can also assess your level by its quick tests.

That will boost your confidence, and you can use all your learned vocabulary fluently.

And like every other app of the list the application is free, so don’t worry about that. All you have to do is just download and install the app on your phone. And start your journey to improve your English.

Download- Android, iOS

Learn English Vocabulary

Another great app for learning advance learning vocabulary. The app shares lots of features from the app, we just talked about.

Yes, it helps you learn new words, with word and their definitions and all the other things we have just talked about. If you have made it till this far, you know it, right?

But there are actually a few things that make it different than the others. First and for most it supports multiple languages. So if you are learning English from Spain, you can learn English with Spanish.

Next, the app just works offline, yes that means you won’t need any sort of WiFi or internet connection. that means you can learn, without any barrier stopping you.

Furthermore, once you are done with learning the words for the day, you can then check them with flashcards.

In case if you can’t remember what you have learned yesterday, just go and check out your flashcards.

And in end, of course, you can test your self with its, pre-designed vocabulary tests for you. The app is amazing and simple to use, I think you should not miss this one.

Download- Android

Google Assistant

That is why I love Tech so much because it gave us so many opportunities to learn and grow. And if you are just aware of it, you can learn almost anything for free in today’s world.

Yep, No need to surprise here, there is no fee exists, and still, you can learn any word.

Yes, all you have to do is just open you Google Assistant. And say this “Show me a New Word” or “Tell Me A New Word for the day”.

That’s it, Google Assistant Now will bring the new words and their definitions for you. You can ask it for as many words as you want, you can do it every day.

But all you need to have a specific time every day to do it by yourself. or you can also ask Google to provide you with a new word every day at whatever time you want.

And now your smartphone has turned into a smart vocabulary teacher, but please keep in mind. You need a 24hr Internet connection with this trick. That is needed for Google Assistant to work for you.

So, say “Hey Google” Or “Ok Google” Now.

Bonus App For All Learners Who Made it This Far

First of all, you should congrats your self to have such a dedication to learning new things in your life. You would definitely achieve whatever is your Goal in your Life.

But, after learning all the new words from any of the above-mentioned apps for vocabulary. How about to test your knowledge of English?

And What could be better you if you grab your certified assessment of English from “British Council”?

For free, yeah. For those, you don’t know what the British Council is? Then it is an organization that promotes the English Language all over the world, over in 100 countries.

And they have their official app for free. The name of the app is “English Score, which helps you to check the level of your English abilities.

It provides you with the best scores based on its perfectly designed tests, that includes the test of your grammar, vocabulary etc.

By taking this free test by such a recognised organisation, if you score great, you can assure that you are on the right track. Ans if you don’t get the score that you think you deserve.

Then don’t worry, “English Score” would also help you to find your strengths and weakness. So that you can work on those areas and improve your overall English.

So keep calm, and try this really great app for free.

Download- Android, iOS

So then what are you waiting then? Grab the best apps for vocabulary form the list. And start learning advance English vocabulary today for free.

Have A Nice Day!!!

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