Free Best 9 Karaoke Apps to record singing with music

Free Best 9 Karaoke Apps to record singing with music

Are you a Bathroom Singer? I mean the person who likes to being vocal when no one is in front of you and like to sing your heart out loud. If your answer is in “Yes“, then the good news is that there are too many apps to record singing with music for free.

Some people call them Karaoke apps, to make a little ground here for the rest of the article.

You should check out this amazing article on “WikiHow” to know what is Karaoke? and how to do karaoke in simple steps?.

Karaoke apps are the apps which let you record singing with music, and you can do that using your smartphone.

Karaoke apps are the apps which even help you to improve your singing skills, in short Karaoke apps are the singing apps that make you sound good.

A bonus tip in advance, you can also use these Karaoke apps to enjoy in your House Parties, Birthday Parties and even on Christmas Eve. To make the night special.

So that is what this whole article is going to be all about, here we are going to take a look at top 10 free Apps to record singing with the music.

I will also provide the download link for both Android and iOS, so without wasting any more time let’s take a look at the best Karaoke apps for singing.

Free Karaoke

Free Karaoke

Our first free karaoke app is called “Free Karaoke”, the app offers everything you need for free of cost.

You can choose the out of millions of songs from global artists around the world.

Once when would choose your songs, now the app will show you the lyrics of that song with songs’ background music.

you can create cover songs of popular music from the artists like Justin Bieber, Tylor Swift,  Bruno Mars, DJ Snake, Justin Timberlake many others.

And now it’s your turn to sings along with that background music and with the help of those lyrics to record the song in your very own voice like a professional.

The app also guides you where your vocals need to be high or where it needs to low. That makes you sound perfect for the song you have chosen.

After once you recorded your songs and think that it is worth sharing, then you can also share your music cover with thousands of other users.

They can follow you if they like your covered song. So that is how almost all karaoke app of this list works.

I decided to describe it earlier, so we can now move on with the other apps of this list with as short descriptions as possible.

Download- Android

Karaoke – Sing Karaoke, Unlimited Songs

karaoke app, karaoke app makes you sound good

The Karaoke app is another app which lets you express the true singer hiding in you. Karaoke app has a large collection of all-time popular hit music, from the hits if 90’s to the 21st century.

You will find almost all kind of songs you want to sing, all the songs come with lyrics, so you can easily sing any song and record it on the karaoke app.

The karaoke app makes you sound good with its filters, the high-quality voice filters allow you to tune your recorded music. Once when you have done with your covered music.

Now you can share your masterpiece with other thousands of community members and singers like you. This is so much fun to trust me if you are having a bad day.

Then you have to try this amazing time pass app, The app is completely free and easy to use, and “Karaoke app” is one of the best apps to record singing with the music.

Download- Android, iOS


“Magicsing” is another karaoke app which can turn your boring day into a house party.

With the hit music library of more than 200,00+ songs in almost all languages, you can host a family house party any time.

Just download the free Magicsing karaoke app and start recording the most most popular songs in your own voice.

all you need is your smartphone, you can also attach a microphone for full felling of a singer.

As I have previously mentioned the best thing about using these karaoke apps is that it shows you the lyrics of the song while you are singing.

That helps you maintain a perfect rhythm to your voice.

Download- Android, iOS

Sing Karaoke – Free Sing Karaoke music

"Sing Karaoke" record singing with the music

The polished Sing karaoke app lets you record, tune and share music with your friends without costing anything. The Karaoke app is 100% free and you can sing your own cover of popular songs.

The app has a daily updated music library, so you won’t struggle to find the song and music of your taste. Then like every other Karaoke app, the app lets you record singing with the music.

You can also create your own social profile where other users can find your most popular covered songs ever. Again I want to remind you that you won’t need any additional equipment, your smartphone is enough.

Download- Android

Star Maker

Star Maker

“Star Maker” is one of the most (if not the most) popular app to record singing with the music. The popular Karaoke app has over 100 million downloads on the play store.

As its name suggests you could even be a “STAR” and can run your own shows using the app.

this is going to be a bit long but, here is how you can even make your career as a music artist on Star Maker.

So as I have told you that the app has a large community of talented artists around the world. Star Maker lets you create your profile, same as you do on the other social media apps.

Then using Star Maker’s amazing recording features you can create and record your singing with background music.

The singing app has an evergreen music library, so you ask for any type of song in any language.

After that, record music by the help of lyrics on the screen, Star Maker’s smart AI will also show you which line of songs you sang right, and where it could have been better.

Your performance would be rated by the final score you would obtain, it would be based on your perfect singing lines.

Lines where you have got everything on point according to the music need. that is also a reason why it is one of the best apps to record singing with music.

If you score a perfect score then you can confidently public your covered song and other users can here how good it actually is? How? with their likes, following and comments.

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Another great feature of Star Maker is the “duet mode” where you can sing with your friends. You can sing a part of the music and your friend can sing another part.

It is like collab, you can host a full live concert with other top artists, sounds amazing? it should because it gives an opportunity to share your talent with the world.

Star Maker

You can also do a live show if you have earned a large number of followers.

and these followers can donate money for your talent, something like you do on Youtube live.

So that is how you can even earn from the app, the more followers you would have the more you would earn.

In short Star, the maker can turn your passion & talent into an income source. it is free I would recommend you to try this, it is such fun.

Download- Android, iOS


Smule is one of the best Karaoke app to record singing with music

Just like the star-maker Smule is also based on the same concept, Smule is an app that provides a platform to the talented singers around the world. If you think you have the talent then Smule is just made for you.

Smule has all the same features like Star Maker such as Online Karaoke, Voice filters, a large online community, more than 10 million songs and the ability to record singing with the music.

You will find it almost same as Star Maker, you can also create your social profile on Smule. Where Smule will show your latest covers.

And if you got some real talent, then people would start following you and you can even earn from that followership. The app even makes you sound good with its filters.

The app is free to use and Just like Star Maker, Smule worth your try, and I am sure if you got the talent. No one can stop you to be known to the world.

Download- Android, iOS

Karaoke Lite

Karaoke Lite is different than the Karaoke apps like Star Maker & Smule. why? because apps like Star Maker are more focused on to be like a Social media type app for unknown singers.

While apps like Karaoke Lite is only designed for fun, to sing your heart out. You can use this app on your house parties or birthday parties.

The online score feature of them makes it even more interesting to host a contest with your friends, the highest scorer will win.

The whole idea of the Karaoke lite is to provide you with a large collection of music with lyrics. And apps let you record singing with music for free.

Yes, just like other karaoke apps of this list you can Use Karaoke lite for fun, there no other serious use of the app than that.

Download- Android

Sing Free Karaoke

“Sing Free Karaoke” is another app which is only available for android users. But the App has really impressed me that I couldn’t miss this out.

Yes, the app is not as popular as its rivals, but still its amazing features worth to check it out. As you know Karaoke apps are all about their music collection.

And “Sing Free Karaoke” is not an exception here, the underdog karaoke app has the music library pf more than 10,00,000+ songs.

Songs are available in all languages, you can sing in almost language there should be no problem. but that not what makes this app different than others.

The main reason why I included the app to the list is that you can record you singing even when you are offline. That is something most of the other apps aren’t capable of.

So you won’t need to have a WiFi or internet connection to record your singing with the music. But please note that you would have to download the songs first on the app to use this feature.

Once you are done with that now you can record singing with music even when you are offline, no interruption.

Download- Android

The Voice

The Voice app is the app to record singing with music

Ok enough talking about the exclusive android karaoke apps, now let’s talk about another popular singing app.

And I am sure if you are interested in singing, then you must have heard of the infamous talent discovery show for singers “The Voice”.

If you wanna know more about “The Voice” you can check out this detailed Wikipedia page about the American Tv Series.

Well, they also have created a karaoke app which is called exactly the same “The Voice”. for the sake of your time, I would like to finish this one in short.

“The Voice” karaoke app is no different than the Star Maker & Smule, everything from UX/UI to features you would find the similarities between popular singing apps.

like Star Maker and Smule, “The Voice” also provides you with a singing platform to showcase your talent to the world. With app’s great features like duet mode, video and voice filters.

The Voice App is to record singing with Music

You can record some stunning music using the app, you can choose your desired songs from the app’s music library. Where you will find songs from old classics to the new PoP hits.

In duet mode, you can record your song with other popular stars and your friends.

And if you would be lucky enough, you can also get a chance to sing along with the biggest names in the music industry.

As all these Karaoke apps (Including Star Maker, Smule) has their partnerships with global artists like Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, and many others.

Download- Android, iOS

So if you think you got what it takes, then don’t forget to try your hand on any of these popular karaoke apps. Because they could be life-changing for you and could give a direction to your career.

I would like to highlight apps like Star Maker, Smule and The Voice, these are the apps which really stand out from the crowd. if your friends compliment your singing skills?

then you should not miss any of the above-mentioned karaoke apps, and if you fall into the category of an average “Bathroom singer” like most of us. Then other 6 singing apps exist for you.

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