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Best Apps to get free ebooks and Audiobooks for android and iOS

Please Note- I have tried my best to provide you best knowledge as possible. I may earn little money if you click and download/purchase any item through the links of this article. But that’s not my focus here, Thank You, have a nice article time.

By Author- Techyboss

“Reader Are Leaders” I really hope that you have heard that quote before, that’s the reason you have clicked this page on your google search results. That tells you are interested in reading books but you are looking for free books to learn from? If yes then you came across to the right page because here today I am Techyboss sharing some of the “best apps for free book & Audiobooks”.

After finishing this article you will know about the best apps for book lovers and best free apps for reading & purchasing books online. Then Later in this post, I have also shared some of the best-paid apps for ebooks & Audiobooks, if you can spend some money on it.

after the description of each app, I have also provided direct download links for your convenience, so without wasting any further time. Here is the list of some of the best apps for free books and free book reading…

best apps for free books & Audiobooks for book lovers


Inkitt makes it so easy to access hundreds of free ebooks or novels and story ebooks of fantasy, Scifi, thriller, mystery, horror, action, so if you are interested in any of those topics you will find some great books on “inkitt”.

but if you are a reader who is interested in reading adventure to drama, romance, erotica, and YA then don’t worry you will also find books for your taste. “inkitt” is one of the best apps for free books, it provides a great user experience thanks to its beautiful designed UI ( User Interface ), Its a great app for free ebooks and I highly recommend it.

Download- Android, IOS


Oodles is the 2nd app for free books and free AudioBooks, by downloading the “Oodles” you can get your free access to the more than 50,000 books and 15,000 Audiobooks. “Oodels” comes with an amazing free collection of some of the most popular and famous books in the world from biggest Authors.

Oodles has oceans of truly some amazing and knowledgeable books, popular books like Aesop’s fables, Peter pan, Sherlock Holmes, Moby dick, Alice in wonderland, and the list just not stopes there are also books like Pride and Prejudice, Kama sutra, Dorian grey, Beowulf, Grimm’s fairy tales, Anna Karenina, Don Quixote, Hamlet, Macbeth, Pinocchio, and last but not the least very popular among politicians “The Chanakya Neeti”.

And again the best part is that all these books are free to read, “Oodels” is one of the best free book reading apps and every book lover should have “Oodels” on his phone.

Download- Android, IOS


“LitRes” is a popular ebook-reading app for iPhones & Android, but unfortunately, It is not totally free but instead, it is a “Freemium” ebook reading app. That means you will have to pay to access its all features and you will have to buy popular books from famous authors, that is not free.

But hey just wait, before you think then why it’s on a free list? that because from its huge collection of more than 200,000 books there are 32,000+ books you can read for free of cost.

These ebooks include genres like self-improvement, business, science fiction, psychology, Russian literature, DIY, fantasy, romance, mystery, action, and many more. LitRes could be your only ebook app for online reading.

Download- Android, IOS


Do you write stories by your self? That question I asked because “Pratilipi” is a free ebook-reading app that provides a platform to its users to become a known “Story Writer” for free. and that is what Pratilipi is all about, you can read thousands of amazing stories from talented story authors (maybe like you?) around the world and it is completely free of cost.

On the app, there are collections of almost all kind of genres or topics, you can read free story ebooks about Love & Romance, Travel story, suspense and thriller stories, Motivational stories, Women, Health and Children story and many more.

I have tried “Paratilipi” and I personally loved the app, everything on the app is easily accessible and work without any glitch. “Pratilipi” comes with the support of more than “12+ Indian languages” including “English”, so if you are from India and reading this post right now? You are going to love “Pratilipi” for sure.

Download- Android, IOS

My Books

looking for a book that is banned in your country? maybe “My Books” can help you to find your desired book for free. “My books” is a simple but one of the best apps for free ebooks for iPhone, the minimal design of the app provides a real book-like experience and that feels great during reading sessions.

“My books” has a collection of more than 52,000 free ebooks and 5200 free Audiobooks, these books are categorized in Philosophy, Banned Books, Autobiographies & Biographies, Horror Stories, Thriller Books, War, Politic, Science Fiction, US Presidents and best & most popular novels of all time.

And thee are many other categories also waiting for you on the app, to know about them you will have to check it out by yourself because I can’t name those all right here. So then what are you waiting for check this out now.

“My Books” app is free for android users but however Apple users will have to spend money on full features, so keep that in mind if you are an ios user.

Download- Android, IOS

Free Audiobooks

“Free Audiobooks” is an exclusive free app for Android with more than 14.000 classic audiobooks there are tons of free audiobooks such as Heart of Darkness, Dracula, sherlock holmes books, Moby Dick, The Art of War, Romeo and Juliet, and the list goes on and on.

You can even download and play popular audiobooks even when you offline, so just get a free audiobook for once and then you will have full control over the listening and playback. as I said it is exclusively available for Android users so if you are an Apple user, I am sorry for you, but its no doubt that “Free Audiobooks” is one of the best apps for book lovers.

Download- Android

BorrowBox Library

The app called “BorrowBox Library” is another great way to access thousands of free ebooks and Audiobooks. And yes, it is available for both Android & IOS users for free, it got all types of books for all type of users.

BorrowBox Library is 100% free, and the best thing I liked about the “BorrowBox” is that it is easy to use and anyone will find it user friendly. You will clearly see the effort of developers to make it feel like a real book, the animations and page designs are really appreciatable.

Download- Android, IOS

Free Books & Audiobooks

This is an amazing app all book lovers will love because first, it is free and second there are some really great free ebooks to read & Audiobooks to listen. It doesn’t matter what is your interest, you will find some of the very best books for free on the app.

Even If you already have imported your favourite ebooks then you can also read them through the app in the “book reader” and organize them in the app’s library. It is completely free and one of the best apps for book lovers you get hundreds of free books online without spending any penny.

Download- Android, IOS (Alternative)

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Some of the best-paid apps for book lovers for reading books

Ok, till now I think you should have learned about some of the best free apps for books. now from here on, we are going to take a quick look at some of the best-paid apps for books. All of these apps are free to download but require a subscription for their services. So here are the best-paid apps for ebooks & audiobooks…

Kobo Books

The Kobo Books is our first paid app for the list here and it is also one of my favourites. Kobo Books has access to the worlds best-selling books from famous authors.

You will get every book you want here at a reasonable cost, once if you would be subscribed to the paid plan. After that, you got unlocked the door of the online world of quality ebooks and Audiobooks, which includes popular books like “Black Magic Bear”, “Desolation Road”, “Man of Wax” and many more. Yes, all these are paid books but they totally worth it, if you are a true book lover you will not gonna disappoint.

Download- Android, IOS

Serial Reader

Have you always wanted to be a Serial Killer? Oh..sorry a slip of tongue, I mean a Serial Reader? Well, here is the app that will help you to achieve that goal. The name of the app is the “Serial Reader”, which is free to download for both android users and Ios uses.

The app comes with more than 700 books that include books like Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, Les Misérables, Treasure Island, Wuthering Heights, The War of the Worlds & Dracula for horror book lovers and the list just goes on and on.

But the hat is not something that makes you a “Serial Reader”, you can find those books in almost any paid ebook reader app here, right? The main & top feature of the app here is that it makes it so easy to read a book by its ” Daily Bits” feature.

What’s that? It helps you to read a maximum book you can in just 20min on a daily basis. In order to do that the app brakes the whole book in short read pages which you can read in your spare time whenever you have it.

It could be that time when you take a break from your daily work for coffee, in those 5-10mins you can use that time to gain knowledge or reading your favourite book.

This kind of reading process makes it so fun to read a book as you would always gonna have a curiosity about what gonna happen in the next paragraph of the story.

Trust me you would find it so much easier and fun to read books on Serial Reader. The premium subscription starts at $2.99, so then what are you waiting for? checkout the Serial Reader today.

Download- Android, IOS


Scribd is the app where you will find the most versatile content options and true value for your money. First and Foremost Scribd is a very well designed and very easy to use, everything is easily searchable with just a few actions.

You can not only read amazing books and novels on “Scribd” but you will even get access to some of the top and popular magazines like Time, New York, People, Entrepreneur, Men’s Health, The Atlantic, and any more.

Scribd is not just only about that, from its library of more than 60 million documents including official government reports, academic dissertations, medical reports, case studies, study guides, and other docs.

I mainly love Scribd because it’s super easy to use, just get your Airpods and listen to some amazing Audiobooks. You will find books for everything, I mean for every topic you are interested in, they’re always going to be a “classical book”. You will need scribed membership plans which starts from $8.99.

Download- Android, IOS


Love reading ” Romantic Love Stories”? Media365 might be the right choice for you. Why? Mesia365 has one of the best collections of Romantic stories, love stories, Love stories with thrill and action, Love stories about the passion of love and many more.

You will even find some very exclusive love Stories on the Media365, but hey, don’t think it just all about “The love storybooks”. I highlighted that because I found that it does a great job providing fantastic love stories.

You can also search through the category for the books of your interest, such as motivational or inspiring stories for example. The subscription of Media365 is a bit expensive than other paid ebook apps here, the monthly subscription of Media365 starts at 5.99 dollars.

For its Yearly subscription, you will need to pay a minimum $29.99 and maximum $39.99. You can check it out from the download link below.

Download- Android, IOS

Amazon Kindle

Heard the name before? well, I am not surprised anyway if you are a book lover you have heard of “Amazon Kindle” for sure. But it is not that amazon kindle tablet (Amazon kindle is specially designed for book reader) we are talking here about “Amazon Kindle app”.

The app is free to download and use, it is basically Amazon’s ebook reader app. How does it work? You can read any ebook you would buy on Amazon easily with some great customizations. get it free now for both android & IOS.

Download- Android, IOS

LibriVox Audio Books

We talked about books or ebooks, we talked about the apps that offer both ebooks + Audiobooks and now we are going to talk about an app that is only about “AudioBooks” and its called “LibriVox Audio Books”. LibriVox is a paid source for Audiobooks for Audiobook listeners, you will have to pay monthly or yearly subscription for app services.

To make it clear here the monthly subscription will cost you around $0.50 and yearly subscription will cost you around $2.50, but hey just wait for a second here, will you?

It doesn’t mean you will have to pay for everything on LibriVox. There are more than 24,000 free Audiobooks you could download and listen on the app anytime, and I am sure you will find your taste in those 24,000 Audiobooks.

Download- Android, IOS

The name tells you the whole story here? is a great platform for true amazing audiobooks on the go.

If you are on a computer you can check it out by just searching for the web address in the search bar. On the other hand, if you are on an Android or IOS device.

You can download it for free on the app store and play store, but you will need the monthly subscription to take full advantage. After that, you can find the Audiobooks for all genres or categories (including Business & Investing, Children books, cookery & food, Biography, Romance etc.)

Once you have found your favourite Audiobooks from more than 150,000 books, you can download it and listen whenever you want, even Offline. app is a great source for ebooks.

Download- Android, IOS


Storytel made to the list because it is a multi-language ebook app, that means if your native language is not English. You will find the ebooks in Hindi, Marathi if you are from India and other native languages of Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Spain and more countries.

Storytel comes with some of the best collection of books for all categories, for example, Self-Development, storybooks, comics, love story or Romantic books, biography etc.

You can read in the way you want, grab the knowledge from ebooks or in form of Audiobooks. The Storytel app comes with monthly subscription plans, you will require a subscription to get access to ebooks & Audiobooks.

Download- Android, IOS

Listen by LitRes

Remember the LitRes app you have learned about a few minutes ago? Well, that “LitRes” app was dedicated to ebooks and “Listen” is the app that is focused on Audiobooks or for those people who like listening to books rather than reading texts.

Since it is the dedicated app for listening Audiobooks so the app claims that they have the longest free samples in google play 10 minutes to 1 hour for selected books. That means you can listen to a simple book for about more than 10 minutes or even 1hr for some book.

Which I can agree, most free sample for audiobooks generally lasts from 5min-10min or even more than that in some cases but not for a whole hour. “Listen” is a great app for getting audiobooks and you should give it a chance, you will like it for sure.


Goodreads is a free ebook read & library app, Which comes with a search bar where you can find the particular book of the keyword you have typed in. After clicking to the search button you will find the list of the books and once you would tap on that book, you will get the choices to where to add that book in your library.

So basically it is the same app as Amazon kindle where it is a free book reader app, you would have to spend money to buy books and it will provide you free book reading platform.

You can even directly buy ebooks from Amazon or from any other platform and can just read them for free on Goodreads. It is available for free on google play store and apple app store.

Download- Android, IOS

Techyboss’s Conclusion-

There was a time when you used to go to the library and book stores, searching in bookshelves for the latest popular & trending book. But those times are gone now, in this techy world its not too hard to get quality books for free and mobile apps play a big role here.

The only change here is those traditional books are replaced by ebooks & Audiobooks today but the knowledge is the same. the best thing about it is that there are apps which helps you to get them for free with minimal efforts.

And that was the topic this article was all about. I am sure after reading this article you have found some useful apps that help you to get some valuable knowledge for free.

At the same time on the other hand, if you are willing to pay for right and valuable content, I have also mentioned the best-paid apps for reading books on your smartphone or tablet.

There are also the apps for people who love listening to books than reading, the Audiobooks apps like listen, LibriVox is a great example of that. apps for audiobooks are available in both free and paid list.

All of these apps come with their own advantages, some apps provide you free ebooks and audiobooks or some come with unique techniques like “Serial Reader”. So if you love reading then you should not miss these incredible apps or I would say “Opportunities”.

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