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Here is The List of 9 Best OFFLINE Gameloft Games

Gameloft, You Probably have heard about the famous game developing company, remember the infamous Asphalt series, they have just launched its ninth version the ultimate racing franchise the “Asphalt 9 Legends”.

But As you might know, Gameloft is not just all about the famous racing games, the company has also established itself as one of the biggest game developing company.

Today here we are going to talk about some of the best offline Gameloft games you should not miss if you are a fan of Gameloft.

every game here I am going to mention requires no WiFi or internet connection.

all you need is to download the game from the play store or App store and then just turn off your connection and enjoy your game.

However, you can still play these game online as almost all of them provides the online multiplayer mode but if you don’t want to play that then You can play it totally offline.

These Gameloft games include categories like Racing games, Action games, Shooting Games, & story games.

the chances are you will find your favourite offline Gameloft game. So here is the list of top 9 best offline Gameloft games.

Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Gangstar Vegas is one of my favourite game that Gameloft has released in recent times if you are a fan of open-world games or games like GTA.

then Gameloft’s Gangstar Vegas is the game You should not miss. The Game is full of gangster mission thrills with amazing high-quality graphics and sound effects.

As I said earlier the gameplay of the game is very similar to the GTA, you are a gangster and you can do whatever you want, like stealing cars, fighting & shooting people, and completing story missions.

Like GTA the actual joy of playing the game is the ability to do things in your way, avoiding police and build your own virtual life in the game.

You can buy your own house, cars, privet jets to live your gangster life, the story mode of the game is really amazing.

the narrator has done an amazing job here, you would find it extremely engaging but there are some dull missions which you would not enjoy completing, but most missions are amazing.

However, you can play the game in both online and offline mode, but in offline mode. you can only access to the story mode and would be restricted from online required modes like multiplayer, shop and etc.

Download- Android , iOS

Asphalt 8

I don’t think that I would even need to explain this amazing iconic racing game, the extremely popular game has more than 100 million downloads on the play store.

The game is completely offline and you can enjoy it even when you running out of data or not have a WiFi connection, you no need a WiFi connection to play Asphalt 8.

Talking about the game features Gameloft’s offline racing game packs almost every major supercars you can dream of.

there are more than 220+ supercars it including racing beasts including McLaren P1, Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, Ducati Monster 1200 and lots of Ferraris.

And a few motorbikes as well, so it is not only a car racing game but also a bike racing game.

Asphalt series has always been known for its action-packed gameplay, it is a perfect blend of action & destruction with realistic graphics and physics.

You can show your racing skills on more than 40+ racing tracks and beautiful locations. Again I cannot highly enough praise the gameplay here, you would know it by playing your self.

in addition, it also has a great collection of background music which enhance the experience, You can play Asphalt 8 in both online and offline mode.

you would be restricted from multiplayer mode if you are playing it offline. the game is superb and I highly recommend you to enjoy it, it is more than 1.5GB but you are going to love it.

Download- Android, iOS

Techyboss’s Picks for you –

Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is one of the best offline war games which has a combination of story and RPG game.

well talking about the war games if you love war games then don’t forget to check out these free popular offline War Games.

coming back to the game, the Gameloft has designed the game in such a way you cannot ignore this one. if you like the army games then you would get one of the best in class front person shooter experience.

Lead your combat army to the great world war 2 and help them to win this epic war. you have to cover your partners while destroying the enemies at the same time, to do that you would need to keep upgrading your inventory.

Use crazy destructive weapons like Machine guns, bombs, shooters, rocket launchers and etc.

if You find your self in trouble you can also call diverse abilities Rocket Blast, Mortar Fire, Air Strike, Molotov and many other to help you out in extremely difficult combat situations.

like every other Gameloft game you would also find the ultra amazing graphics and gameplay, there is a console-like experience you guys are going to love it. The visuals and gameplay effects make the whole experience only better.

Download- Android, iOS

N.O.V.A. Legacy

N.O.V.A. Legacy is one of the best shooting games out there, the shooting game has great graphics and sound effects something you expect from a Gameloft game.

The game has immersive FPS console-quality gameplay the graphics are amazing with high-quality punchy colours, you will notice all little important details.

That is something I highly appreciate, other than that You can enjoy three Gameplay modes that include story modes, shadow missions and special ops.

However, you can play storey mode offline, save the world by defeating aliens with the help of the main character the hero N.O.V.A.

Download- Android, iOS

GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

want real car driving experience at your couch? then you have to download Gameloft’s “GT Racing 2”, the game has everything to turn your boring day into a racing adventure.

in case if you don’t know then I want to tell you that the GT racing 2 was the Gameloft’s answer to the EA’s Real Racing 3, which another arguably provides the best realistic car driving experience with the stunning real to life looking graphics.

Since it is a Gameloft game and competing against the popular rival “Real Racing 3” there is no doubt that it comes with more than 71 Authentic licenced racing cars of more than 30+ car brands likes Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Audi, Ford, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, and the list goes on and on.

there is the high possibility that you would find your favourite car here. where you would drive these cars?

there are more than 13 tracks to drive these cars and the I want to praise the graphics here again and they look very real.

the game is available offline but you can also paly it online, to play exclusive events you would need your internet connection, but for offline racing, there is no need of WiFi here.

but that is not the highlight of GT Racing 2 here the thing which separates it from other games is its 4 different camera modes and the top highlight here is its “interior view”.

when you would switch to this camera mode you would feel like you are sitting inside your chosen car. You can see everything in detail for example the interior of the car, steering wheel, speedometer, windows, back mirrors.

If you haven’t played Real Racing 3 already then I am sure you would not have experienced the game like this.

it is simply amazing. Everything here is designed to provide you with real care experience. I am sure you would notice that when you would play it, small details like the water reflection on the track.

What impressed me most is the Sun’s beam at your face if you are driving in the sunset, sky’s texture and the reflection of the car itself.

Everything looks very real to life and I would recommend you to check this amazing offline car racing game by Gameloft.

Download- Android, iOS

Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro is a small version of my already mentioned Asphalt 8 you can drive your Mini Cooper Redroster on amazing, the game is just about 35MB in size.

The Asphalt Nitro got all famous cars you can imagine, you would chance the cars from manufacturers like Fararries, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Maclaren, etc.

Yes, the graphics of the game might not impress you like Asphalt 8 but there are impressive High-Quality graphics considering its size.

The controls are easy, and there are numbers of 3D tracks, but and yes I have to admit that the repetition of the same tracks every time some time makes it so irritating to play.

but it also has its own advantages like you would already know where the next turn would be and how you should drive there. The Asphalt Nitro is completely offline but however, it is only available for android.

Download- Android

Minion Rush

love playing Subway Surfer or Temple Run types of games? Yes, I am talking about those famous endless running games that you must have played once in your life for sure.

It doesn’t matter what your age is. So Minion Rush is kind of similar game but with a completely different theme, and that is taken from the famous cartoon movie series called “Despicable Me”.

in fact, it is the official game of featuring the popular characters from the movie. And by the title, you should know that those cute Minions are the main attraction of the game here.

the game is designed very well there are a lot of things you would see at the same time on your running locations.

Such as trains, tracks, park slides, beach location, factory location and more.

You would have to keep avoid the obstacles on your way by quickly jumping, tackling, or dodging the obstacles, that’s your job you would have to do here in order to not being caught up.

The graphics of the game are so colourful and has beautiful 3D graphics, which enhances the overall gameplay experience here gets the extra boost from the short funny stories throughout the game.

So if you are a fan of Minions, you cannot find any better game than this, it is very funny and I love it, I am sure you are going to like this great game too.

Download- Android, iOS

Sniper Fury

Be a professional sniper with the Sniper Fury by Gameloft, in this game you can play the role of a contractual sniper.

the summary of the game if you would have to complete thrilling shooting missions in challenging game environments. I enjoyed my time playing this game you will get a real sniper experience here, there is no doubt about that.

The game comes with all the ingredients a game requires to be considered one of the best.

starting with the graphics, Gameloft has well-matched the expectation here, Sniper fury has some of the best 3D graphics out there.

yes, they do not look very true to life and you might notice the cartoonish effect but that doesn’t matter when the gameplay of the game is so awesome.

The best part here is that you would be behind the Gun since the game allows you to play as a front person shooter or FPS.

by using the deadly guns you would have to do your job. which is to follow the orders and complete the challenging missions.

that sometimes become “The Mission Impossible”, that ensure you would never be bore playing of the game.

One more highlight of the gameplay here is those awesome bullet animations in slow motion. When You hit your target, I really loved that.

You can always upgrade your inventory by earning the cash from the missions.

one more thing to mention here is that you would have to kill your enemies in different-different environment situations. plus several weather effects like Snow Fall, Rain or foggy environment makes it more challenging to complete the missions.

the game is really amazing guys and I would say that you must try it, it is one of the best offline game by Gameloft.

Download- Android, iOS

Six Guns

Ok, now we finally at the end of our this post and the last offline Gameloft game we have here is another very popular game called “Six Guns”.

if you are a fan of caw boy story games than here is another a great one for you. the game has everything that makes is one of the best like story, action and FPS gameplay.

The short story of the Six Guns here is that you are in hunt of a most wanted criminal but you have a long way to go.

the graphics of the game are fairly decent, I would not say amazing here but the game is playable, you would have to ride your horse through the wastelands and villages in search of your wanted man.

and as you would find any village you have to fight against the robbers to guard the people of the village you are staying in.

And that is where the real action of the gameplay starts, you would have to shootdown robbers, zombies in the wild ocean of sands.

they call it Red Hot action, I really like the gameplay because it allows you to shoot your enemies while you are on the back of the horse.

Honestly, I really did not like the story of the game here but he solid gameplay still makes it very enjoyable. The Game is totally Offline and available for both android and iOS.

Download- Android, iOS

Techyboss’s Final Words-

Even When Battel Royale Games like PUBG is trending these days and people like playing online games with their friends.

But I can still remember when I used to enjoy Gameloft’s amazing games back in my childhood, that was a different kind of craze I had that time.

And why only me? I know there are still a lot of Gameloft fans out there who still enjoy the games by the Legendary Company.

But today’s reality is that most games are only available online and there are very few that you can play offline.

Thankfully, Games Like Gangstar Vegas and Evergreen Asphalt 8, Sniper fury are still available offline to enjoy.

this shows that the company is also continuously developing the new Games according to modern needs, but you cannot deny that offline games are slowly disappearing.

Even in Gameloft’s future plans, A great example of this is the Games like Asphalt 9 Legends which is an Online game but that game has taken graphics to the next level on the smartphones.

But if you are looking for Gameloft’s best offline games then the above mentioned are the only one that I have found and I would constantly try to extend that list.

Have A Nice Day!!!

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