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Portless iPhones – The Future of Portless smartphones

Sounds like a future thing? Imagine a smartphone without a headphone jack, Charging port. Yes, very soon all the ports that you see currently on your smartphone are going to disappear.

No ports for anything. And you know what the best part is? You may get your hands on a portless phone by the end of this year.

That is what is future smartphones may look like, if everything goes as planned by “Apple”.

Reportedly, Apple has been planning to go “portless” with its new generation of iPhones. Yes, you may see the Portless “iPhone 13” series this year.

First, they got rid of the headphone jack, then they stopped giving charging brick in the box.

The Logic behind it “You’ll probably no need that because you might already have your own charger”.

And recently, they Launched a few Magsafe accessories (15W charger, Case, Wallet) for iPhones. Which uses the magnates to stick on the back of your iPhone.

“Apple” replaced headphone jack, with wireless Airpods. And now Apple is thinking to do the same with charging port.

There are not any exact details how will Apple achieve it, but some reports suggest that Apple will do it with their recently launched Magnetic charger.

All these series of actions till 2020 from Apple shows they’ve been working on it for a quite a long time.

Finally, 2021 could be that year when “Apple” may execute its plans for the future of smartphones. Because you know, whatever “Apple” does as a company the rest of the industry follows that.

But there are some doubts that whether or not all of the iPhones will go Portless this year. As you know Apple launched 4 iPhones in 2020, the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to well-known Youtuber “Jon Prosser”, it is not confirmed that which iPhone will go portless from iPhone 13 series.

But he believes that at least one iPhone, probably the most expensive one, will be the first iPhone which will have no ports.

So you can expect, at least one iPhone this year which will be Portless. So, is that mean we will see more smartphones without Ports in 2022?

Well, the answer is if Apple actually launches a portless iPhone this year, then there are no doubts that the rest of the smartphone industry will follow. but that main point here is, how it will change the way we use smartphones in future?

The future of PortLess Smartphones

As, I said that if Apple will launch an iPhones without ports this year, then surely you can expect the other smartphone companies to follow it. All the popular smartphone manufactures Samsung, Xiaomi, Oneplus, Vivo, Huawei.

each of those brands will launch their own Portless phones in future. But here is a catch, the idea of going portless might sounds great. but it also becomes expensive at the same time.

Because companies will also have to include wireless chargers now, which will definitely add a few more numbers to the price. for once premium brands like “Apple” & “Samsung” may get passed without giving the charger in the box.

Honestly, even for Samsung, this could be a challenge because of the company’s reputation in the market.

But for the Brands like Xiaomi, Oneplus which are known for selling the latest smartphone technology for low prices. It could be a massive challenge to overcome.

Because in past years, we’ve seen that whatever Apple do, these brands are first to follow them. For example, Apple when Apple launched the iPhone X with that Notch.

companies like Xiaomi, Oppo & Vivo were the first one to bring that trend to the mid & low-range budget tier smartphone. Because that is where these companies sell their most smartphones.

Both brands like Xiaomi and Oneplus, sell their majority of phones in countries like India. Where the market is very competitive and because of that the most smartphone buyers fall into the low and mid-range budget.

And that is where the real twist comes in the story, and for a good reason.

The “wireless” will go mainstream

Now let’s say all of these companies somehow manage to provide the wireless charging and other accessories for cheap such as headphones and charger.

That means in future, you may start to see the Portless smartphones without any ports at a low price. Yes, you read that right.

The features like “Wireless-charging”, which is currently advertised as Premium features by smartphone brands. And only limited to the premium smartphones right now will be available to almost everyone.

So if everything goes right, the probability is that if you plan to buy any smartphone in future at any price range. You will get a Portless smartphone, with all wireless accessories.

So your obvious question should be When you will be able to buy a budget portless smartphone? Well, the answer is no one could exactly tell you that.

But by the previous experiences, if we assume that Apple will launch at leas One Poreless iPhone this year. You can probably expect the trend coming tot he low budget smartphones by the end of 2022.

And by the time of 2023, the portless trend should go mainstream and everyone should have access to the “Wireless” technology. And that is also one of the biggest reasons why a Portless iPhone will change smartphones forever.

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