The 7 New best Third-Party App stores for iOS

The 7 New best Third-Party App stores for iOS

Welcome back guys, why I am saying that? Well, that is because this is the part-2 of the best third-party app stores for ios. We have already covered several 3rd party app stores for ios with no jailbreak on our blog.

And today, we are taking that to the next level, because here I have brought 7 more amazing app stores for ios that won’t require to jailbreak your iPhone.

All of these apps are safe and you can trust them, they all provide you tweaked, hacked, “++” or modified versions of the popular apps and games for free of cost.

All you have to do is just read this article thoroughly and by the end, you’ll have the top 7 third party app store in your iPhone. So without wasting any time let’s start this.


there are chances that you might have heard of “Appeven” if you have been searching for the best Third-party app stores for ios with no jailbreak. that is because it is a popular option out there.

The app is known for its variety of apps and games, you will get the modified versions of popular apps like Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Netflix etc.

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same goes for games, you would get the mods of popular games, with them you can have unlimited coins, lives. and unlocked all the premium features. as I said that is the ultimate benefit using third-party app stores.

If you are in search of such app stores for iOS, then I would recommend you to check out “AppEven” it could be the app store you’ve been searching for.

The app also provides you with the best-paid apps for free, and the best part is that it also doesn’t require any jailbreak. But there is one more big plus point of using App even is that is compatible with all the latest version of IOS.

But still, you would have to check the compatibility by actually downloading or installing it. Check it out now.

Check it Now

Zestia Step

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our second third-party app store for ios is “Step” by Zestia, the app is known as one of the best 3rd part app stores for ios. They claim to be no.1, I think the app is just there right there with other popular apps stores for ios.

But not actually quite No.1 for me, there are reasons for that. For me, the biggest reason is that you won’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to get this.

First, after you finished installing the 3rd party app store. Then open it, there you’ll get the options for downloading tweaked apps, Cydia apps, ++ Apps or games.

Click on the category you want to download the apps from, check if it got the app that you want. then click to download and again just repeat the installation process.

That’s it that is how you can easily download all the hacked or tweaked versions of some popular applications.

pay attention to the word “some” because there are chances that you won’t find the hacked version of every app that you want.

The third-party app stores have its own limitation, but that shouldn’t be an issue because there are 95% chances that you will get the app or game you’ve been looking for.

Yes, I should’ve mentioned it earlier, but for all ios gamers out there, you can also download the hacked version of your favourite games.

For example Final Fantasy, Clash of clans, Pes, Asphalt, Fortnite, PUBG, Free Fire, Minecraft etc.

And like any other third-party app store of the list, the best thing about the “Step” is that you can download most of these games/apps for free of cost. You know what? you can even download the paid apps for free on this.

That is the best thing you are going to love about these third-party app stores. the only con which I want to mention here is that this will not support all the latest versions of iOS.

So if you got the latest version of IOS on your iPhone, and if “Step” is not compatible with it. Then you should wait, take a deep breath and just move to the Our next best third party app store for ios.

Because we can’t do anything about that, and it would be up to developers when they’ll update and make it compatible with the all latest versions of iOS.

Check it here


best third party app store for ios no jailbreak
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I don’t know how many of you guys have heard about “iNOJB” but the app has been one of the best apps 3rd party app stores out there. There is no doubt about that.

“iNOHB” is third party app store with no jailbreak, this thing combined with its library of millions of content ( Apps, games, theme, emulators, tweaks, Cydia alternatives).

There should not be any doubts that of course, you will find your desired app or games easily here. I don’t want to fill the post with the name of all of these apps here.

The only thing you need to know here is that you will get all the popular apps and games. In addition, you can also download custom themes.

So basically “iNOJB” provides you with a complete package for all your needs. you can download tweaked apps, ++ apps, Hacked games, custom themes, popular emulators. Almost everything you name it and you will find that on the “iNoJB”.

All of these you will get for free, there is no need to pay for anything. Even for those apps which you get paid on the Official App store from Apple.

And all of these apps are safe to download, so you can trust them without any tension over their safety.

That was the “iNOJB” just like the “Step”, you would also have to check the compatibility of the app with the latest version of iOS. You can do that by just downloading this 3rd party app store from the link below.

Check it here


image credit: Appweleux

“Amazing”, that was the reaction of mine when U first discovered this brilliant 3rd party app store for ios. Yes, and there are few mention-worthy reasons for that.

First, the reason is that it works with almost every version to iOS, from iOS 10 to latest iOS 14. There is no doubts over the “Appweleux” compatibility.

That means even if you don’t have the latest version of iOS, you can still use this amazing Third-party app store.

Second reason. and probably the one which impressed me most is the “Appweleux” is a third-party app store with no Jailbreak required. You don’t need to be a techie to use this free app store.

But what makes it even more impressive is that even if you have a jailbroken iPhone. It would still work fine on that too. and I think is it’s one of the biggest features

credit : Appweleux

And my third and obvious reason is its versatile App library. The App store has thousands of modified apps and games for you. Like I have mentioned several times, all of these apps and games are free to download.

Yes, all ios gamers can also download all the popular mobile emulators to get the most out of your iPhone’s powerful chips.

You can download the “++” or tweaked version of any popular social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc.

You can also use the premium paid versions of music streaming services like Spotify Premium, Tidal premium, SoundCloud, Apple Music etc.

Same for the popular games, you can download the hacked or modified version of almost any popular game.

In addition to that, if you are a fan of DARK MODE, and you are not rocking the latest version of iOS. Then you can till use Dark mode in the app by switching formal settings.

Other than that “Appweleux” is one of the best third-party app stores with no jailbreak out there. And you shouldn’t miss it.

Just search “Appweleux” on google.

Coker Nut X


Another great choice for iOS users. “Coker Nut X” is just similar to the “Appweleux”. They both are really similar.

For example. the Coker Nut X also works on the normal non-jailbroken iPhone. The 3rd party app store also has tweaked versions of all the application you can think off.

Not really but most popular apps are surly available for you to download their hacked or tweaked versions. “Coker Nut X” has thousands of apps and games in its library. Yes, the more chances are that you’ll still find the mod of your favourites game.


in addition, just like “Appweleux”, you can also download the popular emulators for iOS. The third-party app store got everything for you for free.

The UI of the app store is also, a worthy of mentioning here because it is so neat and minimal. I loved it and you’ll find it very easy to navigate all the apps or games categories.

The only thing that frustrated me most id its ads, the application is free but you’ll also have to be ready for some of the most annoying ads.

Yes, the most, I mean yes every ad is annoying if it is interfering to your user experience.

But the ads on Coker Nut X is just on another level, I don’t think that is deal-breaker. If we consider the amazing features, I think it totally worth it. And one of the best third-party app stores out there.

Search “Coker Nut X” in google


Yes, its “iPA4IOS”, did it surprised you? Well, it shouldn’t because most of you guys probably have never heard of it. Ok, bad joke I admit that. But honestly, iPA4IOS is genuinely a great third party app store.

iPA4iOS is another 3rd party app store for ios that you can use to download paid apps for free. basically, you can use it as in Alladins Gini. It will do wonders for you. Trust me.

The first highlight of the app store is obviously an alternative of popular third party app store “Cydia”. But as you know you’ll have to jailbreak your iPhone to use that.

And that is not for everyone, and any sensible person who got a little brain would never take the risk of jailbreaking their $1000 iPhone.

if you are that sensible person, then you left with 3rd party app store which requires no jailbreak.

that is where the IPA4IOS can really help you, just like all the mentioned app stores of the list. You can download the tweaked, hacked, “++” versions of the apps and games for free with this app.

In just a few clicks you’ll be able to download all the paid apps for free, as well as Modified versions or premium versions of popular apps and games. And if you have read this article till here, then you know what all that means.

So then what are you waiting for, the iPA4IOS looks very similar to the official apps tore. You would not face any problems. Check it out now.

Check it here

Asterix Installer

Yes, bro, we have finally reached to our top no.7 of the list, I can’t believe it. it’s so unfortunate that we come to the end this soon. but anyway we would have to talk about it.

The tagline of the “Asterix Installer” says everything about it, it says “Unlock your device’s potential”. And that is what it exactly going to do for you iPhone. and only for iPhone, Ill explain that later.

But with “Astrix installer” you can surely unlock the potential of your iPhone. I am not gonna repeat my self again this time. You all guys know what you can do with a third-party app store.

However, the app store is also available for android but there is absolutely nothing to the app. I have tried it, other than 2-3 apps there is nothing to download. That is so strange.

I don’t know why it is like that? but I think the developer is more interested in iOS users rather than android users. and there is the point for that because as you know there is so much competition into the Android world.

There are so many options already exists for Android users, the app stores like Apkpure, Aptoid are very popular =between android users. and surely, the case is totally opposite into the IOS world.

And that is also the main reason why new third party app stores are flooded on the internet in recent times. Whatever, the app works completely fine on the ios and you shouldn’t miss on it.

Check it now.

So that was it for today guys, I hope you’ve liked it. If you did, then please don’t forget to let me know in the comments. we’ll meet very soon in the next article. till then stay safe.

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