The easiest way to Use Instagram on Laptop with All features

Wondering how to use Instagram on your new laptop? screwed by the fact that you can’t post on the Instagram on your Laptop as you do on your smartphone?

Then this is the complete and easiest guide on how to use Instagram on your Laptop ( Windows or Mac)? And how you can easily post on Instagram on your laptop in just a few steps?.

So here is the step by step guide for you to use Instagram easily on your Laptop.

Step-1 Open Your Chrome Browser on your Laptop

So to start this super easy process you will have to open your Google Chrome browser on your Laptop.

It is not necessary for you to use only chrome but you would need a browser that supports chrome web extensions, especially Mac users. Because safari doesn’t support that.

So if you don’t have the chrome on your laptop, You can easily download Google Chrome if you are using other browsers which don’t support chrome web extensions.

Step-2 Open “Chrome Web Store” on the browser

how to use instagram on laptop

The second step is just to tap on the search bar and type “Web store” on the search bar and then press enter.

Now you are at the result page and tap on the search result called “Chrome Web Store- Extensions- Google Chrome” as you can see on the image.

Then you will open the Chrome Web Store for the chrome extension in your Tab, and here is what you would need to do next. Pay attention to our step-3 closely.

Step-3 Download this Instagram extension on your browser

Ok, this is the most important step here, by now you have successfully opened your web store.

And there are lots of extensions here but you are here for but we are searching for the Instagram extension.

So to find that just type “post on Instagram” or “Dekstop For Instagram” on the web store’s search bar then you will be redirected to the result page.

on the result page, you will see that there are many extensions here for Instagram but you will only need to click on the Deskstop For Instagram by PIP Inc.

And After that just click on the “Add to Chrome” button and allow the permission to download this chrome web extension to your browser.

Now you have successfully added the required web extension on your browser and we finally heading to our final step now.

Step-4 Open and set the Instagram extension

Now you must see the Instagram icon along with your search bar and click on the icon.

Then you will see Instagram’s get started window and a switch button on the side as well.

By using the switch button you can choose between the “Tablet Mode and Smartphone Mode”.

Since you are using a laptop or a desktop I would recommend you to choose Tablet mode here, because it gives the better view.

Then click on the Get Started button and you will be redirected to the login page. To login fill your ID and password and scroll down to click the login button.

Finally, now you are at your home Instagram page and you can do everything you do on your smartphone.

The Instagram’s UI is same here as your smartphone or tablet and you can easily Like, Share, comment, send DM and even post on your Laptop (desktop) easily.

this extension brings all the features of the Android and IOS Instagram to your Laptop. But you cannot post your stories here and that’s a bummer.

But the plus point here is that you can download the posted pictures from Instagram.

So, these were the all 4 easy steps you would need to follow to Use Instagram on Laptop and to Post on Instagram on Laptop.

how to post on instagram on laptop

All of these 4 steps should not be taken more than 5 minutes and its super simple to use.

Now, let’s discuss why you need to do all of this stuff.

Why Instagram doesn’t allow you to post on desktops app or website?

There is no official statement about it but by analyzing Instagram’s marketing, the compony want all users to engage trough the Mobile Instagram App more, rather than using Instagram on the desktop. That’s why Instagram won’t allow you to post on the laptop.

Instagram users Mobile Vs Desktop

And that’s why most of Instagram’s users are on the mobile devices not on the desktop. to understand this let’s put this into the context, there are more than 500 million users of the Instagram on the Smartphone daily. So Instagram’s encouragement for the mobile app makes sense here.

however, Instagram’s desktop app or website won’t allow you to post pictures on the laptop. But you can do other things such as Like, sharing sending DMs and changing profile settings.

What is this Instagram extension for desktop and how it works?

You might raise the question here that why the only “Desktop for Instagram” chrome extension.

To be honest there is no such a reason for choosing this extension in particular but the ease of use of the extension.

Just download it and you are ready to go, I love How easy it to use in just few clicks you are able to use Instagram on laptop.

How does it work? In the simplest words, the Desktop for Instagram uses Mobile and tablet mode of Instagram and that’s allow you to enjoy the Mobile App version on laptop.

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There are too many other ways like third party apps you can use apps likes blue stacks to use android app on your PC.

But why bother? when you can do that in a very easy and efficient way. Do you know? that the official Instagram App for windows needs 1GB Ram free to run properly.

And the fact that it still not allow you to share photos and videos makes absolutely no sense.

So I found that this Extension is working amazing and I can easily post anything on Instagram on a laptop like I do on my phone.

The process is also very simple here, just search for web store on google then opens the chrome web store for extension.

Now search for the “Post on Instagram” term, find the Desktop for Instagram extension and add it to your browser. And you have done now you are ready to post on Instagram on the laptop.

If you are looking for the ways to how to post on Instagram on the laptop then this is the easiest way.

Hopefully, you guys have found it helpful? if you have? then please don’t forget to let me know in comments.

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