Top 10 New Jet Fighter Games For Android and iOS

Top 10 New Jet Fighter Games For Android and iOS

Love to see flying the Fighter Jets? How about getting a virtual experience of what does it mean to be a Jet Fighter? Today, we are going to know about some of the best Jet Fighter Games for both Android and iOS.

In this short article, you will know the jet fighter games that provide you with the most realistic experience of an Air Combat. Yes, you can fire missile, bomb, rocket and shoot down you enemies in the middle of the air.

You Plan your strategy, Use Carriers, historical Aircafts on the stunning battle filed locations like Tundra, Desert, up to an Ocean in difficult environments. Sounds really interesting? So without wasting any time, here are the best Jet Fighter games for Android and iOS.

New Jet Fighter Games You cannot miss if you are a fan of fighter Planes

Plan your strategy, Lock You Target, and press the shoot button and boom, You enemies aircraft is burring and falling down. Enjoy the nest new jet fighter games now…

Wings of Steel

The “Wings of Steel” is one of those legendary games that are dominating the jet fighting games for years. The game has everything you could ask for, the great graphics, great gameplay with amazing sound effects. And little more, that is the main highlight of the game.

The game has a great story mode like missions, you can enjoy challenging missions including dogfight, dive-bombing, carrier landing, dogfight, torpedo bombing, escort, and other things. The gameplay is the key here, and it is so good that many other games of this list have inspired by it.


Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes

Ace Fighter: Modern Air Combat Jet Warplanes for android

If you want to experience the real air combat, then I don’t think there is any other game would be as good as “Ace Fighter”, I mean trust me it is one of the best game jest fighter games out there. why?

well, I am saying that because of its amazing gameplay that provides you with a real Jet simulation experience, and to be frank I loved it a lot. So here is what you should expect to from this brilliant jet fighting game,

First, you can, you can fly more than 20 fighter jets and can have experience of a fighter pilot. The controls of the game are just amazing, everything you can possibly imagine. You can fire a set of 15 unique missiles and also can destroy your enemy missiles by using anti-missiles.

In addition, the 3D graphics of the game are just A+ console quality and you would love it. The only area where I think you might feel that you might feel little disappointment is the positioning of buttons.

because sometimes they overlay enemy jets but if you get a phone that has a 6-inch display then you should not face any major problems. Other then that the game is all fine.


Techyboss’s Picks For You-

Modern Warplanes: Sky fighters PvP Jet Warfare

“Modern Warplanes” is another amazing Jetfighter game you can download. You are the Sky Fighter who would have to lead the combat, you can control up to 30 fighter jet each of them got there unique characteristics.

For example, a jet can shoot 5 enemies aircraft with a one of a kind fighter jet, and that is how all of those 30 jet are going to have such unique characteristics. I would like to name few of them here for you, Boeing, JAS Gripen, Lockheed Blackbird, SU, Mig, Raven, Falcon, Raptor, Blackbird, Nighthawk, and more.

On the graphics side, the game has some of the real high-quality graphics to make you feel like you are playing a PC game of your smartphone. in addition to that, it also features the locations of the stunning Sky battlefields like mountains, hot deserts, ice wastelands filled with supersonic jets and thunder of missiles and steel bullets.


Air Combat OL: Team Match

Air Combat OL: Team Match for android

Air Combat is online jet fighter game you can play with your friends and family, the game is designed for online multiplayer gaming. but the developers have done an amazing job to keep it as interesting as possible and player don’t feel like they are bored.

To do that first, the game contains some real high-quality graphics that might remind you of the console-quality games. The gameplay of the game is also easy to understand and very addictive. but the main highlight of the game here is the ability to customize your fighting aircraft.

You can customize your jet with more than 16+ unique technology, you add bombers, Machine guns, and radars to your fighter jet to make it ultimate fighting machine. To defeat your online opponents and surprises them with your custom ar craft.

that is what the game is all about, you will enjoy the amazing customization, Graphics and addictive online gameplay. It also comes with many online playing modes and events like online Team Match. You are going to love the “Air Combat OL”.

Android iOS

Battle of Warplanes: Airplane Games War Simulator

Get Ready for the non-stop action of sky combat in stunning locations with amazing colourful graphics. I am talking straight the highlight of the game which is its beautiful coloured graphics and stunning locations. Like: mountains and hot deserts filled with iron birds, supersonic fighters and crossfire of bullets.

You can see that in the trailer video, that is the most impressive thing I loved about this jet fighting game. You can fly more than 20 types of Air crafts to complete your missions. The game is also playable online with an online multiplayer mode and it also playable offline.

As I said the gameplay of the game is full of non-stop action as you can have Dogfights in the middle of the sky. The game is totally worth it and the sound effects just add the cherry on the top of its console-like gameplay.

Android iOS



if you want a complete experience of flying a jet? then I think AirFighters is only gonna take that to the next level. because its gameplay includes a very unique thing that other jet games are lacking. I am talking about the using Airport or Aircraft carriers to land in combat. Yes, you can do that in Airfighters.

talking about the gameplay, the game has nice 3D graphics combining with immersive gameplay and sound effects. It feels very real, Yes, it is another jet fighter game with such great gameplay. but again if you have a smartphone with a small screen you might find it hard to use controls.

The game also doesn’t lack different fighter jets with unique characteristics, every time when you will use any different fighter jet you would actually feel that you are controlling is a new aircraft with different abilities. It is another example of its great gameplay.

but hey I will not recommend you to make any “in-game” purchases of items, because I have indeed lost my $25 and other users also have confirmed that is a serious issue with the game.

my main reason to tell you that in order to aware you to not spend any money on purchasing items in the game. Other than that “AirFighters” undoubtedly one of the best jet fighter games out there.


Call of Infinite Air Warfare

Cover art

OK, by now you must know that the almost each and every game of this list has some really amazing graphics as I have highlighted that in the description of almost every game. But I can bet you non of them comes even close to the graphics to the “Call of Infinite Air Warfare” when it comes to the realistic graphics.

Yes the game is also highly rated for this reason and the games seem to it, but the main reason to love this game is not only its stunning graphics but also the gameplay. Even a noob can fight like a pro in this 3D simulator jet fighter game.

The controls of the game are so easy and the war scenes are also very cool, trust me you are going to love the realism of the game. the game is totally offline playable, actually, it is an Offline game,


Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight

“Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight” is the game that is focused on the story of the fighter pilots during World War 2. You will play the role of a pilot as a lead jet fighter in your squadron. So the basic point here is that the game is based on World War 2.

So you can say it is an RPG type Jet Fighting game, ok moving to the graphics, the game also comes with some A+ graphics, you can see the hard work in the details of the game scenes. Plus the controls are also too easy to learn and sound effects add the 5 stars of ts already superb gameplay.

You can conquer the world with the more than 50 veteran fighter jets or aircraft. you can buy flying machine likes of RAF, Luftwaffe, American, Japanese and Soviet Air Forces, with the options of various customization, paint and upgrade.


Sky Baron: War of Nations

Sky Baron is another game themed on World War 2, you can relive the World War 2 Air combat by playing this beautifully designed game. The game is packed with some of the most historic aircraft that were used in World War 2 the legendary Jets like, Kawasaki, Arado  Spitfire, Messerschmitt. That is incredible, isn’t it?.

You would have to choose your legacy by choosing to battle with Allies or Axis States, the gameplay also plays the great part to make it as spectacular as possible. You can also do your desired customization to your Fighter jet, as it provides you with a lot of options there.

The visuals of the game also qualify for a Solid A grade as it has some great graphics, you can see to put that into a context you can see the reflection of sunlight on your and enemies plane. it Might take you a little time to set your hand on to the controls but after that, you will enjoy it for sure.

Android iOS

Warplanes: WW1 Sky Aces

It is the WW1 version of the my just mentioned “Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight”, and boy what I can say about the game. the game is packed with full of thrilling action and a heart touching story of WW1 make it even better. By playing the Warplanes” WW1 Sky Aces you will enjoy the WW1 sitting on your couch.

I am not gonna describe the Gameplay, Controls, and Graphics or visuals of the game here. Because they are as good as you need to play a fantastic Air Combat game on your smartphone. in the short experience of the overall game is no different than its successor.

But one thing I really want to emphasize here is that also comes with the some of the most beautiful, Battlefiled locations, Like Desert, Frozen Tundra, above the Oceans.

and you can fight in the day or night. The A+ graphics and Visuals make it to feel more realistic. I loved that and I would highly recommend you to play this amazing game.

Android iOS

My Pick out of the list –

As I fighter jet lover, I really like these games a lot and there is no doubt that these are one of the best jet fighter games you can download on your smartphone. They all come with amazing Gameplay & Graphics and try to provide you with ultimate air combat experience in their own way.

But if I have to choose my first choice that I would like to play first, that would be the “Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight”. I mean you cannot deny that it is a perfect blend of an RPG game with a great story of World War 2. and the amazing stunning graphics and easy Gameplay only make it better.

So that was my Pick guys, why you don’t let me know your personal, favourite in the comment section below?.

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