Top 15 free Best PPSSPP Games under 1GB for android

Top 15 free Best PPSSPP Games under 1GB for android

Searching for the best PPSSPP games to play on your android smartphones? Everyone knows how amazing PSP games used to be, every gamer wished to have a PSP to play those amazing games. Those PSP games were so amazing that they are still very enjoyable today. But now you don’t need to have a PSP to play these games, why? Because PPSSPP emulators are here to help us.

You can download any PSP emulators for your android smartphone since there are few options available. But I would highly recommend you to use PPSSPP emulator, which comes in two versions. One is available for free and you can directly download it from the Google Play store. And the Gold Version of the emulator comes at a cost. You can check out both of them on the play store by searching for “PPSSPP Emulator”.

Once when you would download the PPSSPP Emulator, then your second step should be to download the supported PSP games for it. And that is not an easy task for everyone. You would have to deal with Zip files, you use any zip file opener app if you don’t know about Zip file Extractors and here is the list of some of the best zip file openers for android and iOS, you can check that.

well to help you, even more, Here is a quick video tutorial for you. This would help you to know how you to get your games running on the PPSSPP Emulator.

Ok, now you know how you would install PPSSPP games on the emulator, so let’s start our today’s main topic. Let’s know about the some of the best PPSSPP games you can download right now, the best thing about all of these PPSSPP games is that they all are available under 1GB, So you don’t need to have GBs of data on games. So without wasting any more time let’s see our best PPSSPP games.

SHREK The Third (365MB)

Shrek the Third is one of the best PPSSPP Games under 1GB

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already know the famous “SHREK” from the famous cartoon franchise. I have seen a lot them in my childhood and still remember those adventures movie scenes. You can live those all adventures & thrillers from by playing the official PPSSPP game of “SHREK The third” and the great thing is that it is just about 365MB in total size.

The game is based on the film that was released in the back in 2007 “Shrek the Third“. The whole gameplay is built around the film’s story and it has that storytelling type gameplay, not a surprise because it was designed of PSP. You would have to complete the adventures missions to progress your story as you go. The game is super fun and I would recommend you to try it,


God of War – Ghost of Sprata (410MB)

“God of War” I don’t think that I need to introduce to you what this game is all about. The Game was a hit when it was launched on the PSP and still the best PPSSPP games you can play on your PPSSPP emulator on android.

The game is an RPG action-adventure type game with a deeply narrated storyline gameplay. You cannot get the same boss fighting experience on any other game like this one. You would have to fight some of the most powerful and boss by the end of each chapter or mission.

The graphics of the game is amazing, the gameplay scenes and very impressive combat action makes it one of the best PPSSPP games you can play right now. No other games are even close to “God of War- Ghost of Sprata“.



“TEKKEN 6” is another game that has the reputation that any gamer who would ever make his list of best games he ever played. and if he played any game of Tekken series then He cannot miss the “TEKKEN” series games from his list. The was very popular on PSP and still very popular among PPSSPP gamers.

If you don’t know what is TEKKEN 6 is? then it is a game for street fighting lovers. You have different characters in the game which has their special fighting character and moves. You would have to challenge yourself with back to back fighting with your enemies, the most difficult part of the game is its gameplay. You would have to learn combos if you really want to master the full fighting skills of your favourite character. Once you learned that the game could be a real-time killer for you.


UP (300MB)

If you were looking for the best high-quality graphics PPSSPP game under 1GB then, UP is one of them. If you like adventures games where you would have to use your brain to solve problems and exploring the open world, then the “UP” is the game you have been looking for.

The game has everything you need to have a great experience of a full adventure movie in a game, the gameplay is based on the real movie, where you are on the adventure with the two main characters an Old man and a naughty boy.

you are chasing the flying house of the old man in a different world, climbing mountains, passing rivers, caves while also facing little adventures tasks throughout your journey. the Gameplay of the game is amazing and its High-Quality graphics makes it only better.


Chili Con Carnage (570MB)

Chili Con Carnage was one of the best action shooting game on the PSP that I have played and now I am glad that all the android users can also enjoy this absolute action game.

Like any PSP game “Chili Con Carnage” has its own little story, I tell you that in short, “Ramiro (the main character) gifted his father kittens on his birthday, while he was working on his office. Then suddenly a freak harvester break through his office and in that accident Ramiro lost his farther along with kittens. Now he wants the revenge who did this to his father and that how his mission starts.”

That was the story of the game, the gameplay of the action shooting game is also very unique, where during every encounter with your enemy you will enjoy the cool-looking sow motion shooting action. you would have to complete the all the missions before making it to the real culprit, the gameplay of the game is amazing but only thing might disappoint you here is its low-quality 2D graphics other than that Chili Con Cranage is very enjoyable.


Techyboss’s Top Picks for You Today-

Crash of The Titans (766MB)

“Crash Of The Titans” is an adventure open world PSP game, I personally don’t like this one. Because apart from its colourful graphics, I really felt that the gameplay of the game could have been a lot better then what it has. but hey don’t get me wrong, the game scenes are amazing and you might like it for its funny sound effects, funny fighting scenes but I personally didn’t like it for some reason.

You can control your enemies, with your special powers, can use different fighting combos during your fights, and also can use special powers of your character. You would have to complete your mission to reach the final stage and free your friends from the cage of your story’s villain.

it is the action-packed adventure story of “Crash” who is on the chase of his friends who is hostage by the story’s main villain “Mina”. The game has more than 20 levels and you can enjoy its funny, and time-killing gameplay on your android phone. it is only about 766MB in size, and despite its gameplay cons, it is still one of the most popular PPSSPP games out there.


Aliens Vs Predator Requiem (252MB)

“Aliens Vs Predator Requiem” is another PSP game which is based on a movie. You can search for the movie by the same name on the Youtube, hopefully you would like it. But today we are talking about the PPSSPP game.

The game is about the aliens as the names suggest, aliens came on the earth and your mission is to fight against them with your exotic weapons. You can find your perfect weapon from your arsenal, to kill the bad, scary aliens. You are the predator and your mission is to save this world from the aliens. The action game is really great, and the gameplay of the game is also quite good, typical PSP game-like, I hope that you would like the Aliens Vs Predator Requiem.


Lord of Arcana (644MB)

“Lord Of Arcana” is an RPG action game, where you start your journey to be a warrior. And as soon s you choose your character in the game your game starts right away. The gameplay of the game is no different than any of the latest RPG android games you play today, some cut scenes, an open arena and your enemies coming at you from all sides.

you would see occasional cut scenes, to provide you with the feel of the story of the game. if you have played any RPG game on android, yes I am talking about from google play store you guys will understand what I am talking about here.

And once you finished with that, you would meet the boss monster in by the end of every mission. and as you must know the cool thing about these kinds of games are their magic tricks and combos to take down your enemy.

You can non stop attack a giant dragon and try to dodge his attacks, you can use your special moves and skills to beat down your enemies which are usually cool and I like them a lot. so that was the all about the gameplay, the graphics of the game are nice not that high quality but still you can expect to enjoy it.



Want to hunt and shoot down animals without going into the jungle? Gun Showdown is the game that you need. The game is all about hunting wild animals like Bear, Deer, Wild cows, Birds, wolves, elephants and more. You would always find yourself shooting down animals.

But the best thing. I liked about this game is that you are doing all of that action in an open-world jungle. Sometimes you are hiding behind the mountain valley and locking your target down to the hills. Some times riding horses or you would find a situation where you are getting attacked by the other animals and you would have to kill them while also protecting yourself.

So all I can say about the game is that you are gonna like its great gameplay, you would never feel lost, and the open jungle hunting makes it even more interesting play. You can also say that it is kind of a jungle survival game. and if you like those kind of game you are going to love GUN SHOWDOWN and it is one of the best PPSSPP games under 1GB you can download right now.


Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO (438.2MB)

Remember Tekken 6? and when you would get bored of playing that you can try Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO. Which is similar to the Tekken 6, you have the special heroes with their special combos and fighting tricks. You can fight with the several different opponents as you do in Tekken games, so in other words, What I am trying to say here is that the game is almost similar to the Tekken 6.

And if you want a Japanese version of it then Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO is that game for you. The gameplay of the game is so easy. you know just like Tekken games. You would have to learn special combos and skill moves if you want to defeat your enemy in the quickest time possible. The graphics are good nothing surprising there. If you like Tekken games, I am sure you would like this amazing PPSSSPP game too.


Samurai Duo 2 (433MB)

Samurai Duo 2 is undoubtedly one of the best PPSSPP games you can download. The game is amazing, the story of the game is great the gameplay of the game is also great, you are a samurai and you have your traditional weapons like sword and Knives. All you have to do now is that you will have to jump around and dodge your opponents while also attacking at the same time.

Once when you would finish your mission you would occasionally find your self playing the walking dead like story mode. Your story will be decided based on your answers. But here is a catch, the full game language is the “Japanese” so if you know Japanese then it’s great for you. But if you don’t know, what is most likely the case would be, you would have to play it with like that. Just guessing the correct answers and enjoy the game.

One last thing I want to mention about this amazing PPSSPP game is that it has one of the best relaxing background music I have heard in any game. I am sure you are going to notice it as well, but only if you would hit the download button below and start downloading it.



POPOLOCROIS not the type of games that all the guys are going to like here, at least I can say that I personally didn’t like the game. But That doesn’t mean that you are also not gonna like it, so I decided to include the game to this list of best PPSSPP games.

There is nothing to say about the graphics of the game here because they are simply don’t exist in the game or in other words the game is not about the best HD graphics but instead, it is more focused on the storytelling type, as your play you progress in the game’s story here. So your question must be here, hey techyboss what is the story of the game anyway?

Well, my answer here to you is not going to what you usually expect, I would say ” Please check the Youtube for more information, because the whole game is just out of my syllabus” Ok, seriously story of the game is a Japanese story and am not a fan of that. But you can download the game and if you understand it and even like it. Please make sure to come back on this post and let me know in the comment section, I would be thankful to you for my whole life,


Street Fighter Alpha 3 (101MB)

Another one of my favourite PSP games that has my so many childhood memories with it, I am talking about the Street Fighter game series. I was the fan of all street fighter games and Street Fighter Alpha 3 is one of them.

The gameplay of the game is not any different to the Tekken games, the only change here with the characters and their fighting moves and skills. As you would progress in the game you would fight in different-different locations or should I say different Background pictures.

You can select up to 30 street fighter in the game, each one of them comes with their own special abilities and fighting style. Yes exactly like you find in the Tekken games. The skill moves of the characters are amazing and you can expect Street Fighter 3 Alpha a game full of action.

The best part I loved about the gameplay is that you know what type of fighter you need to fight with certain opponents. All you have to do is tho learn how to press those PPSSPP emulator buttons on the right time and right place,


Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai Another Road

Do I even need to introduce anyone what “Dragon Ball Z” is all about? If yes then we are living in a different world now. Seriously, how on earth someone doesn’t know about the world’s most popular amine series?

But still, if you don’t know about “Dragon Ball Z” then it is the world’s most popular comic anime series which has its fans around the globe. It has some serious story which is full of ridiculously powerful heroes and Monster civilians.

“In the main story the some special charecters are protecting the earth from the vicious weired looking monsters. Who holds the ultimate magical super unnatural powers”

The main character of the original Dragon ball z series is the Goku who also has some unnatural superpowers And the main character called “MAJIN BUU” is the main villain of the main story. But in “Shin Budokai Another Road” game they offer a new story. Where another main character called Trunks is on his adventure fighting the main story’s villain MAJIN BUU.

Ok, enough talking about the story of the game, now let’s take a quick look at the gameplay of the game. If I have to describe its gameplay in just on the word then I would have said Simply “Awesome”. I mean Once if you would play the game, you would never find any other game who offers this kind of visuals, graphics and incredibly fast-paced action gameplay with all those super cool special moves in the mid-air.

The game was released on the PSP years ago and Even today you would not find any other game which can provide you with the same experience like Dragon Ball Z dose. It is simply stunning and you would find that in every aspect of the game, in its Gameplay, Graphics, Sound Effects, in everything. So what are you waiting for? go-ahead and play it now.


Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (346MB)

For the lovers of the action-adventure story games “Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings” is the game that is a must play game on PPSSPP emulator. The game has a tremendous storyline and its action adventure gameplay provides the ultimate experience. “the little story of the game starts from the 1939,where the main character “Indiana Jones” is searching for his former mentor “Charles Kingston” while competing with rival archaeologist Magnus Völler for the of the Moses”. Like most other PSP games you would find that it has so many great cut-scenes, to tell the whole story here.

So by the story you should have gotten the idea about what you should expect form the game. In my words I would say that the gameplay of the game is quite amazing, you have to shoot your enemies occasionally, finding your way out of dark caves. Flying areoplans through the mountain hills, hiding yourself from from the enemis, and also climbing on the big buldings. The game is full of adventure And going to be one of the favourite PPSSPP games for those who like typical awesome adventure games.


Silent Hill Shattered Memories (707MB)

“Silent Hill Shattered Memories” is another epic story game for PPSSPP game lovers. If you are a big fan of story games then the Storyline of this game is going to touch your heart to the very bottom, I am sure about that. It is a story of a Father who is in the search of his daughter but the problem is that he would have to find her in a different fiction dark world.

If we move to its gameplay, oh man what I can say about it. The gameplay is designed so well that you would feel like you are living the life of that character in your real life. Everything is amazing the graphics, the sound effects, the voices of the story characters are great, like real. I am sure that you would like the game. So then what are you waiting for? please go ahead and check it out now.


Over the hedge (190MB)

Over the hedge is an arcade action game which definitely has its own story, as every other PSP game has. But I am not gonna talk about the story of this game here, because I don’t wanna bore you. So without in lazy talks let’s get straight into the spicy part about the game. And that is its gameplay.

It is more like action and arcade mix type game, sometimes you would have to fight with your enemies and that is where all the action part play its role. While on the other hand, some times are just wondring finding the quest, climbing the mountains and doing stuff like that. You know what I am talking about here.

Other than that it has one of the best graphics you could find on PPSSPP games because it is one of the best PPSSPP games you would find right now. and top of that it is also one of the best PPSSPP games under 1GB at the moment.


Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines (494MB)

Another game I think anyone who loves the games knows what “Assassin’s Creed” games are, needs no introduction. I don’t know about you but I have even played this game a lot when I used to have JAVA phones. But I have also played the game on my PSP a lot. Now thanks to PPSSPP emulator you can enjoy that on your android phone. The game is one of the most popular games available for the PPSSPP right now.

The game is fully packed with action, suspense, drama and adventure. You are controlling the action man in the game, sometimes attacking you opponents from the back while hiding from the soldiers. Climbing, hanging, jumping the game has everything you can wish for. The graphics of the game are also great. I cannot describe the Assassin’s Creed Bloodlines in my own words you would have to play it by yourself to know how amazing the game is.


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