Top 1980’s Video Games List, You can still enjoy & play them now.

Top 1980’s Video Games List, You can still enjoy & play them now.

Remember those retro games that we used play on the retro controllers? if you do then you are lucky. But I am certainly not that as lucky as you were to enjoy 1980’s Video Games.

Because I was not born at that time, but as I was researching for this article. it was really fascinating for me. That some of these 1980’s popular games still even exists today.

Yes, but only on Android, I mean most of them are only available for android smartphones. I have tried my best to find the Apple App Store links for these games and the good news is that I have found for some.

Honestly, I have tried my best to find all these 1980’s Video games and their “Clones” for android and ios. I hope you will like spending your valuable time reading this post. So here is the list of top 1980’s Video Games that you can still play on your smartphone.

List of Popular 1980’s Video Games with their android and ios Download Links


Our first Retro game of the list is not very surprising “Pac-Man“, one of the most famous Video Games in the 1980s. The Game was designed by “TORU IWATANI” who actually wasn’t even a professional programmer or designer.

are you kidding me? The guy designed one of the most popular & highest grossing game without any training of coding. He was not even interested in the Designing game at all.

But as an employee, he had to finish the task he was asked (And he did it pretty well).

as one of the highest-grossing game of all time the “Pac-Man” series has generated over $14 Billion from sales. That is some amount of serious money, that I believe even Japanese didn’t even dream of.

The Pac-man was one of the very first games of its time to bring the Cut-Scenes. and it was actually made in response to a shooting game by the Japanese gaming company “Namco”.

At that time, no one thought that the game would be such a hit. So, those were some really fun facts about the Iconic “Pac-Man” video game. People used play Pac-Mans on those big game machines.

But you are lucky, you don’t have to go and wait for your turn to play the game on centres. Because the Same “Pac-Man” is luckily available for both Android & ios. and trust me, it is still as addictive as it was in 1980.

Download- Android, iOS


(Image by Nintendo)

Here it comes, the game which defined the video games “Genres”, “Donkey Kong” was one of the most popular games of the 1980s. Just like “Pacman, the owner company had no faith in the game about its success.

The American NINTENDO had serious doubts over the success of the game, the game was designed by a Japanese designer “Shigeru Miyamoto”. He was working for NINTENDO’s JAPAN.

That was some brief history of the iconic game, now let’s know some interesting & fun facts. Do you remember the Infamous video game “Mario”? come on don’t say no, because it is arguably the most legendary video game franchise of all time.

Yes, “Donkey Kong” was original debut game of the Infamous Mario. “Mario” was the actual Landlord of all landscapes & gaming scenes you see in the game.

“Donkey Kong” was the game that inspired NINTENDO game designers to develop the future iconic franchise.

since the game was so popular at the time, it generated over $250 Million within two years of its launch. it was one of the highest-grossing game of its time, and another NINTENDO’s one of the most iconic games of all time.

But that was the time of 1980s and we are living in 2021, I could not find exactly the same game.

But I have found a modern version of it, the name of the game is “Banana Kong” and I hope that you would experience that same iconic gameplay.

Download- Android, iOS


(image by Tetris)

Even when “Tetris” is not necessarily the most exciting game of all time, that s because you just have to fit the right block in the right place.

Remember those old block game on java keypad phones? where the different shape of blocks used to fall like rain and you would have to put it in the right place.

I can remember my self when I bought a video game from the fair in my town. that has the falling block game, and I never used to play that game, because I just did not like that as I said.

Tetris was created by a Russian software engineer. there is a fun fact about the game that it was inspired by a wooden puzzle game. and that is also one of the reasons why the game has falling blocks in gameplay.

if till now you have found it interesting or just wanted to try it out, you can simply check the download links below for both android and iOS.

The modern version of the game, thanks to N3TWORK, you can still enjoy the popular old game right on your smartphones.

Download- Android, iOS


Galga is 1980's Video Games
(Image by Apkpure)

What comes first when you hear the word “Galaga“? please give me your honest answer in the comments below. ok, let’s know more about this popular 1980’s video game.

“Galaga” was originally designed by the infamous Namco, yes you would have read this name many times in the article. I believe they war the giants of the 1980’s gaming industry.

You guys might have remembered that game of playing on your keypad phone. where you used to had an aeroplane in the space and you would have to shoot obstacles to get pass the level.

Your biggest enemy is going to be the boss of all Galagas, the game was very popular in the arcade category. The maximum you will score, the more level you win.

the best thing is that you can still play the game on Android and ios, and not so surprising the game still is very popular. It is downloaded over 1Million times & 4-star rating on the play store.

Download- Android, iOS


I don’t know how many gamers from 1980’s know about the popular arcade game of that time “Q*Bert”. I honestly heard that name for the first time during the research.

The game was also known for its isometric graphics that created a 3D graphic effect in the game. You know, 3D was really a big thing at that time. the developers of the game were still able to create pseudo-3D effects in the game using isometric graphics.

talking about the gameplay, it was designed to combine action & puzzle in one game. The funny character of the game was also loved by the gamers, and people started to call him “swearing” because of its funny sounds.

you can understand the level of the popularity of arcade game by the fact that you can still play the same old game on android and ios. Sony Pictures Television understood the popularity of the game and launched it on both platforms.

Since that Q*Bert has over 1M downloads and an excellent rating of 4.4 by over 60K people on the play store. So, what are you waiting for? go ahead and install Q*BERT now.

Download- Android, iOS


Contra is one of the best games of 1980
(Image by Nintendo)

The Run & Shooting game was launched in 1987 by Konami. I am talking about the game where a soldier with his gun used to jump here & there. You would have to shoot enemies to pass the level.

I am sure that the shooting game was so popular, it was later even launched for Nintendo Switch. The game was so popular that I have even bought the Nintendo for this game when I was 7y old.

don’t worry today, you won’t have to buy Nintendo to play the Contra, there are two ways you can enjoy the 1980 joy. First, I would recommend you to download the IOS Rom for PPSSPP emulator.

in that way you can play the original version of Contra (don’t forget to check this article about best PPSSPP games for Android).

The second method is to play a modern game inspired by the Contra, The game has the same Run & Shooting gameplay. With modern cut scenes and sound effects.

I am not going tell you the name here, you can check Contra duplicate for both ios & Android by download links below.

Download- Android, iOS

Moon Patrol

(Image by Nintendo)

Forget about the nice graphics where you are running the car on the surface of the moon. That is not what Moon Patrol is all about, the game was launched in 1982. you can check everything about the game here.

The only thing I wanna tell you about the Moon Patrol is that it was the first game which brought the idea of parallel-X scrolling in side-scrolling video games.

That means Moon Patrol was one of those games that laid the foundation of what we have today, in the gaming industry. If that sounds interesting to you and wanna know what this “Parallel-X” looks like?

Then all you need is your android smartphone. because the game is not available for ios. Now you can enjoy a historic 1980’s an arcade video game.

Download- Android


Staring it off with an interesting fact, Rally-X was one of those few successful games which were actually launched in 1980. The only game which launched in 1980 is “Pac-Man”.

The game was launched by Namco, and since it is a retro game. Of course, you should not expect, any short of graphics but you can expect a blue car which actually looks like a cockroach to me.

then you will have to drive it through the maze and earn gold coins to get to the next level. like Moon Patrol, it is only available for android.

Download- Android

Super Mario Bros 3

If you are a gamer, it doesn’t matter whether or not you had born in the 1980’s you must have know who Mario is.

There is no need for an introduction here for a franchise that has been sold over 653 million copies and generating an eye-watering $36 Billion.

Making “Mario” the best selling game franchise of all time, as you can tell by the title for the game. Super Mario Bros 3 was 3rd edition of its popular series. That alone tells about the craze that people have for the “Mario” games.

ok, can you guess which company had made this best selling franchise? if your answer is “Nintendo” than congrats you are such a brilliant reader.

aside from that, the great thing about it is that you can still play the almost game on both android & iOS.

Download- Android, iOS

Techyboss’s Final Take on “1980’s Video games”

I hope you guys would have found it really interesting to be able to play and get that 1980’s gamer’s feel in today’s high-tech world. Where we are used to seeing these super high-fi graphic games, even console-quality games on our smartphones.

As a tech enthusiast and a gamer, I thought that taking a pause from the HD quality and going back to our old games. Where the graphics were not that good as they are today, would be interesting.

That is why I decided to create a post about the best 1980’s video games. And eventually and honestly I was surprised by the fact that some of them are still available to play. I found it fascinating and I hope that you guys would have enjoyed it.

Have a Nice Day!!!

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