Top 5 Disadvantages of playing online games – Bad Effects

Top 5 Disadvantages of playing online games – Bad Effects

Here is a thing to note before we start, this article is based on my personal experiences and I have also shared the links of Scientific Research & studies and some news facts, related to the topic.

by Techyboss

If you have noticed that you have started playing games just for fun or to pass your boring time. But now after just a few months, you cannot drop your phone when you are playing the game online with your friends. Your mom is calling you…calling you….and still calling you but you keep saying “Mom just one minute”. And you know that one minute never comes.

Now you are spending hours playing the game and sitting on your couch? Bed? or in your room? just wasting your time and not even realising it. That is one of the small examples of how playing online game can affect the quality of your life. But unfortunately, the bad effects go far beyond than that.

What does science say about Gaming Addiction?

Well, here it gets a little tricky, In the 2018 WHO (World Health Organization) Said that the Video Game addiction is identified as a problematic disorder.

which can affect the life of an addicted person over a period of time in many ways. One I just explained to you, The WHO even recognized the Video Game Addiction as a “Gaming Disorder“, sounds serious health condition right?

What science says about gaming addictions

But here is the twist, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) dines it and doesn’t think that the Gaming addiction should be classified as a Mental disorder or as a Disease. APA believes that there is a lot more study and research required on the topic, before coming to any conclusion. But hey don’t think that means Gaming addiction doesn’t exist or it is not harmful to you.

the topic of “Video game addiction” has a room for lots of debates and research, to find its real side-effects on the mental health or overall health of an addicted person. But today we are going to discuss some of my personal gaming addiction experience and how it affected my life. If you are in the gaming addiction you might probably relate to it.

#1 You are always in danger of getting Myopic or shortsightedness

playing games can cause myopia

If you don’t like wearing those big chunky glasses, then it is better to stay away from Video Games. Spending more time in front of the screen can get your big thick, ugly glasses sooner.

What is Myopia & Shortsightedness?

to understand this, you must know what causes Myopia or Shortsightedness, If you can remember you have already learned about Farsightedness & Shortsightedness in your science books back in school. But if you don’t know what shortsightedness is then here is a quick explanation.

Image by Forestway Optometry

The eye condition when a person cannot see clear ( or in medical words 20/20) enough up to a distance and only sees blur is called myopia or shortsightedness. That was the simplest explanation I cloud to give you.

What Causes Shortsightedness?

And what causes short-sightedness? well, one of the main reasons for this is Excessive close work, this eye condition occurs when we don’t spend enough time to see a thing at long distance.

we spent most of our time playing video games on our computer, and it only gets worse if you are playing video game son your smartphone. Where distance only gets closer to the eyes. for the more scientific explanation, you can see this article from NHS on the causes of shortsightedness.

So by now, you must have understood how you playing online/offline video games can cause you some serious problem, known as myopia. but this is not the only one.

#2 You are wasting your “precious” time Playing Video Games

I don’t think that I even need to describe how gaming kills your boring time because that is one of the very first reasons why most people start playing video games. Yes, there are some far more strong physiological reasons why we love playing video games.

But do you know how slowly you start wasting your time while don’t even realize it? and to put a context to it lets have an example, we are assuming that you facing Gaming addiction: let’s say you have some important work and you have a deadline of 3days.

you are wasting your tie playing video games

Then after some work, your brain (which a game addict) would say you hey let’s have some fun. and then you start playing the game. and since you are trapped in-game addiction, you won’t even notice how you spend hours of playing it.

and wasted the time that could be used in doing your work, the same cycle will happen to the following day. and now you are in the panic situation of running out of the deadline.

That was very one of the very silly examples of wasting time by playing video games, there are thousands of ways how playing video games can kill your precious time. You could be a student, An office employee, A business owner, artist or any professional. if you’re playing excessive video games then you are wasting the precious time what you could give to your profession.

Techyboss’s Pick for You Today-

#3 Video Gaming Addiction Affects The Quality of Life

gaming also affecting your life goals

This is a vast topic and can write a whole article about how Video Gaming Affects the Quality of Life. But I would try my best to explain it in the minimum words as possible.

Your Social Life

Wondering how gaming can affect your Social Life? but unfortunately, it is one of the biggest disadvantages of playing excessive video games. Your gaming addiction increases over a period of time. suddenly you would notice that whenever you find you have spare or free time, you would prefer playing your video game. rather than spending some quality time with the people around you.

In some serious conditions, your brain would always have running thoughts about your video games, things like how you can pass that level which is very hard to pass or what kind of events and rewards coming next Monday to the game.

this could badly affect your social life because now you will not like those conversations with people like you used to. Because now your brain is full of gaming thoughts. All this can make you an Introvert who don’t like to talk with people, feel very anxious in a grope of people. You will spend your time alone rather than with your friends and family.

Your Work Life

As I said in previous explanation that an addictive person can have a mind full of game-related thoughts. This excessive thinking undoubtedly will also affect your Work Life.

Your brain would be unable to focus on the project as it should, and the end result would be that you won’t be able to deliver your 100% to your work. and there are too many chances that the quality of your work will also get affected.

Your Personal Life

When your Social Life, Work-Life can have the side-effects of excessive gaming. How can you think that your personal life will be left untouched by the bad consequences of gaming addiction?

I am not gonna explain it in detail, as I think by now it should not be hard to understand how it can affect your day to day life. but still, I would like to mention a few points:

  1. You might feel stressed because of your bad performance other areas of life, that can further lead to depression.
  2. You might become less social and don’t spend enough time with your family and children.
  3. Due to a lack of focus ability and free time, You would be distracted from your Life Goals. which can also lead to stress and depression.
  4. You can also have some serious mental health issues, which we are going to talk about in just a few minutes.

#4 Sometimes it could be life-threatening

There are many studies have done to find the cause of suicide cases due to playing Video Games, one of them is by Texas Tech University which they have published on their website. These studies and research have shown that how Playing video games sometimes can be Life-threatening some times. and do you know what makes the matter even worse? the Children’s and young kids are more vulnerable to it. Need proofs?

Very recent news I have heard is that due to the ban of popular battle royal Game PUBG, a 21yr Old boy has committed to suicide in India. another story from India of 2019, where a 26yr boy killed his father because he didn’t allow him to play an online game. and it is not just about India, this kind of reports had been coming time to time from around the world.

gaming can also make you depressed indirectly

and I can name you here thousands of stories here which prove that a high level of Gaming addiction affects brains so badly and can increase Violent thinking in a person. in other words Game addiction can transform a normal person into a criminal.

There are many news and stories you can check on the internet, which will give a further proof how badly gaming can affect a person’s psychology, that he can become not only to his own life but also for others. playing a certain type of games can increase suicide risks in gamers. You can check this detailed post to know the relationship between Video games and Suicide Risks.

But hey, that is not always the case, we are talking about some serious condition levels of Gaming addiction. There a coin always has two sides of it and this topic is no exception to that. but we will talk about that by the end of the article.

#5 Exessive Gaming can make you an Introvert – And not for a good reason

If you think being an Introvert is a sign of your future success because some of the most successful people in history were Introvert in their teen time. well, that is not the case when you are a Game addict. Because those big peoples had spent their time alone planning for their future Goals and what how they are going to achieve them.

But if you are a game addict, you are wasting your time playing video games. And since you are playing games all the time, you would slowly feel more and more comfortable spending time alone. And by now you should have already known how it badly affects your life’s present and if left untreated how it can affect your future.

My Final Words

So that was it, there were your all Top 5 Side-effects or Disadvantages of playing Video Games. I have tried my best to write this article, by taking the words from my personal experience. Yes, there was a time when I was badly trapped in this “Gaming Addiction”.

And I have faced all the things that I have mentioned in this post, and I think if you are also facing the game addiction problem then you can relate to it. And if you are not a game addict then its good and I hope you never would, after you know how much side-effects it can have.

Yes, there are also some advantages to playing video games, but they only exist if you are not playing video games excessively. which can lead to Game addiction over the period of time. again I am not saying that playing a video game is bad, but what when you realize that you are spending more and more time playing games, you should be warned. that you are slowly becoming a Game addict.

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