Top 9 Best Cheaper alternatives to Spotify for easy streaming

Top 9 Best Cheaper alternatives to Spotify for easy streaming

If you are tried up of hearing Music on Spotify and want some changes to your taste? then you might be at the right place. Google has finally discontinued the Google Play Music which was a popular Spotify alternative. That means now we already have lost a Spotify alternative, so I think its time to revisit and know what are the new and old Spotify alternatives we have now? and what are the even cheaper ones than the Spotify?

So as you know, that in this article we are basically focusing on two main topics one is “Cheaper Spotify alternatives” and “the best Spotify alternatives”. So what are you waiting for? let’s start with the first topic. So here are the best Cheaper Spotify alternatives you should try.

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Audiomack is one of the best Cheaper spotify alternatives

Audiomack is a Soundcloud like Music streaming service but a free one, and in my hour-long user experience, I would rate it 9/10 as a Cheaper Spotify alternative. I wouldn’t be surprised if already know about the Audiomack if you do you can skip this part and can jump to the next one. and If you don’t know what Audiomack is? then here is a quick description.

How Audiomack works?

AS, I said Audiomack is a music streaming platform for music lovers, for both listeners and artists. If you know anything about Music or you think that you can do a good mixture of songs, or create music by your self you should use Audiomack. It provides you with the free platform to share your passion with millions of people around the globe.

The Difference between Spotify and Audiomack

if we compare it against the premium music streaming services like Spotify, then it may not provide you with the latest and original songs directly from the biggest stars, as any other premium services do. But still, you would find almost any Songs you can wish, uploaded by the Audiomack users.

You would have to do some efforts to find the songs you want to hear from your favourite artist. Just type the name of the song in the search bar and you would find the copy of that original song, along with Remix of that song created by other users.

Audiomack is Cheaper than spotify

Yes, it may not provide you with the same amazing experience as Spotify because it lacks the original tracks from top singers. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide you with any new playlists at all, it does.

but the ones created with the songs of users created songs or popular remix of songs loved by other thousands of users. And trust me, all these songs and their Remix created by other Audiomack artists are amazing and I loved them personally.

Make your own decision

The rest of the things are great, the UI is great but it might be tricky for a new user to navigate, talking about the pricing the app is completely free with ads, but you can remove ads for $4.99/m if you like to use it. But I don’t think you don’t need to spend a penny on it, the free version works just great.

Spotify Vs Audiomack

$9.99/Month For Spotify

Free w/ads or$4.99/m for Audiomack


So our first Spotify alternative is the popular music streaming service “Joox Music”. Yes, it does not the direct great alternative to the Spotify but still, if you are a music lover then JOOX could win your heart while weighing less on your pocket.

Unlike Spotify, JOOX has a really outstanding collection of Local music from local artists. You may find it hard to get the latest songs for the top Global Artists. And honestly, I think that’s is the Real Reason why it is a Cheaper alternative to Spotify. But still, on its “Discover” Tab, you are often likely to get the latest TOP 50 or 100 International songs or trendy Internationalsongs from the billboard.

on the flip side if you only want a premium music app, then JOOX is not a bad alternative at all. If you love your Local music, especially if you come from the Asian region. Since it is only available in JOOX is only supported in Hong Kong – China, Macao – China, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and South Africa. You would find thousands of latest songs from your local popular artists easily on JOOX. Since you can also record music on JOOX and share it with everyone

Spotify VS JOOX Price

$9.99/Month for Spotify

($3.65)/Month For JOOX


Mousiki is the best Cheaper Spotify alternative

If you’re looking for an ultimate Cheaper Spotify alternatives than I think there is no better option “Mousiki “, the only concern that I have about it is that whether it would be available to your country or not. The Cheaper Spotify alternative also has a Spotify like UI.

How Mousiki Provide you free content?

Yes, you would not get as dynamic User experience like Spotify but still, it is very impressive. So How this great Spotify Alternative? Well, first lets me flash some light on how Mousiki works, so basically, it provides you with all the music content from “Youtube” so, in other words, the source of its all media content is Youtube.

That makes Mousiki an undisputed winner when it comes to the numbers of available content collection. While Spotify has a collection of more than 40million songs, I am sure the same number for Youtube would be Billions.

Yes it is not Perfect, like any other service but still amazing

The only concern you could have is regarding sound quality sometimes, since it is playing videos directly from Youtube, But at What Price you are paying for that Billions High-Quality Songs, Mousiki totally worth it. We’ll talk about that in a few moments.

But the actual magic of the app begins now, and that is how it organizes that all music content and present it to you with categorised lists like Billboard Top 100, UK Top 40, Latest Songs, Pop hit and etc. The best part is it updates the list regularly, so you won’t miss with latest hits.

Some noticeable advantages of using Mousiki

One more advantage of using mousiki is that since it uses Youtube as its content source, you can find almost any songs, an album so wants. And you would get that music with its high-quality video and audio, that is amazing “Songs Availability” will never be a problem for you.

Mousiki is free of cost

Other than that the app plays music videos from the Youtube in a small rectangular box in its player, You can choose any song and it will play that song with its official music youtube video. Mousiki also comes with a bonus feature which allows you to listen and watching the video in a small circle at the same time while doing multitasking.

So what price are you willing to pay for all those features, An unlimited music library, high-Quality sound and official videos of songs, a Spotify like UI, Background PIP Mode? Spotify costs around $9.99 a month, while Mousiki costs $0.00 a month. In my opinion, Mousiki is the best Cheapest Spotify alternative you can get if it is available in your country. Now Choice is yours.

Spotify VS Mousiki

$9.99/Month For Spotify

$0.00/Month For Mousiki

SoundCloud Go+

SpundCloud is another Cheaper Alternative of spotify

“SoundCloud” I don’t think that I need to introduce anyone what the SoundCloud is? The free version of the app is already downloaded millions of times on the App Store and Play store. So it is very unlikely that if you are looking for Cheaper Spotify alternatives and won’t know SoundCloud music.

Maybe you are already using it? I would not be surprised though, but if you don’t know what SoundCloud is? then here is a short description, I don’t want to make it a thousand words long, so to put it into a context SoundCloud works exactly like the “Audiomack”.

Get Unlimited access to to millions of Songs by Soundcloud Creators

you would get the all the music for free but only the one created by Soundcloud artists, these type of songs includes, Remix, Beats by DJs, Covered songs of trendy popular songs, or even original songs created by Soudcould artists themselves.

Soundcloud Go= is a great platform for creators

Soundcloud provides the platform to these millions of creators like “you” to share their talents with other millions of its users. So that’s how it works, Sadly since it is free, you won’t get any original songs by the popular singers and artists around the world. Instead, just like Audiomack. you can listen to all the latest songs which are uploaded by the Soundcloud creators. Trust me I have tried it, I have got almost every latest song I have searched for.

The disadvantages of choosing SoundCloud

And that brings us the bad side of the Soundcloud, You can enjoy all songs you want, you would get the all latest songs on the sound could but not the original copy, and as an additional step, you would have to search for them. Because SoundCloud will only recommend you the playlists of songs that are originally created by its creators. So that is all that you get in the free login.

But you can get rid of all those limitations by subscribing their Soundcloud Go+, the pack costs you exactly the same as Spotify and removes all the restrictions I have just mentioned. You would get the all premium Orignal songs by the biggest artists around the globe. I would encourage you to check it out.

Spotify Vs Soundcloud

$9.99/m For Spotify

$9.99/m For Soundcloud Go+

Apple Music

Apple music is the best spotify alternative

From here and on we are not going to talk about the Cheaper Spotify alternatives, but actually, we are going to talk about the best Spotify Alternatives you have right now, at almost similar or even expensive pricing.

The war between the Spotify and Apple has been very evident when Spotify accused apple overcharging unfair Taxes or commission from the Spotify. That heats up this debate even more that which music streaming service is better than the other? Apple Music Vs Spotify?

well, by deciding its popularity the answer is Spotify, as it is beating Apple in its own game. But on the Side by Side comparison, You might change your mind about Apple music, if you are looking for Spotify alternatives.

Apple Music Vs Spotify- Music Library Size

Ok, let’s have a quick and simple look at what each offers and then you can decide which one is best for you. Starting with the availability of latest and trendy songs. As of now, Spotify as a library size of 50millions and while on the other hand, Apple Music has the more than 70mllion songs in its ocean of songs.

Apple Music Vs Spotify- Music Quality

Apple Music UI is cool vs spotify

Other than that both provides the real high-quality music, however, Apple Music gets a little edge here since it provides you with the 250Kbps ACC quality. That is a bit surprising when you consider that Spotify actually provides a higher quality on paper which is 320Kbps, but Apple uses its own music and if you hear them side by side you would know that Apple Music is better and the winner here with a slight margin.

Apple Music Vs Spotify- The UI

Both of Apple Music and Spotify comes with their own unique User interface, and each has its own benefits. Apple Music has a very easy to negative, simple and clean UI, anyone can use Apple Music with ease. On the other hand, Spotify has a more cool looing dynamic UI, which I personally prefer more and really like. And Spotify’s famous playlist display makes it even more useful. I love that Gradient looks, and at the end, it all depends on personal preference. For me, Spotify is a clear winner here.

Apple Music Vs Spotify- Pricing

It all doesn’t matter if you cannot afford them, While if you Apple Music, You would have to pay, $9.99/m(after 3months free trial), $14.99/m for a family with 6 users and $4.99/m for Students. The pricing is exactly the same as Spotify. But Spotify has a major plus point here is that it also lets you use Spotify for free with ads. And Apple doesn’t allow that after the free trial ends. so now it’s up to you to choose which one is right for you.

Spotify Vs Apple Music

$9.99/Month For Spotify

$9.99/Month for Apple Music

Youtube Music

Youtube Music is free to losten highly quality music

After Apple Music, now we have another big name of the game and it is directly coming from Google’s house. It is Youtube Music streaming service, which also has the soul of Google Play music now. Honestly, I don’t want to waste your time comparing them side by side because I don’t think we need to that in order to compare them, here is a quick look at what makes Youtube Music different than the Spotify.

“Youtube Music” has some of its own advantages

Youtube music has millions of songs in its library collection, So you shouldn’t be worried about finding any Song, while Spotify only has 5omillion songs, as we know. But that is not the problem with Youtube Music, the real problem is that it lacks the UI satisfaction what other Music streaming apps provide. Even after the Design overhaul, there are lots of things that should be improved about the interface of Youtube Music. Spotify is the clear winner when it comes to UI.

“Music Discovery” feature may tempt you to make a switch

Then if we talk about how each serves the Music to its customers, then Spotify provides the music playlists according to the user’s taste, and trust me they are awesome and that is also one of the most popular features of Spotify. However, Google knows that and that is the reason Youtube Music comes with its own Discovery feature. Where it brings you the most liked, Searched, and trendiest music on Youtube through the app.

Choose what you prefer – Youtube Music Vs Spotify

You can play the music on the background on like any other Music Streaming app with Youtube Music app. The Sound quality of both is almost the same, the highest quality, no doubt there. So finally let’s talk about the pricing.

Youtube Music costs exactly the same what Spotify costs, $9.99/m, but of you are already a Youtube Premium subscriber you won’t have to pay anything for it. You can try Youtube music for free one month after that charges would be applied. Youtube music also doesn’t offer any free use like Spotify. Now the Choice is Yours.

Spotify Vs Youtube Music

$9.99/Month For Spotify

$9.99/Month For Youtube Music

Amazon Music

Amazon  Music is one of the best Spotify alternative

If you are already an Amazon Prime member than Amazon Music could turn out a Cheaper Spotify alternative for you. But if You are not an Amazon Prime subscriber then, it lines in the same row like Apple Music and Spotify. The Pricing is Same $$9.99/m for normal users, and $7.99/m for Prime Members, which is not a bad deal at all.

Amazon Music Vs Spotify – Library Size

For a quick comparison, Amazon Music has a music library size of more than 60Million songs and now supporting the Podcasts and other live streaming content as well, just like Apple Music & Spotify. The User Interface is clearly inspired by the Spotify here, You will not notice that much of a difference if you are coming from Spotify.

Amazon Music Vs Spotify- Audio Quality

On the Song’s quality space, Here is where Amazon Music really starts showing what makes it different than the Other Music Streaming services. The Amazon Music claims that it offers the best sound quality in two formats, HD & Ultra HD. The “HD Sound Quality” plays the songs on the lossless quality.

Amazon Music is not Cheaper alternative of spotify

it plays tracks on 16-bit audio at 850Kbps, which is considered a CD Quality. In simple words, it is really better than the Spotify, and if you play them side by side your will notice the difference for sure. So a big thumps of to Amazon Music here.

Other than that as I said since it is a direct competitor of the Spotify, it also packs the all the features you get in the Spotify like An Excellent UI (at least for the mobile app), Easy to use, Auto Created Playlist for your mood or taste, High-Quality Audio.

and it also has one extra feature which Spotify will never have and that is the interrogation of “Alexa Voice Assistant”. Which would help you to play your desired song by your Voice, and it works particularly great with Amazon Music app.

Amazon Music doesn’t comes with free plan

So that was it about Amazon Music Vs Spotify, Amazon music wins it by miles in terms of sound quality, it also has the same UI as Spotify and also comes at the Same Price as Spotify, and even for less if you are a prime member. But one at one thing again Spotify takes the advantage here is that Spotify lets you play the songs and enjoy its almost all features for free with ads and low sound quality.

And sadly that is not the case with the Amazon Music here, it doesn’t even come with any free trial. For me considering the pricing and all the stuff both of them offers, I may think about switching to Amazon Prime music, but if you just want a free music streaming platform with ads, I think Spotify is the best choice.

Spotify Vs Amazon Music

$9.99/m For Spotify

$9.99/m or $7.99/m for Amazon Music


Tidal Music is the most expensive Spotify alternatives

Tidal music is another great Spotify alternative and clearly, it is not Cheap, Tidal has more than 60million songs in its library, that is 10miliion more than Spotify Music. The best thing about Tidal is that it directly competes with Spotify, so it has everything which you expect in a premium music streaming service.

Tidal’s UI is more like Spotify

The UI of the Tidal reminds you of the UI of the Spotify, it feels almost exactly the same as its rival. That Spotify gradient looks on the high-quality Artists and Song’s cover. I think Tidal has done this because they expect that their Users are coming from the Spotify.

Tidal has a Spotify like UI

But when we come to the Sound quality, I think Tidal wins it by miles on the paper but is it really relevant for users? I don’t think so, I’ll tell you “why?” in a moment but let’s talk about what Tidal offers on the tab;e here for the price?

Tidal gets the edges when it comes to the Music Quality

So Tidal offers the standard audio quality for the starting basic plan users (which is actually same as Spotify’s premium), for the highest quality of the Music which they call “Lossless Audio” Tidal offers. you would have to pay Tidal for the most expensive plan you can have for a Music Streaming service, yes they argue that they are paying the highest royalties to artists than their competitors.

Honestly, Yes Tidal offers the best sound quality than any other provider but the price just doesn’t justify that. I think now we should come to our final point, which is the pricing, For Tidal’s Standard quality music you would have to pay at least $9.99 a month. And for the best and highest lossless audio quality you would have to pay more $19.99 a month for all that premium audio.

As I said earlier, Tidal really provides what it promises when it comes to audio quality. But I don’t think that $19.99/m price tag worth it by any means, that was my take on it. Now the choice is yours.

Spotify Vs Tidal

$9.99/M for Spotify

$9.99/M For Tidal

Techyboss’s Final Words

I really won’t make it as simple and easy as possible for you, yes you get them all the Spotify alternatives I have mentioned here. But in the end, the truth is most of these costs you exactly the same as Spotify and provides you with even a bigger music library than the Spotify. If you want to switch from Spotify and looking for a worthy alternative, then you should consider any of the above-mentioned apps.

Techyboss’s Picks For You

And if you are a new user and looking for a Cheaper Spotify alternative. Than Services like JOOX, Mousiki, Soundcloud, and Audiomack are the best Cheaper Spotify alternatives for you.

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