Top free best apps for editing pdf on Android, IOS and PC

don’t want to spend money on pdf editing apps and tools? searching for free pdf editor apps or free online pdf editors? then you are in the right place. Today we are going to learn about some of the best free pdf editor apps for PC, Android and IOS.

All of these will be free pdf editing apps and you will no need to pay for most useful features. However, all of these pdf editing apps come with paid plans too but why bother when you can do your work for free?

And we are not going to stop there, after the best free pdf editing apps, we will also know about some of the best free online pdf editors as well. so you would get even more great options to help you. So make sure to read it till the very end.

Top 6 Free Pdf Editing Apps for PC, Android & iPhones

  1. Foxit PDF Reader – Edit and Convert
  2. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor
  3. PDF Reader Pro
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator
  5. PDFelement – PDF Editor 
  6. iLovePDF – PDF Editor & Reader

Best PDF editor Apps For PC, Android And IOS

1. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile is free PDF Reader and editor for the smartphones, It provides numbers of great features. You can View and Manage pdfs, and even create and convert your own pdf.

Foxit also lets you create certified documents by digital signatures and stamps. Insert idea files such as audio, images and etc. in Pdf file in just a few clicks. Foxit PDF Reader is a great free PDF Editor for Android and IOS.

Download- IOS, Android, PC

2. Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

You might have heard of this Name “Xodo” if not then it’s ok, Xodo PDF Reader & Editor is a powerful free pdf editing tool for smartphones. It does all the work you usually do on a desktop.

For example, Xodo allows you to read and edit PDF files, you can also use it as Annotator if you are a student. Draw highlight anything and add your own text to a pdf using Xodo Pdf editor.

Not only that It also lets you sign digital pdfs or certificate, once you got all the materials now you can even convert them into your own PDF file as you want. So then what are you waiting for go ahead and try.

Download- IOS, Android, PC

3. PDF Reader Pro

Another Great Free PDF editor tool, PDF editor pro is an all in one solution for all your needs. It allows you to edit, rearrange files, create amazing notes, and signing pdf and a lot more.

And the best thing about PDF Reader Pro is that it just works smoothly without any lag if you have used any pdf editor app, you would have noticed that most of these apps feel very laggy when you edit any pdf file on them. and that’s the reason PDF Reader Pro is 3rd on this list.

Download- IOS, Android, PC

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Needs no introduction I think, it is worlds most popular document editor and management tool especially for PDFS. With Adobe Acrobat you can edit or create your PDF like a pro, it comes with the all the tools you wish for and it is arguably the best PDF editor tool out there.

Adobe Acrobat comes with a very simple user interface so you could easily understand how to use it, and top of that it is a cloud-based pdf editor so that means you can access your work from any device anytime. Adobe Acrobat Read is one of the best PDF editing apps and I highly recommend it.

Download- IOS, Android, PC

5. PDFelement – PDF Editor 

PDFelement is easy to use PDF editor for the smartphones in this list. you can only manage PDF files on it ( Rearrange Files), make notes with Annotate PDF feature, convert files to PDF and that’s it.

But the story is opposite for its desktop version, the app is capable of doing almost everything you want. including editing already text in Pdf but you would have to pay for all these extra features.

However, the good news is that its free version provides almost every feature you would need for dealing with PDF files, and that’s why PDFelement has made it to list.

Download- IOS, Android, PC

6. iLovePDF – PDF Editor & Reader

you probably haven’t heard about it, or maybe you have? But that doesn’t matter, because iLovePDF is a great free PDF editor and reader for anyone for sure.

iLove PDF is also available as a website PDF tool where you can edit your pdf easily. However, you can also download the app for both Android and IOS but the app user experience is something you might not feel very friendly, but apart from that app works great most of the time.

You can do numbers of thing for free with iLove PDF, here are some mention-worthy features. it is a basic PDF editor which lets you annotate PDF, so you can easily make important notes.

you can also optimize and manage or organize your PDFs like you want, in just a few clicks. For extra cool features, you would have to spend some money I think no surprise there because that’s the way how it works and you know that. But you would not need to purchase any plan, cause most of the features are free to use.

Download- IOS, Android, PC

Some Another mention-worthy free online PDF editors

The online PDF editor allows you to edit PDFs trough web browser and you don’t need to download additional software for it. The best thing about it is that most of these are totally free and easy to use. here is the list of some of the best free online PDF editors.

1. PDFescape

PDFescaps is one of the best online pdf editors for you, however, you can pay for extra features but I don’t think you would need to do that. because free features include, Edit PDF File, Annotate PDF Documents, Fill Out PDF Forms, Create Basic PDF Forms, Password Protect PDF Files, Share Documents Online.

For more info copy and paste it to your search bar –

2. PDF buddy

The design is something you might feel a bit old school type, but that does not change the fact that PDF buddy is another best free online pdf editor you can use for editing pdfs, you can fill out forms, add signatures, white-out and highlight texts. PDF Buddy is safe to use and I highly recommend it.

For more info copy and paste it to your search bar –

3. Smallpdf

Small PDF allows you to compress pdf, edit pdf, add texts, merge pdf, and convert pdf for free, all you need to do is just don’t create your account on it. and the list just not ends there you can e-sign pdf, make pdf secure by encrypting it, something you rarely find in other free online pdf editors right now. if you go for a business plan if you want but if you are a normal user then it is free and could be the best online pdf editor for you.

For more info copy and paste it to your search bar –


Another great online free pdf editing tool, edit pdf (add text, rotate pdf page, highlight text, merge and split pdf etc.), convert pdf ( pdf to jpg, pdf to word, pdf to text, pdf to excel etc.), make your pdfs more secure ( lock and unlock pdf, repair broken pdfs etc.). PDF2GO it is a 100% free pdf editor and you should try it.

For more info copy and paste it to your search bar –

5. SodaPDF

One of the most popular online pdf editors out there, SodaPDF offers great free tools you can use, covert your pdf, view, create and edit pdfs, easily manage a bunch of pdfs, use free e-sign and security features and much more.

but its not only available online you can download its desktop app if you want, but Online version is good enough for most tasks with limitations. if you want extra features and full access, you would have to purchase its paid plans.

For more info copy and paste it to your search bar –

6. SejdaPdf

SejdaPdf is our last and 6th free online pdf editor, it is free but with daily limitations. that means you can edit and view pdf, convert pdf, sign pdf docs, protect pdf, merge and split pdf, compress pdf and do other things for free but with a daily limit. after that limit, you cannot use send pdf editor that day.

It also comes with a desktop app and with the paid plan, you can also remove the watermark. But apart from that, the online editor is very easy to use with a user-friendly interface. so then go ahead and try it for free.

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That was it for today guys, I really tried to make sure that you would get to know the right tools and solution for your query. But still, If I have missed any other great pdf editor here, then please let me know. And I will catch you guys in the next one.

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