Top 30 best free Time Pass Games for Android and IOS

Top 30 best free Time Pass Games for Android and IOS

Are you feeling bored these days? Well, who wouldn’t? Due to lockdown sitting at the home and passing the whole day can be incredibly awful. So if you are looking for some free time pass Games to enjoy with friends in these tough times.

Then I am here with an amazing list of time pass games for Android and IOS. l have created this for people who love free sports games, Puzzle, Brain games, funny games and last my personal favourite storyline based games.

All these are extremely time killer games or quick android/Ios games and would help you to exchange your boring time into a fun time. You can also check my list of best Offline war games to enjoy in your free time.

So without wasting your more “boring time” let’s see these free time pass games.

Best free time pass games Offline

In our first list, we are going to talk about the offline time pass games for android & ios. all of these games are free to download and you can play them even when you don’t have the WiFi or internet.

I have mentioned games in almost all categories, so you should find the games of your favourite category. These are the best time pass games offline…

Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Perfect Time Killer, brain test will be a quick android/ios game for you If you are a fan of word games, word search games, puzzles, sudoku puzzles, riddle games or any other quiz games.

if you like this kind of games then Brain Test could be the best choice for you. The game has everything you need to keep you engaged like funny puzzles, Unexpected Answers of Quizzes or puzzle pictures.

Download- IOS, Android

Slap Kings

Super Fun to play. If you want to test your slapping skills, Slap Kings is the time pass game with friends for you. The game has power timing to slap your opponents if you tap on the right time. Your slap packs a punch and your opponent go flying out of the ring. Go and try this it is a great time killer game.

Download- IOS, Android


Like games like candy crush? Homescapes adds just more to the Candy Crush, by matching pieces you will have to renovate your mansion.

The Game is a really fun play and a good time pass alternative for Candy Crush lovers. Homescapes is one of the best time pass games that are available offline.

Download- IOS, Android

Unblock me

This is a puzzle game, you get several blocked puzzles to unlock. There are three difficulty levels Relax, challenge or daily. So if you want to exercise your brain in your free time, Unblock me is the game for you.

Download- IOS, Android

Faily breaks

Another superb time killer game offline. You get several vehicles like jeep, formula racing cars, monster trucks and many more.

And the concept of the game is that you will have to drive your vehicle on different tracks, offroads, Mountain Valley while your breaks are failed.

Funny crashes add extra fun to the game. You would have to endlessly Dodge the obstacles such as trees, rocks, traffic & trains. Don’t mind low rating Faily Breaks is one of the best free time pass games offline.

Download- IOS, Android

Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D is a really simple but very addictive game. The racer would get several obstacles and racer would have to dodge them to avoid get fall in the water. Sounds fun? Right. It is more fun to play. You can easily pass your time playing this simple game.

Download- IOS, Android

Car Driving Simulator: SF

Get your car on the San Francisco roads and destroy everything that comes in the way. You can also do stunts, drifting and anything that you want in this 3D simulator game.

You can own racing cars, trucks, Vintage cars and etc. Different automobiles for your madness. And can also customise them in your city garage. All that combination makes it a time pass game offline for android.

Download- Android

Head Football La-Liga 2020

Not a traditional football game fan? This game is really fun to play since this is an official La-Liga app. It has all Official team supports like Barcelona, Real Madrid.

You get control of Cartoons of famous players, and you will have to hit the ball through jumping and special boost kicks. It’s really fun to play. You can easily download on play store and app store.

Download- IOS, Android

Alto’s Odyssey

It is a well-known Game. Alto Odyssey has some of the best music around, Very easy, calm and Relaxing Music with Wind and Birds sounds.

The game has unique visuals and Soundtracks and several different levels and an Endless Zen Mode. it is one of the best time pass games offline you can play in your free time.

Download- IOS, Android

Shadow Fight 2

Get ready for a fight. Shadow Fight 2 is my personal favourite game to play with friends for time pass. The game has a great mixer of Martial Arts and storyline, you would have to fight with boss in every campaign.

You can unlock amazing weapons such as swords, Ninja weapons. The Graphics of the game are wonderful. Shadow Fight 2 is a great free time killer game and also a very addictive game I have ever played.

Download- IOS, Android

Dr. Driving

Want learn Driving but don’t have a car? Dr Driving might help you to learn more some driving skills.

You can own several vehicles by completing challenges such as Parking, Truck Drive, Limited Time to reach the destination. Dr Driving provides the most realistic car steering controls.

The Game is too realistic that you would even feel the difference in driving each vehicle. And the best part is it is only 11MB to download.

Since the game is offline and really fun to play, Dr driving is one of the very addictive games for android and ios out there.

Download- IOS, Android

Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry shark Evolution is a perfect mixture of Great Imagination and Enjoyable Application in a game.

You get several kinds of sharks in the game and as you level up in the game by eating scuba drivers, people on the beach, boats, fishing boats, and other ocean creatures.

You are keep growing as a predator and can unlock some of the most unique predatory creatures such as “Megalodon”, “Abysshark”, Great White shark. The overall game is very fun to play and a great addictive game to pass free time.

Download- IOS, Android

Minion Rush

A huge fan of “Despicable Me”? then you will Minion Rush. Minion Rush is an official and a quick game for android/ios of the movie.

this is an offline running game and also a very addictive game where you will have to avoid as many obstacles as you can to reach the goal.

The graphics and visuals of the Game are amazing and provides a great dose of entertainment. You can understand more about the game by watching the above trailer.

Download- IOS, Android

Criminal Cases

If you have always wanted to be an investigator, the Criminal cases are the best game is for you.

You would have to investigate the different crime scenes, Examine the clues, Analyze Clues in the laboratory, Interrogate with witness and suspects.

And in the end Arrest the killer or criminal after your detailed and fair investigation. All that sounds very interesting, right? You can easily pass your time playing this game.

Download- IOS, Android

Angry Birds 2

I don’t think I would have to describe this game in my words. Angry Birds 2 Is a well known and very popular game. And that’s why I haven’t put this game above in this list.

Download- IOS, Android

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is another very well known and popular offline time pass game which need not an introduction. Slash fruits with your fingers and avoid slashing bombs. That’s the motto of the game.

Download- IOS, Android

I’m Ping Pong King

I Love the developer of the game has made this Game very minimal but yet so enjoyable. You would have to just tap on the left or right to it the ball.

The game also has too many funny characters with different playing styles. I’m Ping Pong King is one of the best time killer games.

Download- IOS, Android


Mekorama is an offline puzzle game for ios and android, but what special about it is that It is simple and fun to play.

You will get 50 cards with different challenges where you will have to walk through a robot a difficult endpoint in puzzly house structures.

The game is very fun to play with minimal high-definition graphics and relaxing music on the background.

You can spend hours solving puzzles and that’s how Mekorama is a great offline time pass game for ios & android.

Download- Android, IOS

Agent Action

Agent Action is a crazy fun game for the people who want to kill their time with some action and fun game.

The game is really enjoyable since you are controlling an Action Agent who is on his mission to save the world from nuclear weapons.

You will have to make sure to keep him going and running against all odds by running. shooting, and cover fire. It an offline game and it worth checking out.

Download- Android, IOS

Free Online Sports Games for Time Pass

Love playing sports games on your smartphone? then these games could be your great companion in your spare time. the upcoming list of free time pass games online is packed with some super addictive games.

the special thing here is that all of these games are from the sports category. so here are the best online sports games for android and ios…

8 Ball Pool

If you are a pool game lover? 8 Ball Pool is an online game to enjoy your typical Pool game with your friends Worldwide. The game has all the features and provides realistic gameplay.

You can also practice offline playing with computers. You can also play online events, 8 ball Pool is a perfect time pass game for pool lovers.

Download- IOS, Android

Basketball Stars

The Basketball stars are the best one on one online multiplayer game. The game has really great graphics and gameplay.

You can also customize your player in the way you want, you can also Dribble, feint, shoot, steal, block and get powerful bonuses off the backboard. And that is the feature I really love about this game

Download- IOS, Android

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool revives the memories of our childhood. A game so realistic, and easy to play. Y

ou can play online with millions of players around the world, and participate in online events that is something that makes Carrom pool is an addictive game.

You can play with different carrom skins and enjoy the game with your family or friends in your free time.

Download- IOS, Android

WWE Mayhem

Official Action Game for WWE fans. It is an arcade action game as it says “Mayhem”, You can play controlling superstars like John Cena, The Rock, Andre the Giant, Triple H, Xavier Woods, AJ Styles, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Jinder Mahal, Kalisto, Big E and many more.

There are 6 classes of the superstar and you would have to choose them by the fighting style you like. Since it is an Online Game you will also get events to participate and win rewards. WWE mayhem is extremely fun to play and that makes it a great time killer game.

Download- IOS, Android

Fifa Football

Now we have the most popular football game on the PlayStation and PC’s. It is the “Fifa” but for mobile. Before I describe the game one thing I want to make clear that the Graphics and Gameplay of the game is not something I liked about this game.

You can challenge your friends for online matches here and that makes it one of the best time pass games online.

Surely you expect more from such a game like Fifa. But even after that, it is playable. the most popular feature of the game is it’s amazing “events” through the events.

you can add most popular and Iconic legends like CR7, Messi, Zinedine Zidane, and many more to your squad. Since it is the official game you get all original Team Logos and kits.

Download- IOS, Android

PES 2020

PES 2020 is just another popular football game and also one of the most addictive games. Unlike Fifa Mobile PES 2020 has great gameplay and amazing Graphics but it requires a high-end smartphone to enjoy It at its highest quality.

Minimum of 3GB Ram and Octa-core processor. It doesn’t mean you can not play it on Quad-core processors but the gameplay would not be smooth.

Apart from that the game also has all the official Team logos & Team Kits. But lacks some Team rights like Juventus, Liverpool, Real Madrid, BVB, Man city etc.

But has some very popular official teams rights like FC Barcelona, Tottenham, Bayern Munich etc. The commentary of “Peter Dury” brings a more realistic feeling you can have in a mobile football game.

You can play and participate in online events to earn money for featured and Iconic players. So if you are a Football fan, the PES 2020 is the best Time Pass game online, you could find.

Download- IOS, Android

Real Cricket 20

And here we have the last game of the time pass games online list. And how can we forget “cricket” when it comes to popular sports? So for cricket lovers, Real cricket 20 is the best online time pass game to play.

You get the decent gameplay with decent 3D graphics, the game also has several popular cricket stadiums from around the world.

You can play it online with your friends & millions of other players. Real cricket 20 is a true time killer for game lovers.

Download- IOS, Android

Golf King

are you Golf lover? I am really sorry that you got to wait till now, but here is your Game. the game is called “Golf King” it is an online multiplayer game which allows you to play with your friends online.

The game is super realistic, the graphics are amazing, ball physics is amazing and the game is crafted so well that it seems and feel very realistic.

If you are a real fan of Golf, you will not find anything better to pass your time then Golf king. It is one of the best time pass games for ios and android.

Download- Android, IOS

Best Free Time Pass Story Games (Online & Offline)

Super into the RPG ( Role-playing games)?, I am too, tell me what could be better time pass games other than “story games”.

Here you are playing a role and that help us to never lose our interest in a game and is what we need to pass our time. Here is the list of some of the best free storyline games for android and ios…

Darkness Raise

The best RPG Game I have played on mobile. The storyline of the game is amazing, in a few words ” it is the story of betrayal” there are too many climaxes throughout the story. The game is online so you can also enjoy it with your friends.

The storytelling of the game by game characters and their voices feel very real and provides an amazing experience. And the amazing boss fights, Graphics and Gameplay makes it one of the best free time Killer Games.

Download- IOS, Android

The Walking Dead – Season One (Offline)

This is the official story of the game “As featured in TegraZone, The Walking Dead is a five-part game series (Episode 2-5 can be purchased via in-app) set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning series.

Play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal, who has been given a second chance at life in a world devastated by the undead.

With corpses returning to life and survivors stopping at nothing to maintain their own safety, protecting an orphaned girl named Clementine may offer him redemption in a world gone to hell.”

Trust me you would have not played any other game like Walking Dead, the breathtaking gameplay and graphics makes this game the best storyline game & best offline time pass game, I have ever played on smartphone. I would even force you to download and play this amazing time killer game.

Download- IOS, Android

The Walking Dead – Season Two (Offline)

Just like the season one, “game series that continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse. Left to fend for herself, she has been forced to learn how to survive in a world gone mad.

Many months have passed since the events seen in Season One of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is searching for safety.

But what can an ordinary child do to stay alive when the living can be just as bad – and sometimes worse – than the dead? As Clementine, you will be tested by situations and dilemmas that will test your morals and your instinct for survival.”

It also has the same Unforgettable Gameplay and storyline. The best game to enjoy a horror show at home.

Download- IOS, Android

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner

“Nobodies” is not your typical story game, this game is more like criminal cases. According to the story, Hitman kills and you clean the clue, even bodies. Game is really good and could be a great time killer.

Download- IOS, Android

Detective Story: Jack’s Case (offline)

“The story narrates events that occurred in Philadelphia several years ago. One day, an unusual package arrived to the office of your detective agency containing a locked box.

Shortly afterwards, you received a strange phone call. The stranger, who called himself “Jack”, said that you have just one hour to save a man’s life, and gave you a single clue”

The game is very addictive thanks to its HD Graphics and amazing gameplay, and as the name suggests, it is a detective game you will have to investigate cases by finding clues, solving Mind puzzling situations to make the right decision, The game packs everything to pass your time in no time.

Download- IOS, Android

Leonewolf – a sniper story (Offline)

Leonewolf is another great example of amazing gameplay & great story, You are a sniper with a nasty wolf voice, and you kill all of your enemies.

As I said it is an exemplary game, I can’t speak enough about this offline time pass Game. I would say just download it and play. It is a great game.

Download- IOS, Android

Some other mention-worthy popular Online time pass games

Almost a Hero

Its a story of normal broken people who eventually become heroes by their emotions and adventures. Yes, you guessed it right its online RPG game and you are going to control them in bottles by just tapping on the screen all the time.

The game is a great time killer and needs an internet connection, so you can invite your friends and enjoys the game together.

It’s funny but they have mentioned it “You are going to save the world with a bunch of ideots” very nice…big thumbs up for that. So if you found it interesting, don’t forget to check it out.

Download- Android, IOS


One of the most addictive games & also the world’s most popular battle Royal game is now available for download on IOS and Android. Fortnite is my best time pass game off all time.

Download- IOS, Android


The most downloaded and popular Battle Royale Game by recent for mobile and similarly addictive game-like Fortnite. It has quickly become the only game which had over 30million daily active users.

Download- IOS, Android

Free Fire

Free Fire is a Lite alternative of PUBG mobile but equally addictive, enjoyable and popular among the game lovers.

Download- IOS, Android

Fishing Strike

If you want a Fishing Mobile Game, Fishing strike is the Game for you. You can catch any fish in some of the world’s several places.

Download- IOS, Android

Shadow Fight 3

This is the successor of the Shadow fight 2 but it is Online you unlike shadow Fight 2 the character in this game is not all black or shadow. the game is as enjoyable as Shadow Fight 2.

Download- IOS, Android

Hopefully, you guys have enjoyed it, I have tried my best to provide you best content about best time pass games offline, the best time pass games online, quick android games or quick ios games and questions like that. I am hoping you have found your answers, if yes then let me know in the comment section below. Thank you.

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