When will 5G launch in India? here is the answer…..

When will 5G launch in India? here is the answer…..

Recently I have written a post about the Top 5G smartphones in India that you can buy right now. And in that post, I have also shared my thoughts regarding the unavailability of 5G network in India. This thought forced me to think about that when will 5G come in India ? or when will 5G launch in India?. So I have done some research to find the answer to this question and I have found some interesting and disappointing things. check this out-

What is 5G and how it will affect your life?

Before we talk about the 5G launch in India, Let’s start by knowing what is 5G and how 5G will affect your/our lives in short as possible.

What is 5G?

Well, I will not go in the deep technical terms here to explain what 5G network is?. But in simple words, 5G is the new generation of the current cellular 4G network technology which will provide fasters communication services, enhanced network connectivity at the highest quality. It basically means that 5G will provide you faster, upgraded network system.

And 5G will provide all its benefits at low-latency and with more efficiency & highly reliable communication technology.

How 5G will affect your life?

As I told you that 5G will provide better network experience than 4G, it means that it will improve the quality of your those day to day calls to your friends/ Family/ Crush/. It will also provide you with more stable & faster internet connections. It will increase the speed of the Internet/Network that you use right now. Which help you to watch videos more seamlessly, Download your Apps and Games, Files faster than ever before.

image by: 5GWorldPro.com

If you use several IoT (internet of things) devices like smart speakers, Smartwatches, SmartHomelock systems for security, Smartphones etc. then 5G will also improve theses IoT integrations and allow these smart devices to work better in your day to day life.

Note that these are the only basic things of your day to day life that will directly affect your life. And I have tried to explain in the as simple words as possible. But there are several other ways in that 5G will affect Our life and revolutionize the major technology areas like AR & AI, Security etc. That I can’t mention all of them here.

Hope now you know how 5G will affect your life, I have tried to keep this as short and easily understandable as possible. But before we know that when 5G will launch in India. Let’s understand why India is unable to have 5G yet when Several other countries like the USA, CHINA, QATAR, UAE, CANADA etc. already have limited accesses to the technology.

Some Reasons why India still not have 5G network

5G is the next generation of the communication network. And to access this high-speed connection India has some major challenges to overcome –

New infrastructure is required

5G promises the 20GBps peak data rate & 100mbps User experience data rate. but the problem with the 5G is that its spectrum includes New 3.5GHZ millimetre wavebands, large bandwidth to support high data rates, and other several things which require a new Infrastructure.

5G Network infrastucture
Image by: ResearchGate.net

The Current Network we have in India is based on the technology which does not fulfil the requirements that a proper 5G will need. For Example: To build a proper 5G network we need to deploy “small cells” in every 200-250metar to guarantee the high-speed MM wave band work properly. It means in every next electricity pole in your area must have to be equipped with these small cell devices. And this takes us to the next challenge.

And this is the only example that I have given to you there are several hundreds of hundreds of other challenges also exists which India will have to overcome to deploy 5G in India.

The High-Cost of 5G Spectrum-

You might have heard of ‘Spectrum’ but if have not, then in simple words Spectrums are the signals or electromagnetic waves that the telecom companies like JIO, AIRTEL, VODAFONE ETC. buy to provide their networks. So they buy spectrum and then sell it to their customers in the form of Network and data.

And because 5G is an emerging network technology, and it is currently very new and expensive. So carrier Companies like Jio are not buying it. And there is currently no infrastructure has developed in India to use 5G spectrum properly. So these companies are hesitating to buy such an expensive 5G spectrum right now. and that is also one big reason that the 5G network is still not in India.

But this does not mean that companies are not buying it, companies currently buying 5G spectrum in the very limited quantity for the trail purposes only.

This Infrastructure will take time to develop

As I told you that the 5G needs a far much better infrastructure than India currently has, but this kind of massive infrastructure will take time to be built. Especially in a country where over 1.33billion people live. and to build infrastructure in India, it will take time and massive cost to develop.

You can imagine it by yourself that how much time it will take when it requires to have a device on your electricity pole in every 200-250m, just imagine that how many poles do you have in your area? and how much time & money it will take to build this kind of infrastructure in the whole country?

And I would remind you that this is the only one small step to building a proper 5G network. There are 100 of 100 other things which are needed to build a proper 5G network. And now finally this brings us to the answer to the main question when 5g will launch in India?

When 5G will launch in India?

As we have seen in recent days 5G smartphones have started to come to India. And the main question arises in the mind that what we would do those 5G smartphones. When we cannot use them, so when will 5G come to India? or when 5G will launch in India?

Well if you have read the above paragraphs then one thing should be clear to you that the building infrastructure will take time, but how much? as I told you earlier that India’s current Network system is not ready for 5G and it will need to upgrade in order to match the requirements for 5G. Like using MM bands and small cells, and it will take years to build these high-tech infrastructures, but how many?

5G by techyby.com

According to Swedish telecom gear company, Ericsson 5G will take at least 2 more years to be available for the people. Which means we will have to wait until 2022 to get our hands on a proper 5G. There are several other Reports also suggests that the 5G will take at least 2021 to roll out.

And Honestly, after knowing about the 5G in facts for India, I also think that there is no way 5G will come in India before 2021 and that would be the time when it will be available in some big cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. and for the spread coverage of the 5G in INDIA, it will take at least 2022. Yes, I know that it might break the hearts of a lot of you guys, who were waiting for the 5G in India for so long. But that’s the reality we can’t deny. We have to expect it, and would hope for a better future.

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